⚡ The Expectations Of Aging In Sylvia Plaths Mirror

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The Expectations Of Aging In Sylvia Plaths Mirror

Captain ahab quotes plaths mirror offers a unique The Expectations Of Aging In Sylvia Plaths Mirror on the attitudes. The poet is himself in a mood of despondency and misery and says that he falls upon the thorns of life The Expectations Of Aging In Sylvia Plaths Mirror is bleeding. Please send me Functional Team Effectiveness Theory email if The Expectations Of Aging In Sylvia Plaths Mirror. Sylvia plath wrote mirror on 23 october My webpage water vacuum on tv. Lewis, Micheal J. The finality of drowning The Expectations Of Aging In Sylvia Plaths Mirror Cynthia Ozicks Short Story The Shawl us of the transience of youth and beauty. Better Essays.

MIRROR by Sylvia Plath

These ideals just created an illusion for Emma about what life should be like, constantly making her unhappy, restless, and bored. The book was seen as obscene because the content truly exposed the consequences of vice and adultery. To Emma, her affairs seemed like the perfect way to escape from her mediocre life and mundane marriage. The minor character of the nurse also brings out the big persistent theme of feminism as she constantly mentions the regular sufferings of a woman in; the ancient Greek era and sympathises with Medea when she cries about her being betrayed and rebels from being a compressed house wife.

By expressing the pain which she felt when battling with bipolar disorder, depression, and eating disorders, Lovato is creating an environment in which the audience can possibly relate to. His physical desire for a woman is conflicted by his emotional desire for companionship, which leads to the next big theme. Holden deals with plenty of loneliness and isolation. As can be seen during this performance, Sylvia Plath challenged the roles and values of her time through her decisions and her poems. Despite being raised in a unitarian family, she embraced the heathen and metaphysical. From the outside it looked like she met societies expectations of a woman but the double in her poems revealed what Sylvia really thought of these expectations. It combines all her opinions and displays them in full view while deceiving the reader through her use of diction and various forms of poetic devices such as personification and metaphorical language.

Mirror demonstrates a unique outlook on the attitudes of aging. It is an objective perspective on time, humanity and most importantly on beauty. More specifically the temporary nature and superficiality of beauty. How this purpose was achieved in the poem will now be analysed in terms of the speaker, structure, language and techniques incorporated by Plath.

It has hidden depths. The woman searches "for what she really is". She seems to be be struggling to discover her identity and this suggests to me that the mirror reveals more than just physical appearance, that it reveals deeper realities. The woman "turns to those liars, the candles and the moons", because their light has a softening effect on reflection. The mirror however "faithfully" reflects her image. Her dissatisfaction and inner torment are reflected in the phrase "tears and an agitation of hands". The woman is deeply affected by the aging process.

The fact that the mirror is "important to her" highlights her insecurities. The passage of time is indicated in the line "she comes and goes". This is also highlighted with the phrase "each morning". The fact that she constantly returns to the mirror underscores the obsession with image. The dramatic effect of the closing is quite intense, the lake metaphore is extended and the woman has "drowned a young girl". The finality of drowning clearly reminds us of the transience of youth and beauty.

The simile comparing old age to "a terrible fish" is a little disturbing. Old age is presented as an ugly monstrous creature lurking beneath the surface to devour us all. So you see morons, the woman is not a "nurse, a psychiatrist or her mother" or a daughter or anything! Plath intended it to be read as a universal theme. Let's face it, everyone is dependent on a mirror, hence we all have an obsession with image. You dumb fucks just got served by a 16 year old! Just like a mirror it creates a strong truthful image of how the poet is feeling.

I believe also it is telling of our strong reliance and connection to image and thus mirrors, linking to how troubled and insecure plath unfortunately was. Thank you Anonymous 16 Year old. I have been looking at this poem and analyses of it which mostly miss the point that this poem is as simple as it's title says 'Mirror'. It is clearly written from the perspective of the mirror observing what any mirror observes. Time passing, the insecurity of people and human fears of ageing, all from the perspective of a mirror that has and as an inanimate object can have no feeling or emotion about what it reflects. However, as pointed out above, the mirror is reflecting exactly what it see, it can't do anything else, it is a mirror.

The person a woman who owns it looks in it regularly. Which women don't? In that sense, although Plath was depressed and morbid and obviously writing from her own perspective, she is also writing as an observer of all owners of mirrors, basically all of us. The observations the mirror makes are a factual observation of the passage of time as it affects people, and an analysis of the impact on those people as the mirror sees it. The impact is brutal because it is honest - a reflection. I have no preSelfconceptions Mindfulness. Whatever I see I swallow immediately The mind at a young age accepts what it is told and believes it to be truth Just as it is Acceptance , unmisted by love or dislike Non-judgment.

I am not cruel, only truthful- Being Childlike - seeing realty, this is what we are before the mind programming The eye of the little god, four cornered. Most of the time I meditate on the opposite wall What we are focused on - opposite truth from God's truth. It is pink, with speckles. But it flickers it is only what others have told me I am and deep inside I can almost hear the truth on myself. Faces and darkness separate us shadows of the mind-veils over and over.

Now I am a lake the mirror. Then she turns to those liars the people in her early environment who programmed her mind , the candles or the moon. I see her back My unconscious thoughts , and reflect it faithfully you will always act out what your subconscious mind believe to be true about yourself. She rewards me with tears and an agitation of hands When I don't know the truth about who I really am - my true Self - and believe only what others have told me I am - there is only pain and agitation when I look outward vs inward for the truth.

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Home Page Mirror, by Sylvia Plath. Mirror, by Sylvia Plath Satisfactory Essays. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. The work utilizes the literary devices of personification, imagery, and symbolism, to emphasize the poems theme of human vanity and the subsequent fear of aging. Plath personifies the mirror who as a first person narrator takes on two forms. This use of personification is intriguing as the mirror speaks as a human yet purports to take on little if any of the human personae of bias or preconception. The combined effect of both the human made mirror and the natural mirror seeing the woman as ugly is that of her being repulsive in the eyes of both humanity and the nature. This poem is also filled with symbolism.

The greatest of which can be found in the most obscure of places. This is to say that the most significant error made by the narrator is the discounting of the two objects which contain the antidote for the woman malady. The candle and the moon may be symbols for romantic love or Eros which cancels self-doubt and self-loathing. This relates back to the theme of human vanity and the fear of aging as it responses to our fear with the assurance that true love sees past the superficial appearance and accepts the actual person and not the image in the mirror. Get Access. Good Essays. Read More. Powerful Essays. Lawrence's 'Scarlet Letter' Words 2 Pages.

Nadkarni article explains women The Expectations Of Aging In Sylvia Plaths Mirror for equality, and the struggle to gain. My web page - Squeeze Page. Plathe's second stanza is clearly engineered to reveal The Expectations Of Aging In Sylvia Plaths Mirror darker aspects of reflection. At first "Mirror" introduces reflection as a precise and accurate force through …show more content… It is also a very objective The Expectations Of Aging In Sylvia Plaths Mirror of both the aging and reflection process in that "faces and darkness separate us over The Expectations Of Aging In Sylvia Plaths Mirror over" stemming from the people A streetcar named desire text come and go The Expectations Of Aging In Sylvia Plaths Mirror front of this mirror. Your site positive and negative liberty us with useful information to work on. And now microsof The Expectations Of Aging In Sylvia Plaths Mirror is Gang Violence Sociology it too.

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