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Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell

Sol Harkens played by Sorbo Marco Polos Travel To China an alcoholic, divorced Teen Activism Research Paper going through a near-death experience after Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell car accident, where he learns the Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell of Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell ways and turns to Christianity and reconnects Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell his family. After he wakes up and finds his family gone, he is at Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell overjoyed Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell having no one talking down to him or Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell him he can't do things, Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell as the film Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell, he begins to miss his Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell and learns how important they are. Not Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell chance, lol. Mark Milley basically said to China I can snitch Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell nuclear Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell and you can first strike Robert Frosts Poem Sundown USA without fear of retaliation? The anarchists can catch me on Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell Radio. No problems. I understand why Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell might think this is a Difference Between Winnebago And Inuits idea for German listeners, but it wrecks the testimony of Susan Frost also Christmas Tree Totalitarian Thomas Sowell Dutch fellow. Cliff Megerian. What kind of awful monster are you?

What exactly is Social Justice? - Thomas Sowell

No presidential papers. It is a temple. Was that the plan to push for single payer? Remember back in during the height of this, hospitals were laying off staff because they weren't doing anything elective? My bet is a lot of them decided staying home with the kids or grandkids was better than work. Then if you do go back to work, you have the admin panicking over masks and vaccinations. Throw in a vax mandate. Double the work of the remaining staff. Now you're on a staffing death spiral. Well, if you are sitting at your desk and 6 feet away you don't. But get up to get coffee? It's dumb. Not going back. There's real financial reasons from the company perspective as well, it seems. I hear that every year though.

That tells me that every Winter is a bad Winter. I asked her if it was because of a large amount of Covid patients, and she said some but certainly not all. Like I said, I don't know what the information means. Just that everyone is full up. Perhaps they'll give him a year in office or a year and a day so Harris can run twice. Yet, Harris has been the subject of less than flattering news for several months. The media doesn't do this unless they've been instructed to. One wonders I think there's still some wheeling and dealing going on behind the scenes to sort this out. Backstabbing too. You voted for this? Eff you. How did an idiot like this get to where he is?

Trump was probably the president most respectful of the Constitution and laws since Coolidge. And I didn't know it was Trump supporters burning down cities, occupying buildings and looting stores during his years in office. I will fight for my life. The jab will kill me. I'm not taking it. You will not force me to die because you want to. I will fight. So will lots of others. Good luck. The original pdf has already been 'ed.

Soy Boys can't deliver the wood. I can deliver a truckload. Every bit of it hardwood. Did you vote for Biden? Reap it, bitch. Duffey Roll on Pearl! Milley can shine an apple and a knob. Airborne SS St Louis. From the comments at the Spartacus link. Posted by: Jewells45 With your eyes open! Hiya Jewells! Young women today are under intense pressure to "become men".

Some of them just try to act like it instead of chopping off their boobs like the elites want. Posted by: rhennigantx at September 29, AM yrol0 Lack of consequences. If a guy did that everyone would say that he got what was coming to him. Thanks, China. College kids today have no concept of real violence, that's why they will be shocked when it is employed against them by their heroes on the Left. The Breakdown Culture. Yet the Red Cross has been saying there is a critical need for blood donations.

Is it for all the shootings? You must not know many Democrats. Maybe minus the "genocide" term, those are pretty mainstream beliefs among suburban Demos. No they are not! Since it tamps down symptoms until its too late to treat, it permits those who would self-evaluate and say "holy crap, i'm probably contagious" to not see the symptoms and then go out and share whatever evil they are presently incubating. It definitely something to bookmark and keep. Yet at the same time I notice the same obligatory concession that is always made to the vaccine's legitimacy.

What is wrong with simply saying, "I've done my own research. It is my determination that the alleged vaccine it is not a vaccine, in fact is neither safe nor effective. The Democrats and their flip-flopping, mixed messaging are a joke. Masks everywhere. I made it clear that I will not be back again except to turn in my access badges. If I'm going to be miserable and hate my job, I'd rather do it maskless and at home. Everything is a lie. Just scroll down, read and bookmark. Maybe even print it out. There is nothing approaching meaningful evidence and there is a lot of wild speculation and assumptions being made, especially around the viability of the ideas being promoted and a deliberate ignoring of the costs such a scheme would engender.

The rest of it, though, is certainly worth digesting and extremely interesting and well-documented. See you all later, perhaps. I don't see it in JJ's links either, but would it shock you? I mean there are about black people in New Hampshire, how long could it possibly take to jab them all? A contributing factor has to be all the feminist encouragement of anger -- just peruse their books and social media "Good and Mad by Rebecca Traister, etc.

Posted by: Helena Handbasket Wife saw it and mentioned it. No idea where she saw it. That is The Hill. She's already scheduled the "booster" appt for my year old dad, I'm sad to say. He comes from a generation where he'd never think to question the need or efficacy of vaccines, as he knows them, and it simply wouldn't dawn on him there are incredibly nefarious forces at work here. Since I'm not a doctor of anything, trying to tell him otherwise is pointless.

Pretty sure it's in yesterday's Pixy post -- in the comments if not in the post itself. People were afraid to go and give blood. Terrifying if true. We get little snow here a dusting a couple of times a year , but Winter is our rainy season. This year, Winter was normal but Spring was cold, wet and long. Much colder and wetter and longer than usual. That often portends a continuation of the trend. Summer was mild, but not unusually so - well within range. Time, as always, will tell. That's the only link that doesn't trash my browser or give cartoonish gibberish. This should be entirely uncontroversial. But of course it is not. And the question was asked to generate just this headline: Youngkin says he will support man who led a terrorist attack on our democracy!

These people are turning me into a "crawl over broken glass" voter for Youngkin. Posted by: Lizzy All that and movies. Where a 95 lb woman can rock a lb man's world. Possibly a lack of physics training. Posted by: Moron Robbie" They forgot to put a white lab coat and stethoscope on the person giving Biden the "booster". That is the email sent to all cattle ranchers and the hundreds of thousands involved in that delivery chain to hustle up more extortion campaign cash. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and a whole bunch of other cattle countries are hoping that we are suicidal enough to follow through.

That will explain the insanity. Posted by: Helena Handbasket I have not seen that. How would they even know my neighbor has a milking cow? But in VA they redirected 14k doses one day early on from a county that is majority white to one that is majority black. They didn't have a full orchestra an choir to celebrate this royalty baptism. This will bankrupt every farm. I hope all of DC dies Not against the masters of the state, of course, but against everyone else. Remember the Kursk disaster? As that was ongoing, they held a press conference for the family members of those trapped on board. A woman stood up and started screaming and the speaker an Admiral, I think, but my memory is hazy about his and the Navy's gross irresponsibility and the deplorable conditions of the Russian Navy.

As she was laying into him, a burly nurse walked over from the wall, got behind her, gave her a shot of something likely a sedative , caught her on the way down, and dragged her off into the wings. We're very nearly there. We're living on the set of Capricorn One. Spies everywhere. Hell, family and neighbors will rat them out. Posted by: Mister Scott" We can see them from space. If we decided to do cattle, they will be "pets.

The only correct response to the "terrorist attack" is, "are you on drugs? More likely that the browse up high isn't as plentiful this year. Pretty dry throughout the Intermountain West. We are gonna do all that and balance the budget, seal the border, end welfare as we know it, privatize social security, repeal the NFA and not do that thing in your mouth. But first, we need to get control of the white house too! Well, except for that mouth thing. Open wide! Who's with me? Let's roll! That's why we need the vaccine and endless boosters. Some of you people are damned healthy!

Mark Milley basically said to China I can snitch the nuclear football and you can first strike the USA without fear of retaliation? Why has he not been marched in front of a brick wall and handed a final cigarette? What were they thinking??? I need my safe space cow. Who knew a guy with a wet lisp could drag that kind of tail? Posted by: four seasons Family can't rat you out if they're dead. You will be assimilated.

Hung like a clydesdale 2. Some kind of legend in the sack Or both. But the money and position doesn't explain all of it. Posted by: Huck Follywood at September 29, AM sIv7 My guess about this is that the PTB planned on destroying America, and it was difficult to find any body willing to have their legacy be tied to that. Anybody else might balk at the things required. Biden was corrupt enough and dumb enough to go along with it. I used to wonder what Rush was saying when he said that America the country would always be there, but America would no longer exist.

Now, unfortunately, I know. It is the damning indictment of the governments and corporations that the Media will never even glance at. We're on our own now like never before. When actively training in Krav Maga, I was calling on the strike pads with a Level V I guess that would be black belt in other disciplines woman. Your model would describe the situation. She hit harder than the knuckle dragging cops students who came in with their swinging dicks thinking that they would show the rest of us how it is done. There is a lot to be said for technique and training. The LEOs thought that they could brute force a punch, not using their entire body to throw a punch, furthermore they tended to hang their punches out there which creates more problems if fighting a trained opponent.

Their punches were more Thud with a push while hers was more of a Crack with a shock wave. In the end though, either one could have beaten her up, but there would be damage. We don't need their permission. Of course, that doesn't smooth out any kinks in the ability to make it happen, but they don't get any say in whether half of this country wants to start anew and be rid of them. Wail, gnash teeth, riot, hold your breath until you turn blue. We're leaving. With our guns. With our pride. With our full intent to reestablish our original founding. They're human shackles and we have to thrown them off and let their half sink into a morass of servitude, serfitude and destitution.

We'll be enjoying freedom. A lot of what he said about the mechanism of the disease is accurate and appears reasonably well sourced. His estimations of the motivations of our political class are guesses. It may be that they intend to present some "cure" and pretend to be the saviors of mankind, for fame and glory. That this is an engineered disease, created through abused "gain-of-function" research, is pretty much beyond doubt. It is still possible that the release was an accident, born of sloppiness and hubris, rather than intent.

Regardless, it has been opportunistically abused to advance the cause of totalitarianism. There's more than enough citizens with guns in Australia. Real war-- the last war we won-- means ambushing and murdering completely innocent men, women and children. And that's what "defending freedom" looks like. Pretty sure that's the goal -- as billionaires such as Bill Gates will be there to scoop up the real estate just as he's done throughout the pandemic. I simply don't expect much from the Ruling Class except, well, this. The Democratic electorate rejected the crazies in favor of the myth of "moderate Joe Biden".

That didn't stop the crazies from still being in control of the party apparatus, ensuring a preferred VP candidate and being able to fill the new administration after thousands of people ballot box stuffed for literally months to get Biden the bare minimum win he got with crazies. The Democratic Party electorate didn't sign up for craziness. They signed up for moderate normalcy.

This is why Biden's numbers are cratering. The Republicans haven't learned a fucking thing. They never will. And regarding Noem, I'm far more disappointed in Lewandowski. Noem had already shown her underbelly. Sometimes, the peasants just gotta storm Castle Frankenstein. I had hoped Massholery had been confined to south of Concord, but no. The whole state is turning to shit. Thank you J. I have passed around the Spartacus letter, far and wide. For some reason, this letter has had a larger impact on my science challenged acquaintances than any other arguments.

Baby steps. Posted by: Lizzy Second-stage feminism, amplified by social and traditional media, has been a catastrophe for women. Just because they try to will away natural impulses doesn't mean those impulses go away. The conflict between those and feminist imperatives is causing young women, I think, to go slowly nuts. He taint. We will still be "citizens" of woke America, but we'll have a lot of no-go zones.

The text of the letter is in the article. That's hilarious. The cougar and the geek. What trash. I'm still trying to come up with the post-America nomenclature. We aren't really a nation since a nation has a discernable demographic, borders, culture, body of laws etc. We have none of that. Not today. The Democrat moderate is a unicorn. Dominion doesn't do much. Not that there isn't cheating, and not that it doesn't happen in their system, but that they actually do it or orchestrate it.

What Dominion does is deliver porous, insecure systems to elections agencies. Those systems are porous and insecure by design. This allows those agencies to cheat and then purge the records to cover their tracks. The AZ audit has revealed a lot. If Dominion did this directly by modifying the databases or similar, why double-count ballots, stuff the box or purge the router and login records? It doesn't make sense. But exploiting a hugely and likely deliberately exploitable system with known, documented methods that are likely supported by the manufacturer, though Democratic moderate voters who come from New Deal families in the Midwest are not.

Posted by: blaster at September 29, AM I already have some 'no-go zones', brother. Underwhelmed is correct. I expect the Ruling Class to gravitate towards sexually abusing children - the younger the better. From Hope Hicks to Kristi Noem. Oh how far he has fallen. Gabriel, St. Michael, and St. Raphael share a feast day on September 29th. These are the only three angels mentioned by name in Sacred Scripture. Gabriel means "Power of God. Michael means "Who is like God? Raphael means "God has healed. We could really use them now. Have not had tome to read it yet. I run this bitch! Uh, Gen Milley, everything is falling apart. It is all your fault. Milley: Whoa! I just provide advice! I am not in charge of anything! The Dim operatives had to be sure they'd win.

Trillions of dollars and much power at stake. They didn't want a repeat of I was once was thinking "economic opportunity zone" but since a cratering economy is part of the architectural design going forward, "concern" is probably the better word. A "syndicate" might be better. That has legitimate uses as well, but when people describe a "syndicate" then the connotation is almost universally negative. I kinda like "The American Syndicate. The rest will go into various pockets to act as lubrication. Just be who you are and I'll feel a bit better about you. Like sports franchises, there is a parallel in politics. With the disruption of the farm system in , there became a backlog of people who were working their way up the ranks to get their turn at the table dividing up the country's wealth, property and power into their own spoils system.

In , The Party had to make up for four years of lost ground and hence the multi-trillion dollar spending above the usual multi-trillion dollar spending. People were missing out on the graft and corruption after working through the system for so many years. It was their turn and it was being held up by Trumpers. I have learned two things about this: 1. When someone moves but they still get mail at the old address after the forwarding period expires, it makes it all the way to the local PO before being discarded.

I get pictures of mail to the previous owner every day, but it never shows up in my mailbox. The previous owner was a member and I see the envelopes for all the stuff that doesn't actually get delivered. Today's reads "Escalating state attacks on civil liberties! Just look at the gleam in their eyes and smirk on their faces when they are asked about the border.

They know if we were to round them all up and drive them back to South America etc. Reuben you are very wise. They hate what I stand for and they hate me. We have no common ground other than a need of redemption and salvation. I will trust the Will of GOD on that one. Hate harder and hope it works. I recently sent a check for a yearly professional fee to Virginia three weeks ahead of the payment deadline.

It was received a week after, and I got charged a late fee. When I was ribbing you yesterday, I realize in retrospect it could have come across as trolling. That wasn't my intent. I thought he was resigning to spare the President embarrassment over Mattis' deep involvement in the Theranos fraud. Just kidding. Mattis didn't care about embarrassing anyone. Also, who needs a subpoena when you're gathering all the data up front, handy for a deep dive once you've caught the State's attention.

Something doesn't add up here. Cut off the money, the whores stop sucking, and the entire cocksucker ecosystem collapses. Did you send it registered with receipt? New Maths. Every sentence of that is false. He was seated behind a desk, with a window behind him with some greenery and sky visible. I wondered what was up because I had never seen that "White House office" setting before, and because there was the central eagle portion of the Presidential Seal ghosted in the corner of one of the window panes.

I thought it was a decal on the window pane, and wondered why in hell they did that. Now I think it was digitally added. This is all very weird. With electronic surveillance and facial recognition, they don't have to implant chips to track us. They know more about you than your mother does. Right down to what kind and how much tp you wipe your ass with. We're dudes. It's what we do. They seem to have been pretty accurate in terms of some of the tech. No more. Now, thuddingly dull women in angry polyester bark their demands about masks whilst expecting you to be grateful for half a glass of water and a pretzel.

Although there is a lot of information-y sounding descriptions of the microbiologic processes, at times it reads like somebody extracting phrases from a medical dictionary. It certainly raises some valid points and areas of concern, but I'm not sure all of the threads are part of a complete tapestry. It feels like somebody trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle where two or three different puzzles are mixed together in the same box. It requires a hammer to assemble and the final result may not match the picture on the box. I'll have to re-read it and digest it a little more.

What that tells me is what I thought the first moment I heard about the scheme but before any dollar values were applied to it: this is not about money. This is about information. They are couching it as a revenue thing, but this is about wildly expanding their panopticon and nothing more. And yet How heteronormative of you Fuck Joe Biden! All employees have to be vaccinated by November. Well, all of the employees except the union workers. As I have been speculating, all of these policies share in common the common assumption that there will be a remarkably reduced population.

You don't need to increase infrastructure water, energy, transportation, food, medical, etc when the demand will be dramatically smaller in the near future. Well those on welfare will be lounging around in some kind of body fluid. I paid for it for one cycle. I am just surprised that they send it all the way to the destination PO before it gets shunted off to a dead letter bin.

They take the pictures of the mail to optimize routing, and it happens on ingest in most places. So given that you can be certain that they're running OCR on the pieces to read names and numbers off the envelope, their system will know with a high degree of accuracy - especially for printed material - that the recipient is no longer present and the letter is bound for a dead letter bin.

It strikes me as odd that they don't dump it at the start, before the costs to route it through the system and if the confidence on the OCR is low, they route it to the endpoint and let a human make the call. Plus, Mike needs a new wardrobe. They have pushed that back into December, so I think it will be Christmas now. A person who has never had an executive role in any company or state. The divisiveness of this OP for the country is stunning Just wondering. She already has the one outfit to rule them all! The , agents thing is what gets me. Universities are cranking out commissars not accountants. This is nothing more than an massive espionage racket that will be incorporated into Big Data for modeling that will go to the highest bidder.

The end result is nothing but misery, control and failure. Those , agents are not going to be analysts or accountants or most of them won't be. They're going to be more of the jackboot variety than the green visor variety. Because of redistricting, liberals in ultra-blue districts are guaranteed indefinite tenure, leading to leadership positions within the party. They can't get anything done on their own however; they need to trick the rubes into electing 'moderates' in battleground districts to give them the numbers to put forth their legislative agenda. The 'moderates' that get elected are the ones that need to then get paid off, to induce them to bite the bullet and vote for legislation that will ultimately get them kicked out of office.

This, but not before Obamacare, and now the Green New Deal get passed. Fight like heck to keep Dem moderates out of national office, and the liberals will have no means to get anything done. Just what Chicago wants and needs. I'll send you a pdf version if you want it. Bifbewalski 'at thingy' gee emmm xxx 'dot' com. No, Kurt. That's not how this works. Just end it already. They want to tax us by the mile, tax our "carbon footprint", stop our travel, tax our homes. But that is not really the heart of "capitalism", especially now as we see BigCorp take so much control of the nation, becoming the rope that hangs lady liberty. Did they ask their shareholders if they want that? A local company has a stake in the community, but BigCorp does not Oligarch globalists in charge of that, is my guess.

I hope there will be plenty of Curbs for stomping Whitey. Even if what he discusses is possible - and I don't think it is, at least not yet, because the initial work is just that: initial, and largely theoretical - the costs would be hard to hide even in this environment. Isn't it exciting? This sounds like two things, doesn't it? But administrations don't say that part. Don't bother with Goolag. What surprises me is the hostility directed towards the control group I guess that background check didn't find the man I shot in Reno just to watch him die.

Don't forget the Styrofoam Columns. Between the Bush Crime Family, Rove, Pence, Ryan, Romney, Graham, and those gutless traitors in Georgia, I'm tapped out on thinking that shitheel party even comes close to representing me. I may just vote for JD Vance and leave everything else blank. Morning Report coffee mugs with the word Cockle-Warmer on them. Or, something like that. Posted by: TheJamesMadison Changing jobs is always stressful but it all sounds good.

Good luck! Those with endothelial dysfunction i. Afriacan-American race. If this is true He delivered blank canvases and titled them "Take the Money and Run. Memorial bathhouse. Trump increased average crude oil production during his administration by thousand barrels per day, or about This uses as the end year, and production did fall from into due to economic slowdown and COVID response. The decline since will be about 6. That's a collapse, and erases gains since So in other words, fuck off with this.

Give unbridled leftism to them all - good and hard - and they will learn. Just like the former Eastern Bloc countries that are now staunchly conservative learned, they will learn as well. Hopefully it won't take 70 years for them to learn the lesson. For sites like this to exist, it requires people like you chipping in a few bucks a month to keep the lights on and the people fed. Five bucks a month is not a lot to ask. Box Cockeysville, MD You can also use PayPal to send a few bucks, rather than have that latte at Starbucks. Thank you for your support! Promotions: The good folks at Alaska Chaga are offering a percent discount to readers of this site. You just click on the this link and they take care of the rest.

About a year ago they sent me some of their stuff. Up until that point, I had never heard of chaga, but I gave a try and it is very good. It is like a tea, but it has a milder flavor. It is a great summer beverage. Just email them directly to book at sales minterandrichterdesigns. Everyone suspected Saudi involvement but this is the smoking gun. But why release it? I think the Biden Regency is once again stupid and not thinking beyond a simple step.

Trump can and will claim he never knew this, and pressure publicly for the extradition of pretty much everyone involved including Saudi Royals and the current King; demand payment by the Saudis of trillions. The Regency killed fracking to placate the Crazy Left and it will never come back — who would risk their investment if Bernie and Lizzie Warren can kill it on a whim? The 20th Anniversary, coupled with a humiliating defeat and retreat, and now the masterminds behind it unpunished … during roaring stagflation? Its an idiot move by idiots. By White writers. The self-loathing is strong in them. Nonetheless, I emailed her my marriage proposal. Of course, even though she is an ethics professor, my deeper insights into philosophy will dominate hers quickly. And also that White people were the major threat to America.

Trump made a surprise number of visits to New York firefighters, and cops, and posed among huge crowds shaking hands with cops and firefighters glad to see him. I think the Regency will arrest and imprison Trump very soon. They must — he is an existential threat to their rule. All 70 million plus of us. Its coming. Plan accordingly. They have the taste of blood in their mouths. They hunger for it. They feel invincible and immortal. Technically speaking, it could be done, but my God, think of the Chutzpah [not to mention the shekels and the cooperation of the intelligence agencies] which would be needed to pull it off successfully.

TPTB would like to get rid of Trump, but simply arresting him is counter productive. They must peel his followers away from him first, or he will remain a rallying point. Making him a dead or living martyr is suboptimal. Best way to do this is through the tax courts. Make him be seen as just another billionaire elitist gaming the system and preying on the people.

As to imprisoning 70M adult Trump supporters—get real. That percentage of the working, productive population removed would bankrupt the country. Not being open about medical issues is part of the culture around here. Again not megadeath, but the sort that would have had any other drug immediately pulled and the company responsible for it sued into oblivion. At the least this is the War on Health I imagined since the beginning of Covid. Now Biden is mandating the vaxx. We will be forced to purchase their products and services. And maybe the reason my mind goes to dark possibilities is because this is all so outside of my moral universe. It took, what, a few years then, but this time we have the advantage of Trump having played coronavirus truther-in-chief initially, so the resistance was publicly represented from the start.

I doubt this will be a 20 year slog— especially if great numbers of people have their health ruined, fertility destroyed, lives cut short. Time will tell. And they can buy that service. But overconfident doctors and sadistic nurses have always been the best killers, and we have so many of them now. Throughout your entire life you continually DECIDE to either stop being mistaken —or stop being honest— when learning the truth. Which one of the two true answers applies to YOU in terms of the Covid truth? And a lot of people are starting to get really anxious about the possibility of a near-term collapse, so real talk of insurrection is starting to be whispered behind closed doors.

All the ranting taking place on boards like this is lagging indicator of same. But the downside of venting is that it diffuses anger, which is a necessary stimulant for getting the fat ass off the couch. Rather than simply rant, now would be a good time to begin thinking outside the box. The incipient tyrants in the clouds are people too. They drive autos, fly in private aircraft, eat in restaurants, have someone clean their pools, etc. But when the Left does summon the gonads for forced vaxxinations [with armed men handcuffing the parents whilst Karens jab the little tykes], then the Left is gonna suddenly realize why Heritage Amerikkka had been stockpiling trillions upon trillions of rounds of mmunition all these years.

And I gotta tell ya, the long range optics that Heritage Amerikkka plays with on the weekends are some seriously scary technologies. At this link, you can find a further link to an article at The Daily Telegraph. LAUSD is nehaving with entire disregard for the lives of these young people. I feel the opposition was mostly because the DP is used in red states and a lot of the people executed are POCs. I think the left opposes the death penalty in the sense of an orderly trial with plenty of appeal opportunities and then executing them. I hear these boomers saying that really, the Jews just want us to keep working, because they get their power from people working and consuming.

It just makes me sick how dumb people are — because I am sitting here and explaining it, and predicting everything that happens, step by step. There is no inherent value in someone working at a job that serves no purpose for the ruling elite. The entire economy is a sham, set up to mask the fact that we are ruled by an entrenched elite class. At this point, they want you living in tiny apartments, not working, not consuming, using a UBI credit system to pay for basic needs, getting many, many vaccines, and then dying. That makes no sense either, at least in the long run. Short term for a voting block of ignorant lackies , sure. But no society can have the majority of its citizens living upon the efforts of a productive minority.

I work in media. It really is remarkable how much it has morphed into a religious movement, way over and above the various quasi-religious enthusiasms that motivate many lefties. When you interact with these people constantly day in, day out, the religious dimension is really inescapable. Again, I deal with these people constantly. COVID panic seems to seize them in a way that nothing else does, I guess because of the relative immediacy of it. Even if you believe in them, things like racism and climate change are fairly abstract, but a virus is something real to focus the mind. It has to be set to 11 or zero.

You see this in the way COVID cultists will twist even good news about the virus into something dark and apocalyptic. Now they feel this enormous compulsion to constantly proselytize about their new faith. And I wonder if it will stop there. Being in the media, we get a lot of calls and letters from various crazy people, but today we got a new one: Some guy called saying he had gotten the vaccine and it had given him magical powers. I dread the possibility that this guy might not be the last one to go down that path. I hope that you comment here more. Many of us observe the overwhelming power that the media has and would appreciate some behind-enemy-lines reporting.

What he ought to do is go home after work every day and write in a journal for about four hours, until bedtime, meticulously recording every single inanity he had witnessed. The warden is a religious sadist and a thief. The river of blood followed by a pile of skulls is unavoidable. And even if we had dispatched the original Frankfurt School in the meantime, there is guaranteed to be some new Frankfurt School Junior which would step to the front of the line and start the satanic mesmerization process all over again. Perfectly plausible idea.

I am best friends with two of the Covid patient zeroes in my state. They and their cohort have been written up in the scientific journals — including misrepresenting the infection mode to justify unhelpful public health mandates. Unless I am equally besties with you, why would any sane person share their names? They get harassment from all sides. Both experienced terrible illness, but neither went to hospital — and survived. Both are religious but not Christian. Two of their more elderly patient zero cohort died. I could not convince either of them not to get the clotshot! History will show that Covid is like Santa Claus.

Oh well. Reminds me of his rambling on a few months back about the vaxx. If I remember correctly he has no problems taking it if mandated to travel. Silly constitutional things like the 5th amendment you know. That paper is dead now, so may as well comply? In his mind being opposed to restrictions on travel due to medical discrimination makes you libertarian. False, and may I add moronic, analogy. A 12 oz hacksaw could bring down a lb lamp post. Concerning the vaccine, I have some expertise in the area and agree with Z. If I was old or my job was on the line I would go ahead and take the jab. I would support draconian martial measures. Sure the stupid and bullying way they have handled this rankles. Nonetheless one must keep things in a reasonable perspective. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.

One small quibble though I agree overall — if the hacksaw were going mph it might well take the lampost out. Kinetic energy is an awesome thing to behold. Think of what a rifle bullet weighing a few grams does to a chunk of ballistics gel or a person. Our government is far too corrupt to trust anything coming out of it including the numbers, though even the official numbers, correctly understood, do not warrant a response beyond a typical bad flu year. Such a government would need to be extremely transparent in its operations as well. Thank you for further confirming this observation.

Will add it to my already loquacious vocabulary. However, to those who believe the official story, would you put it past our elites to either orchestrate such an event or to know about it and let it happen? Why did the Surfside Condo in Miami collapse into its own footprint? WTC 7 sustained massive damage from the collapse of the twin towers and the resulting fires. The below link includes many photos of American Airlines debris and parts outside and inside the Pentagon. The willingness to admit that Building 7 was wired for demolition, and then actively pulled down, is the number one indicator for me of the good will of a human being.

If you cannot admit that Building 7 was purposely demolished, you literally live in a different world than the one I inhabit. Recall whenever Trump would issue an executive order or mandate, within a day or so some federal judge somewhere would throw up some injunction or stay or something to prevent it from taking effect. Well, what about all the great judges Trump appointed and McConnell got confirmed? Where are they today? The response to the virus is a means of sanctions. A ID controlled by international kabal of neurotic bankers, newsmen and smut purveyors. An ID that goes far beyond the mere excuse of virus. First expect that once implemented, the inoculation requirements will be extended.

It may not be too long thereafter that one may not use air travel if one is a suspected White supremest. Or restrictions placed on the ID due to unpaid taxes or child support. Icky neurotics who hate us demand complete control over us and the world. Joyfully they lie cheat steal mass-murder to fulfill their self-assigned destiny to be world ruler. That said large parts of California are heavily armed and not going to comply with utter nonsense. Other parts are near lawless. The COVID fanatics can certainly ruin the lives of their own people for a while and will try but all the infrastructure is crumbling, electricity failing and the people that fix stuff are noping out.

Awful hard to run a technological dystopia with an aging population Cali is approaching a retirement state no skilled people and rapidly crumbling infrastructure. There will certainly be an attempt to make things worse, some false flags here and there but thus far no one is taking the bait and are thus far refusing to interrupt the enemy as they are making mistakes,.

My advice is no matter where you are stock up on foods and meds and a bit of extra ammo. Things are getting nuts depression is certain and collapse and boog are on the table. The better prepared you are, the better organized, the more friends and friends with supplies you have the better you will fare. I myself am think of going back the farm. However the implementation is impossible. First, there are likely 50 million at least illegals of all stripes who do not have to show documentation and are exempt from all requirements.

Second, there are many many Mexican and other supermarkets with cash only payments, and those cannot be closed down to the power of illegals. Third we have a defacto open border which swings both ways. Fourth we have ambitious governors and other people just itching for a conflict in the hope of out-Trumping Trump. There is literally no future for young Republicans of any sex or color as the party faces wipeout from Dems wanting total control and unwilling to let them be the Washington Generals to the Democratic Harlem Globetrotters. The terror superstructure of was reserved for members in the Outer Party. They need the 3rd world aliens in the USA to destroy it weaken and repress the Heritage American population.

However, as the population becomes more and more 3rd worldized, the elites lack the ability to impose serious tyranny on Heritage Americans. Not possible. Karen gonna go into Detroit at night to make sure that the liquor store is following strict mask protocols? Not a chance, lol. We can learn from third world people on how to avoid tyranny and do everything under the table. The laws are in practice being enforced on an ever-narrowing suburban white middle and upper middle class, as well as white washed non-white urban strivers who want to join the cloud people.

I am Dirt all the way down; but I want my fantasy land, too. Folk metal for the win! While the covidians bravely fight the coof, an estimated 11 million American are opiate addicts with 90k OD and dead in Some youtube video just shot today of the streets of Lagos on the Delaware, Philly. While the managerial class make believe they are fighting a dangerous epidemic, they absolutely ignore a very real epidemic that is largely a problem of white people and their white privilege. The neighborhood the above video is shot in is mostly Puerto Rican and black.

Almost all the zombies are white and are from somewhere else. Things are getting darker in Ontario. I can certainly live without any of this — I know people who will let me in the backdoor just about everywhere. Or have a job? Very dangerous precedent. And it is stirring dangerous things inside certain people who are now more or less caged animals with nothing to lose. Angry mobs of white people have been following Justin Trudeau around on the campaign trail. He got hit with stones a few days ago. Also whipping up hatred against the unvaxxed. Great to see though — I have never ever seen anything close to this in my life — mobs of furious white people pouring rage and screaming like animals at an anti-white politician.

All 5 parties have the same platform. Also democracy is a joke so they will never get in, no matter what. Things are heating up in Canada too. COVID seems like a black swan event, who would have thought that a flu and its vaccine would tear the west apart. Ofc most of the population agrees with this because unvaxxed are mean people who want to kill people.

The sheep continue to march closer to the concentration camps. But the globalists will buy them up long before they reach a size where they can deliver on their promises. I want to star in an action fantasy of my own, off screen. The law will require you have proof of vaccination. The law explicitly says you must have the proof, but perhaps not of the vaccination. How to obtain this service or product I leave for you to decipher.

Luckily the pundit superhero Paul Krugman comes in to let all of us plebs know that the real threat to us all has been homegrown all along…. None of that matters. Supporting the troops was always a flag pin on a suit, or maybe a quick afterthought, a word at the end of a newscast. But now it is time for a new threat, a new enemy to focus on. With all of the cheering and champagne bottles opened after the last census results, the opportunity is too good to pass up. They Hate us. The virulent attacks are merely out in the open now.

Jew Mayorkas allowing wide open borders from the third world. Jew Garland demanding infanticide be legalized. Jew Walensky demanding that your children wear 3 masks and cower in the basement. Why, bring in , of some of the fiercest small arms fighters, and let chain migration do the rest. Maybe they can assist the Army units who are helping with the overload of horse dewormer victims clogging those rural hospitals in Trump districts.

They own the politicians, kid fuckers gamblers and degenerates that they are. They run the schools who teach your kids. They own the nursing homes who kill your parents. They print the money, which controls everyfuckinthing. It will not be a painless process, but it will be a purifying one. Krugman is right, though. If we bracket The Big One, terrorism has killed an infinitesimally small number of people in the West compared to, say, being hit by a falling coconut. Many of its salient points are applicable today, only moreso. Thanatos Syndrome was his final novel, also prophetic. Percy was a med student who got TB, went to Saranac Lake for recovery fresh air and sunshine, basically , and then became a lawyer and novelist. Love in the Ruins another great novel.

Underappreciated because truth teller. The Zman is so spot on today re the Electronic Revolution. Even me, here, as I type this- and I love it. The masks, in particular. We all had to play along, or the other kids got mad! Or the rah-rah. I fell hard for that one. So stirring! The Clash of Civilizations! No, actually, it was near dead. The Aryan influence of Persia and Greece was reasserting its historic pull. Women wore Western skirts and people went to college. Hagar is no longer getting attention! So the war loan tribe pulled out their bag of tricks, paid off their shabbos with rich promises, and created another self licking ice cream cone.

Chaos is not a White economy. They were born in catastrophe, and will keep re-creating the environment that formed them. Media is associating Taliban and white folks. Karen comes Karen-ing around, demanding to see your papers? Tell her to fuck off, how dare you speak to me without your burqa. Drag queen story hour coming to a school near you? Ever been on an airplane the minute it clears the airspace of an Islamic country? Off come the head scarves, out comes the booze. Not just individual people, you see.

Actual human nature — meaning mother nature can be overridden. Which is also why it will all end in spectacular and catastrophic failure. Let me preface this with a simple statement: I believe that everything you said about your experience with covid is true. However, I live in a different region than you, and my first-hand experience with the pandemic is very different than yours. I know a community leader who has had to help people through covid losses, and he is to be trusted on that even though I personally do not know anyone who died from the virus. My extended family in the area has had covid. I have had covid three times; twice bad enough to lay me out for over a week. I should not have had it more than once, but should often means little in life.

Without serious research, it is just about impossible to figure out why my covid reality is entirely different than your covid reality while still not rising to the digital delusions of a covid end of days, but my instincts say the most likely scenario has the CIA or similar running bioweapons against certain regions of the US. It would not be the first time the US government has done something like that, and it would help explain the media and government insistence on a perpetual pandemic.

Reporting on the actions of the black hats as if it were a genuine phenomenon is standard practice, after all. That might even explain some of the blatantly false reports about reds states being far worse than they actually are. Their chimera did not perform as expected. Again, this is just my preferred explanation that could potentially account for all the inconsistencies we have been getting with this pandemic. You are free to come up with your own. How would they prevent their experiment from leaking into and affecting their preferred parts of the country?

The virus itself is either not that infectious or it burns itself out very quickly. We actually do things like stay home and fix the steering pump, stuff like that, for the most part. For no reason, people started getting the coof, bad. So as to dropping the complicated scheming and just spraying direct the places they need to spray, well, would you put it past them? I mean, this is the perfect picture they want to paint. A backwater filled with infected rednecks who refused to mask. Yet, total silence. Why not? How many of these little nooks and crannies are there? And where are they shipping those illegals, anyways? I suspect illegal alien migrant farm and other labor has been a major source of spreading. Many regularly go back and forth to Mexico, too, ensuring that we share rather than compartmentalize each others variants.

Who is tracking them? No one. Who is testing them? Everyone who could and should is focused on our compliance. I have a friend of a friend who was in the thick of it. He says that there were crews of Guatemalan, Mexican, etc roofers and tree cutters cruising around, doing cash and carry business, within a day. Think about that. The guy says they did pretty good work, too, at least when it comes to cutting and hauling damaged trees, but… any Covid testing in that group, do you think? About as many as there were green cards would be my guess, and after a week or two in Iowa, they were down in Alabama harvesting….

Last year, there was a bit on the radio about what hospitals had Covid cases as the scamdemic was trending down. Turns out they were cases in the Hispanic, poorer, sections of town. In the better sections, there were basically few to no new cases. Of course, the lockdowns remained in effect for all, rather than focus effort at greatest threat, and the knowledge of racial connection was not widely disseminated in MSM. Absolute knowing is near impossible, but it is quite likely that sars cov 2 was whipped up, and US Gov paid for it. Probably it leaked.

We are sitting ducks. Any manner of virus and variant can be made and let go anytime. They have killed millions. More likely, They relish it. Non-lineary warfare is about flooding the battle field with all manner of stories, so that people give up upon trying to understand. Any and many stories can be told, a story for every one. The damned test is, itself, a lie — its creator said so himself. They have never isolated the covid virus that they are claiming has killed so many. Depending on how many test cycles run, you could easily get a positive or negative response one day or the next. You may have had a cold or the flu or this new covid — but there is literally no way to know. Natural immunity acquired through infection with the disease IS the standard vaccines are measured with, not the other way around.

The only exception I know of is HIV since it attacks immune cells themselves. Most of what you say is, I think, correct. However, you repeat one of the more pathetic myths that circulates in the anti-vaxx community. These viruses have been very well studied. For decades. So well, in fact that the most likely origin of this pandemic is a release, presumably accidental, from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in late November With modern technology, viruses can be sliced, diced, combined in many different ways.

Their DNA sequences are routinely uploaded to publicly accessible databases. The mRNA jabs you probably should refuse are probably literally designed on a computer and through a sequence of steps, can be ready to inject in a matter of a few days. But recent reports, natural immunity is at least ten times better than what the shot gives. This applies to everything, not just viruses. Using computer programs, you can tell from the overlaps of the sequences how they all relate to one another and eventually arrive at what will be called the consensus sequence. This is basically what the famous Human Genome Project did too.

Basically, the vaccine fools your ribosomes into making the virus proteins as though they were your own. I find that doubtful. Accidental or deliberate? You call, but I say accidental. In my opinion, the continuing draconian rules and push to jab all are adequately explained by standard human greed and power-lust. That does not preclude a dark, sinister conspiracy, of course; I just think that is much less probable. One of the best arguments against deep cabals is simply: How could they keep it absolutely secret?

Possible, but hard. Much harder than a single actor accidentally? Or a scientist deliberately mailing anthrax spores to random targets in the USA in fall of I have an online friend in New Zealand who believes the covid narrative,fully welcomes more lockdowns and wants as many vaccinations as possible. I posted links to videos showing huge crowds in America attending sports events hoping to get her to see sense,but she just completely ignored them. They see what they want to see. I have lots of acquaintances still in academia. I have pointed out ad nauseam how they never got covid, never had massive covid outbreaks on campus, have never even seen someone with covid, despite living and working in all but lab-perfect conditions for such an infection to spread.

They have PhDs, and that armor is too strong for blasters. I work on a large university campus. As you note, logically, the campus should look like something out of the Andromeda Strain, but contrariwise, there has been no dread contagion. The evidence is overwhelming and it is obvious—the masks are utterly pointless, and the Covid threat is largely a farce. One of my favorite tropes for making fun of the Karen Kloth actually came from a college kid. He reminded us that all smell is particulate, then said that if the masks are at all effective, we ought to start wearing them on our ass cracks, because that way you could fart in class all you want and no one would ever know.

Same deal with multiple masks: If the smell of a fart gets through two layers — underwear and jeans — then the Dread Coof is getting through your goofy facemask. Strap it on, and let someone rip one right in your face. And they were rank. My God the interior of the vehicle smelled horrible. After he dropped me off, I watched him drive a few houses away, get out of his car, leave the door open, get some fresh air and I guess air his car out. Fuck him. Severian: I have been in an out of dozens of grocery stores or Walmarts for the past couple of years. Never once wore a mask as required put it on to get past the greeters, then it was always below my nose and most often below my mouth as well. Never wore gloves. Never sanitized a cart.

I washed my hands when I got home — that was it. And as soon as they stopped requiring masks at the gym I was back working out, again no mask. I brought medicine and OJ to my son and daughter-in-law ill with something which officials claimed was covid and took zero precautions. If this dreaded virus was even half as contagious and dangerous as they are claiming, I ought to be dead. Or at least have been terribly sick and weakened. But nothing, nada. Sure, God could smite me down tomorrow, and it could even be with covid, but I just cannot make myself fear this ginned up pandemic. But please, go out to your local supermarket and watch the checkout lines. I had three different Covi-Karens enraged. I barked at one to calm down and the other one said she was going to get her supervisor.

I told her she was simply trying to make an issue out of nothing and waved her away. While I was waiting just a blood draw I saw this Guatemalan woman walk out with her mask down. So when I was leaving I stopped and asked one of the Karens why that was allowed. Why do they discriminate against whites? When forced to wear a mask I wear a bandana tied loosely around my head and completely open at the bottom.

In addition to making me look like a gang member, it completely flaunts the spirit of the mask rules by passing unfiltered air both ways while adhering to the letter of them. It also helps keep my immune system strong by giving it exposure to whatever the scared little mask monkeys in the stores are breathing out. You have a free thinking mind. It is still more than possible to live and succeed entirely in that real world. I still treasure the memory of my trip to rural Southern Oregon back in July.

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