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There was collusion with the Russians and the Democrats. A lot of collusion. Grafton began her "alphabet series" in with A is for Alibi. Her most recent book, Y is for Yesterday, was published in August. Humphrey said Grafton had been struggling to find an idea for "Z" while undergoing treatment for rare and usually fatal cancer of the appendix, which was discovered in a routine colonoscopy. Defense Chief Mattis Sees U. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says he expects there will be a larger U. Mattis said in Washington on December 29 that U. Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad in a new year's greeting that Russia will continue supporting Syria's efforts to defend its sovereignty, the Kremlin said on Saturday.

In his martyrdom, he has virtually become a new saint for Iraq's Shiites. His poster adorns shop windows, men and women wear his image as badges. Poems praise his valor. His sniper's rifle, with which he's said to have killed nearly Islamic State group terrorists, is now enshrined in a museum in the holiest Shiite city. Ali Jayad al-Salhi, an expert sniper in his early 60s and veteran of multiple wars, was killed in September in clashes with IS in northern Iraq. He was subsequently vaulted into legend. Shiites around Iraq trade stories of how, out of piety, he left his home, wife, 10 children and 20 grandchildren to join a Shiite militia to fight in what he saw as a war between humanity and evil. Al-Salhi is a powerful symbol in the religious, near messianic mystique that has grown up around Iraq's Shiite militias in tandem with their increasing political and military might after they helped defeat the Islamic State group.

Known as the "Popular Mobilization Forces" or "Hashed" in Arabic, the militias have emerged from the war with the image of an almost holy force protecting the Shiite Muslim majority. The political typology finds two distinctly different groups on the right - Core Conservatives and Country First Conservatives , who both overwhelmingly approve of Trump, but disagree on much else - including immigration and whether it benefits the U. This financially comfortable, male-dominated group overwhelmingly supports smaller government, lower corporate tax rates and believes in the fairness of the nation's economic system.

Country First Conservatives , a much smaller segment of the GOP base, are older and less educated than other Republican-leaning typology groups. Unlike Core Conservatives, Country First Conservatives are unhappy with the nation's course, highly critical of immigrants and deeply wary of U. A third Republican group, Market Skeptic Republicans , sharply diverges from the GOP's traditional support for business and lower taxes. Alone among the groups in the GOP coalition, a majority of Market Skeptic Republicans support raising tax rates on corporations and large businesses. In contrast to Market Skeptic Republicans, New Era Enterprisers are fundamentally optimistic about the state of the nation and its future.

They are more likely than any other typology group to say the next generation of Americans will have it better than people today. Younger and somewhat less overwhelmingly white than the other GOP-leaning groups, New Era Enterprisers are strongly pro-business and generally think that immigrants strengthen, rather than burden, the country. The Year of Lost Opportunities : Trump's accomplishments are meager, and pretty ordinary Republican stuff.

Kevin D. Williamson, December 29, , National Review. The tax bill contains an important structural reform, implementing a "territorial" tax system that brings the United States closer into accord with the practices of other countries with advanced economies. Under a territorial tax system, corporations pay the U. Before, the United States had claimed the right to tax the worldwide income of U. It is worth remarking that the Republican tax bill celebrated by President Trump, who purports to be a nationalist, is a great victory for the hated enemies of the Trump movement -- the people they denounce as "globalists.

Its appeal will be less immediate to the opportunistic populists who bemoan the loss of textile-mill jobs 60 years ago in towns they've never heard of and abominate the dreadful Chinese. Many of the firms that offshore work to countries such as India and Mexico will receive a welcome tax cut under the Republican bill. That's all fine, but it isn't exactly what Trump ran on, either. Other provisions of the tax bill touched taxes only tangentially. For example, the bill repeals the "individual mandate," the provision of the Affordable Care Act that obliges individuals to purchase insurance.

One of the critical failures of the Affordable Care Act -- one that distinguishes it from the more successful Swiss system upon which Obamacare is loosely modeled -- was that the mandate was too weak and toothlessly enforced. That meant that the beneficiary pool was older and sicker than it would have been with a more rigorously enforced mandate Swiss compliance is nearly percent , putting upward pressure on prices and contributing to the restriction of consumers' choices. There were two intelligent ways to go about addressing that: The first would have been repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with a more market-oriented alternative, which Congress failed to do; the second would have been strengthening the mandate, which would have helped to shore up the aspects of the ACA that voters and their representatives approve of, namely the mandate that insurers cover preexisting conditions without penalty.

This turns the very idea of insurance on its head, of course, but contempt for such realities is almost universal in the American health-care debate. Republicans are celebrating their repeal of the individual mandate, but what they have in fact accomplished is to have left a bad law in place while making it worse for the sake of political pageantry. Tax cuts and half-assed health-care reform: pretty ordinary Republican stuff. Trump the revolutionary -- he of the syntactically aborted slogan "I Alone Can Fix!

He did so while pursuing a rhetorical course that would have embarrassed Benito Mussolini. Il Duce was, for all his crimes, literate. The more imaginative and audacious Republicanism of the Jack Kemp school is for now dormant if not dead, as is the optimistic and patriotic spirit of the Reagan movement, which has been supplanted by the great and endless sneer of talk radio and the gaping witless maws of cable news. Of course, Democrats favor corporate tax reform and Republicans could have gotten a stricter Heritage mandate included in the original plan had they legislated. Hating the other extracted significant costs. In a trio of studies published in , for example, psychologists Robert Emmons of UC-Davis and Michael McCullough of the University of Miami found that individuals who deliberately focused on gratitude as part of their weekly or daily routine experienced a range of "emotional, physical, or interpersonal benefits," including greater happiness, better sleep, and stronger connections to other people.

Discussing their results, Emmons and McCullough emphasized the connection between gratitude and relationships. By the same token, a lack of gratitude can make us feel alienated, neglected, aggrieved, and resentful, thereby hampering our ability to create and maintain meaningful, positive relationships. That's true at the personal level, and also at the national level. This holiday season, many people are feeling utterly disgusted both with the state of American politics and with various trends in American culture. I sympathize. Yet we all should recognize that, if taken too far, our disgust could make things even worse. Despite America's long list of serious challenges, our political and cultural inheritance remains one of the world's most precious commodities.

The value of that inheritance--the way it enriches our lives each and every day--imposes certain responsibilities on us. We show our gratitude by acknowledging and embracing those responsibilities. To do otherwise is not only to be ungrateful, but also to weaken the historical bonds that define our identity as Americans. This scholarship may well be put on the back burner again as geopolitics once again get a little more heated in that part of the world.

The subject matter is brutal and self-explanatory, so if light-hearted histories are your thing, skip this book. If you are more of a rationalist and skeptic of power, you'll find much to enjoy about Douglas's well-written history, including the turning of a blind eye by Allied forces as non-Germans ruthlessly purged German-speaking women and children from the lands they had lived in for decades or centuries. Lebensraum wasn't conceived of by Nazis as a space that needed to be cleared for Germans, it was a place already occupied by German-speaking peoples - again, sometimes for centuries - that needed to be cleared of the German speaker's neighbors. Chapter 10 "The International Reaction" is alone worth the price of admission, as it details quite explicitly how the victorious democracies of World War II allowed one of the largest ethnic cleansing campaigns to happen right under their noses.

President Hassan Rouhani began his second term in August after winning re-election on promises to revitalize an economy hurt by sanctions. Although foreign investment is rising, the country continues to survive mainly on oil sales. Youth unemployment stands at more than 40 percent, sluggish state-owned enterprises control significant sectors of the economy, and American sanctions prevent most international banks from providing financing or credit to Iran. Many of the international sanctions against Iran were lifted under the accord on Iran's nuclear program. But unilateral American sanctions on doing financial transactions with Iran remain in place, and the cumulative effect of sanctions has been severe.

Rouhani, who heralded the agreement as a fresh start, has faced criticism for not doing enough to jump-start the economy. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility on Friday for a bomb attack Wednesday that tore through a Saint Petersburg supermarket and wounded 14 people. Being the most mistake-prone president in history hasn't prevented Trump from capitalizing on the press corps' recent errors. No press slight has been too minor for Trump to howl about. When a tweet by the Washington Post's Dave Weigel incorrectly captioned a photo from one of Trump's rallies--only to 'fess up to the error shortly afterward--Trump went all Old Testament on journalists.

These miscues in Trump coverage don't necessarily mean that the press has a special vendetta against him, and one suspects he knows that. The making of mistakes cannot be divorced from the making of journalism. As historian David Greenberg notes in Republic of Spin, mistakes littered the coverage of the Watergate scandal. Greenberg writes:. Reporters, swept up in the chase, made mistakes that they failed to correct. News outlets also overplayed trivial items, as the New York Times did by placing on the front page a three-column story about the possibility that Nixon's campaign had received gambling money from the Bahamas.

As [Washington] Post editor Robert Maynard conceded, there was "a lot of fast and loose stuff being printed. I dredge up Watergate as a point of comparison not because it was especially flawed, but because it wasn't. I dredge it up because, like the current Trump coverage, it was closely scrutinized and whenever the news is closely scrutinized, more errors will be discovered. That's why the New York Times publishes more corrections than any other newspaper--because it's the most heavily analyzed and, of course, because the Times believes in error correction.

Maybe somebody should explain to our presidential press critic that the news organizations he so disparages do the most aggressive policing of media miscues, especially if the miscues appear in a competing outlet. The protests spread to other cities in the north-east, and and some developed into broader anti-government demonstrations, calling for the release of political prisoners and an end to police beatings. On Friday, despite warnings from authorities, the demonstrations spread further to some of the biggest cities in the country. They represent the most serious and widespread expression of public discontent in Iran since mass protests in that followed a disputed election, correspondents say.

Demonstrators were reportedly heard yelling slogans like "The people are begging, the clerics act like God". Protests have even been held in Qom, a holy city home to powerful clerics. There is also anger at Iran's interventions abroad. In Mashhad, some chanted "not Gaza, not Lebanon, my life for Iran", a reference to what protesters say is the administration's focus on foreign rather than domestic issues. Other demonstrators chanted "leave Syria, think about us" in videos posted online. Iran is a key provider of military support to the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Russian tankers have supplied fuel to North Korea on at least three occasions in recent months by transferring cargoes at sea, according to two senior Western European security sources, providing an economic lifeline to the secretive Communist state. The sales of oil or oil products from Russia, the world's second biggest oil exporter and a veto-wielding member of the United Nations Security Council, breach U. Trump has signaled in recent days that he would support a measure to protect undocumented immigrants who arrived in the country as minors in exchange for wall funding and other stiff border security measures that Democrats have ardently opposed. Democrats could hardly ask for a better position than Donald having to fold or shut down the government over his nativism.

There is no reason for them to give anything with the issue framed this way. Earlier this year, as Donald Trump, then the president-elect, was trying to counter news reports that Russia had hacked the election to help him win, the head of the American subsidiary of a Russian conglomerate owned by a Russian oligarch with close ties to President Vladimir Putin made a huge donation to Trump. Intrater is the CEO of Columbus Nova, the lone American subsidiary of Renova Group, a giant holding company owned by oligarch Viktor Vekselberg with interests in the metals, mining, chemical, construction, transport, energy, telecommunication, and financial sectors in Russia and abroad.

Intrater, an American citizen, is Vekselberg's cousin, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Intrater has no public history as a major political funder; his Trump donations dwarf his previous contributions. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts in Intrater's hefty gift to the inauguration fund earned him special access to inaugural events, including a dinner billed as "an intimate policy discussion with select cabinet appointees," according to a fundraising brochure obtained by the Center for Public Integrity.

Vekselberg is one of Russia's richest men. The same month that Intrater pumped that quarter of a million dollars into Trump's inauguration bank account, Vekselberg publicly expressed hope for the lifting this year of the tough US and European economic sanctions imposed on Russia after it annexed Crimea and supported pro-Russian separatists fighting in Ukraine. Trump actually asked the Russians to hack into Clinton's private server, which would be a crime, and retrieve the 33, emails she failed to turn over because, she says, they were not work-related. The head of Cambridge Analytica, a contractor for the Trump campaign, actually contacted WikiLeaks and requested access to Clinton's deleted mails. Roger Stone and Randy Credico actually communicated with Guccifer 2.

Using a phishing attack to steal John Podesta's email password is a crime. Seeking to gain access stolen goods makes you an accessory to the crime and perhaps also a co-conspirator or conspirator after the fact. I'll leave it to lawyers and prosecutors to define the exact statutes that might be implicated, but if what the Russians did was criminal, and it was, then what Trump's team was doing was also criminal. There's a big collusion story and there's a small one, too. The small one is already proven. Team Trump asked for stolen documents while knowing they were stolen. They made good faith offerings a change in the Republican Party platform, for example and dangled sanctions relief in order to entice the Russians to share illegally obtained dirt on Hillary Clinton.

These are crimes. That's collusion. The case for collusion is contained in Donald's public statements. The Mueller investigation is just about what criminal charges should be brought. A Russian bank sanctioned by the U. The Central Bank determined that Severnyi Kredit has completely exhausted its capital reserves. After notoriously banning numerous books which had been included under the umbrella of a Mexican-American Studies curriculum, schools in Tucson, Arizona have been informed by a federal judge that their actions were "not for a legitimate educational purpose, but for an invidious discriminatory racial purpose and a politically partisan purpose.

Here's a list of all the banned books which students will now be able to read as they explore their Mexican heritage, which includes Sherman Alexie, James Baldwin, and Rudolfo A. Another literary coup occurred this week when the ongoing court case over Milo Yiannopoulos's scrapped book revealed an editor's notes on the original manuscript, which include numerous corrections, omissions, and disgusted reactions. While Milo haters rejoiced at this treasure trove of criticism, author Roxane Gay posted a reminder of the purpose of these notes: "They show how the editor was going to make hatred palatable.

In a colander, run cold water and scrub off--as best you can--the starchy surface with your thumbs. Toss these into a pot of cold water, enough to submerge the potatoes with an extra inch of water. Turn the heat to high and bring to a boil. Set a timer for 30 minutes. Place butter into a bowl and back into the fridge. In a separate sauce pot, warm heavy cream over very low heat. Your potatoes will absolutely be cooked after 30 minutes to be extra sure, pierce with a knife--it should slide in with no resistance. Empty over a sink back into the colander be careful! You'll now press these potatoes through a ricer back into the waterless-but-still-hot pot. Once done, add the chilled cube butter in three batches, whipping the potatoes with a large metal spoon vigorously.

Sprinkle in salt and pepper to taste. Slowly pour in the warmed cream, and keep whipping with the spoon. You may choose not to add the full cup of cream, but I like my potatoes ethereally fluffy. Sprinkle on fresh chives, add gravy if you desire see recipe below , and serve immediately. The economy is roaring. Why isn't Trump popular? We are on track to end the year with a 4. The economy grew by 3. You can poke holes in these statistics, as Trump did himself when he painted a dismal picture of the economy during the campaign despite generally favorable data. Labor force participation rates are still low by historical standards, suggesting some of the jobless have stopped seeking work entirely. Others are employed in jobs that pay less than the ones they lost in the recession.

Growth isn't shared equally, with a few parts of Trump Country lagging. Health-care costs continue to eat into family incomes. One can even quibble over how much better economic conditions are under Trump than former President Barack Obama, who certainly inherited a worse economy from his own predecessor. Of course, the recession Bill Clinton ran against in under the "economy, stupid" theory had actually ended before he even formally declared his candidacy, so these things are par for the course.

Still, the economy is doing well enough for Trump to reap some political benefits. Instead his job approval rating sits below 40 percent in the RealClearPolitics polling average, with Democratic congressional candidates are favored by nearly 13 points in the generic ballot while If it was all about the economy, Trump's approval rating should be better than 50 percent. Yet 60 percent view the president unfavorably in a recent CNN poll. A court in Moscow has sentenced Hermitage Capital head William Browder to nine years in prison in absentia after finding him guilty of deliberate bankruptcy and tax evasion.

The most delicious part of the collusion between Vlad and Donald is that it wasn't necessary and didn't do any good; all it did was cripple Donald so much that he can't lift the sanctions as he promised. Indeed, the Deep State has toughened them. Hentoff looked like an Old Testament prophet--"I belong to the 4,year-old tradition of atheistic Judaism," he told me, as I edited one of his pieces--and could argue the law better than most lawyers, lecturing judges on precedents and procedures.

But he wasn't an argumentative man. Instead, he practiced persuasion in his plus years of work. As the journalist Tobin Harshaw once observed, Hentoff could provoke intense disagreement among his readers without necessarily provoking anger. While he didn't bring peace to the American valley, his work did inspire respect across the political spectrum. What other writer could possibly earn a Viking's send-off from both National Review and the Nation? In his later years, Hentoff's opposition to abortion made him persona non grata in many corners, including at the Voice, where some writers shunned him.

He opposed abortion, he said, for the same reason he opposed capital punishment: To make any sense, he wrote, the fight for life must be "indivisible. But the enmity Hentoff faced made him happy, because he didn't take himself that seriously. Hentoff loved practically all music but especially jazz, making his first professional mark as a disc jockey and then as a critic. Hentoff's close relationships with such jazz figures as Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Bill Evans and Charles Mingus, all of whom he wrote liner notes for, made him "one of the last living links to the founding fathers," as Teachout put it.

One of Hentoff's most famous sets of liner notes was for--you guessed it--Bob Dylan. Hentoff returned to the subject of jazz again and again in his books and articles, as if recharging himself for his more profane works. Reading his pieces, you find yourself humming to a deep rhythm of his invention. Buying and selling of goods and services across borders not only increased this year, but also grew more than anticipated. Next year may test whether that's a durable trend or just an accident that flew in the face of politics.

Part of the thanks goes to a more vigorous global economic expansion. The resilience of the international system should also get its due: Supply chains that snake around the globe took decades to build up and aren't just going to go away overnight because of a few tweets from you-know-who. Broad forces at work are bigger than one man. This again makes me wonder whether politics, an arena where many journalists feel the most comfort, is overrated in its ability to influence underlying economic currents. Call me an economic determinist; the world hasn't ended despite geopolitical ructions left and right.

Homes in U. The value of the entire U. Several miles south of Rawlins, Wyoming, on a cattle ranch east of the Continental Divide, construction crews have begun laying down roads and pads that could eventually underpin up to 1, wind turbines. Once complete, the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre project could generate around 12 million megawatt-hours of electricity annually, making it the nation's largest wind farm. The Denver-based company behind the project hopes to erect a series of steel transmission towers that would stretch a high-voltage direct-current transmission line miles across the American West. It could carry as much as 3, megawatts of Wyoming wind power to the electricity markets of California, Nevada, and Arizona.

With the right deals in place, the transmission line could deliver solar-generated electricity back as well, balancing Wyoming's powerful late-afternoon winds with California's bright daytime sun. It underscores the huge promise of these high-capacity lines to unlock the full potential of renewable energy. What do we really know about Russia and the election?

Mark Mazzetti: We base it on the near-universal assessment of American intelligence, law enforcement officials, foreign governments, etc. I think that is not really in dispute at the moment, even though to a large extent the American intelligence community hasn't really shown its work to provide direct evidence of why. But after a year of reporting, I don't, and my colleagues don't, and our competitors don't, really hear anyone who credibly questions whether it happened. What is pretty firmly established now is that Russians, or people working on behalf of the Russians, carried out a pretty extensive campaign of hacking Democrats, Democratic operatives, the DNC, advisers to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and spilling those emails out as a way to discredit her and her campaign.

There was also a parallel effort by the Russians, or again people working on behalf of the Russians, to spread propaganda and fake news through Facebook, Twitter, etc. LifeNews can report excellent news today from the state of Iowa. There, a Planned Parenthood abortion business that had been killing unborn children for 18 years is closing down. The abortion company blamed the Iowa state legislature for revoking its taxpayer funding as the reason why. Instead the money is going to places that don't do abortions. Iowa will now spend an equal amount on family planning services by tapping a separate federal grant. This money will go to organizations that don't perform abortions. While Planned Parenthood no longer would receive tax dollars, community health care facilities would.

These clinics are far more numerous than Planned Parenthoods, and they offer comprehensive health services that the abortion chain does not. Russia says Tokyo's deployment of U. A decision by Japan to deploy a U. In its first year, the Trump administration posted a turnover rate fit for a season of The Apprentice. National security adviser Michael Flynn didn't last a month. Communications director Anthony Scaramucci barely put in a week before publicly deriding the White House's chief strategist's alleged affinity for auto-fellatio. That strategist, Steve Bannon, followed chief of staff Reince Priebus and press secretary Sean Spicer back to the private sector by summer's end. In total, 21 of the administration's 61 senior officials were either allowed to resign, fired, or reassigned in That 34 percent first-year turnover rate is the highest in at least four decades -- and double the previous record set by the Reagan administration -- according to Kathryn Dunn-Tenpas of the Brookings Institution.

The number of US troops who died in war zones rose in , the first year of Donald Trump's presidency, for the first time in six years. His complaint cited three "experts" who argued in affidavits that voter fraud occurred. One of those experts, James Condit, Jr. Another of Moore's "experts," Richard Charnin, claims to have "mathematically" proven that there was a conspiracy to kill former President John F. The first thing the FBI wanted to know from Steele after they saw his earliest memos was how reliable his information was, and Steele supplied his sources to them in an effort the get them to take his intelligence seriously.

There's someone else who claims to know the sources, and that's a man named David Kramer who works as a senior fellow at the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University. Kramer traveled to London in late-Novemeber to meet with Steele in person. He took a copy of the dossier back to the United States where he handed it off to Sen. John McCain. Kramer testified on December 19th before the House Intelligence Committee. He asserted that he knew Steele's sources, but he refused to provide their identities. Kramer in the hope that he will spill what he knows. Chairman Nunes supposedly recused himself from the Russia investigation but he's still issuing subpoenas. That's a concern, but it's more troubling that he's asking for information that would help Putin liquidate the people who talked to Steele.

Boeing and Embraer said last week they were discussing a "potential combination", in a move that would consolidate a global passenger jet duopoly provided Brazil's government gives its blessing. It would have seemed unbelievable in , when there were 2, killings in New York City, but as of Wednesday there have been just in the city this year -- the lowest since reliable records have been kept. In fact, crime has fallen in New York City in each of the major felony categories -- murder and manslaughter, rape, assault, robbery, burglary, grand larceny, and car thefts -- to a total of 94, as of Sunday, well below the previous record low of , set last year. A jailed Russian who says he hacked into the Democratic National Committee computers on the Kremlin's orders to steal emails released during the U.

In an interview with Russia's RAIN television channel made public Wednesday, Konstantin Kozlovsky provided further details about what he said was a hacking operation led by the Russian intelligence agency known by its initials FSB. Kozlovsky's claims include an assertion that for the past seven years he was under the control of Major Gen. Iran's supreme leader lashes out at Ahmadinejad Al-Monitor, December 27, It should be noted that following Khamenei's public "advice" to Ahmadinejad not to run in the May presidential election, he defied it and decided to register as a candidate anyway. He was ultimately disqualified by the Guardian Council, which is tasked with vetting candidates.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called an explosion that tore through a Saint Petersburg supermarket, wounding 13 people, "an act of terror. His panic about us training them is revelatory. A Republican congressional candidate running to replace House Speaker Paul Ryan is now championing the work of a white nationalist academic that portrays Jews as a scheming enemy of Western civilization--an incendiary move that prompted his ally Steve Bannon to drop his support.

Paul Nehlen's endorsement of Kevin MacDonald's book, The Culture of Critique, on Tuesday appeared to double down on previous posts that embraced so-called anti-Semitic and white supremacist ideas--a trend that has worried rights' groups. Nehlen, who stumped for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, was a favorite of Breitbart News' Bannon when he ran against Ryan for the same seat in Southern California home prices surged 8. Mueller's investigation has expanded and gained serious traction: The president's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and Manafort's chief deputy, Rick Gates, have been indicted.

His former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has pleaded guilty and is now a cooperating witness. So too is a former foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos, who has admitted lying to the FBI about repeated contacts with alleged Russian cutouts who had offered the Trump campaign "dirt" on Hillary Clinton in the form of "thousands of emails. In just the last few weeks, his prosecutors have begun questioning Republican National Committee staffers about the party digital operation that worked with the Trump campaign to target voters in key swing states. They are seeking to determine if the joint effort was related to the activities of Russian trolls and bots aimed at influencing the American electorate, according to two of the sources.

In what is potentially another ominous sign for the White House, the lawyer for Jared Kushner, the president's son in law and senior adviser who was in charge of the campaign's digital operation, recently began searching for a crisis public relations firm to handle press inquiries -- a step frequently taken by people who believe they may be facing criminal charges. Since then, Mueller's team and congressional investigators have detailed numerous contacts, meetings and email exchanges between Trump's campaign and Russian-connected operatives and officials that were unknown to the public when voters went to the polls in November Jeff Sessions, the Trump campaign's chief national security adviser, met with the Russian ambassador at a hotel reception and later in his Senate office.

Papadopoulos met with a Russia-connected professor and a woman introduced as "Putin's niece" in an effort to set up a summit between Trump and the Russian president. And most famously, Donald Trump Jr. Before they do stop using the meme, can we at least pause to consider the sublimity that they latched onto the same defense as American communists did during the Cold War. The Right is the Left. According to Oil Change International, the U.

And while the majority of those subsidies favor the oil and gas industry, 20 percent go toward incentivizing coal consumption and production. What's more, the effective tax rate for coal--which is less than 1 percent--stays the same. In other words, the government still sacrifices billions in revenue every year to prop up coal, an industry that most energy analysts agree is dying. Think of what your life looked like only 25 years ago. Going back even further, say 90 years back -- you get to when the large US corporations, such as insurance companies and banks, were founded. Back then, executives had a simple formula -- make money, hire more people, earn even more money, hire even more people. But, times are changing, and like my old CD player which fell into disuse, organizations that won't break away from that century-old way of thinking will find it very hard to compete with the new breed of businesses built on technology, and not on headcount.

Driverless cars, autonomous trucks and ships, and robotic warehouses will become an integral part of our lives sooner than most of us realize. But autonomous technology reaches far beyond eliminating operating machinery. It has the power to unlock entirely new business models: when there are no drivers, there's no need for car ownership, parking, gas stations or garages. Merely changing how we drive cars will affect how we design our future streets, highways, and cities.

If you spend the better part of your day in an office, think about all the repetitive tasks you do daily: gather data, update your peers and manager, compose reports, fill out forms, coordinate events, track progress, order stuff, sign documents, send out purchase orders, etc. Future Autonomous Organizations will rely on AI to run routine and complex tasks better and cheaper than us humans can. A little-remarked-upon provision changing the way inflation is calculated is among the big changes contained in the tax overhaul signed by President Trump last week.

The new method, using the so-called "chained" consumer price index to determine when to adjust tax brackets and eligibility for deductions, is expected to push more Americans into higher tax brackets more quickly. In the past, the tax code used the traditional CPI measure issued by the Labor Department each month. Airbus is drawing up contingency plans to phase out production of the world's largest jetliner, the A superjumbo, if it fails to win a key order from Dubai's Emirates, three people familiar with the matter said.

The World Health Organization reports in October that global measles deaths have decreased by more than 80 percent since to an estimated ninety thousand last year. The drop is part of a broader decline in child mortality, which has been more than halved since The eurozone economy grows 2. The increase puts the zone's economy on track to see its highest annual growth since before the global financial crisis.

Unemployment in the single-currency area drops to 9. Chicken of the Woods : This mushroom tastes just like chicken. If you find the prospect of mushroom foraging daunting, Laetiporus sulphureus might be a good place to start. Considered by some experts to be one of the "foolproof four," this fungus's bright-orange, multi-layered appearance makes it easy to identify. Even better: Inside its velvety tiers is a meaty flesh that tastes like chicken. Nicknamed "the chicken of the woods," the mushroom is a favorite among vegetarians. Since it cannot be consumed raw, chefs find many creative ways to incorporate the mushroom's fruiting body into dishes. They sautee pieces to make omelets and stir-fries, mix them into creamy pasta sauces, or bread and fry them into nuggets.

Russia accuses U. The chief of the Russian General Staff has accused the United States of training former Islamic State fighters in Syria to try to destabilize the country. Those agents specialize solely in financial crimes with a tax nexus; their cooperation was an early indicator that money mattered to Mueller. And Manafort and Gates may not be the only Trump campaign alums with headache-generating finances. On Dec. Michael Flynn--the president's former national security adviser--pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his communications with Russian government officials. Court documents indicate that Flynn has agreed to help Mueller's team with their investigation in exchange for leniency.

Sheil noted that if Flynn isn't as cooperative as Mueller expects, then his financial dealings could be easy fodder for Mueller. Additional trouble for Team Trump could arise out of the blizzard of subpoenas that reportedly went out to Deutsche Bank in the last few weeks. The German mega-bank is likely accustomed to hot water. It's an eye-popping concession, but one that largely got lost in the noise of Trump's inauguration and the political implications of Russian efforts to intervene in the elections.

But it points to close ties between the bank and Kremlin elites. The bank's lawyers signed court documents admitting they were "on clear notice" about their insufficient safeguards against unlawful activity PDF --while the multibillion-dollar scheme was unfolding. In fact, those lawyers admitted their traders in Moscow went "to significant lengths" to make the scheme work. It was underway from to early Jared Kushner and Trump himself have had significant dealings with the bank, which also helped the hedge fund of billionaire Trump patron Robert Mercer trim billions from its tax bill. The bank has long interested congressional investigators looking into potential connections between Trump World and the Kremlin.

And if reports about Mueller's subpoena of the bank are correct--and the White House says emphatically that they are not--then Mueller's money trail may be making a pit stop in Germany. The Latvian student was struggling with his assignment. I had asked all the students in my writing class at Maastricht University in the Netherlands--where instruction was in English--to translate one of their stories into their native language.

The Latvian student, B. This inaugural class comprised one of the most linguistically diverse groups I had ever taught. Only one--my single American--was monolingual. The rest spoke 12 different languages among them. For most of my students, English was their second or third language and yet they used it beautifully, writing stories and poems that were among the most interesting I had come across as a teacher of writing. So I was surprised to discover that this last assignment requiring them to write in the language they had first spoken was especially difficult. Like B. He had already written an accomplished, rather adult story, a gothic tale involving a bit of violence and a bit of love.

The translation assignment nearly did him in. He was in my office every week, unable to start the project, and then when he did, unable to make any progress. Finally, I asked him to try to pinpoint what was the root of his problem. He thought for a moment and then lit up. A sweet and beautiful language. I smiled. And then gently broke it to him that it's not the language that was sweet and beautiful; it was the year-old boy who stopped using it exclusively when he acquired a new one. He was able to finish his translation after that. But I don't know if he ever quite believed me. Latvian will always remain for him the sweet and innocent language of childhood. As it probably must. At its most basic level, we have language in order to communicate.

One can easily imagine that the first human articulation was some version of "Watch out! But the struggles of my Latvian student show that language also communicates our deepest selves back to us, as if words were a shroud that give form to our inner world. Language is power and protest, inclusion and exclusion. It is game and braggadocio. Jerry Brown on Saturday announced pardons or sentence reductions for some convicted criminals, including two Cambodian refugees facing deportation and a woman who has spent 33 years in prison despite a bungled plea deal that could have freed her decades ago. It's the second consecutive round of pardons where Brown has intervened on behalf of immigrants deported or facing deportation because of criminal convictions.

Around Easter, he pardoned three men who served in the U. One, former Marine Marco Chavez, returned to the U. The pardons come two months after Brown signed sanctuary legislation limiting state and local cooperation with federal enforcement of immigration laws. Brown, a former Jesuit seminarian, continued his tradition of timing his decisions around major Christian holidays including Christmas. Militant group Tahrir al Sham - a fighting force dominated by members of Al Qaeda's former branch in Syria - said it hit the plane. The first win is that Trump enforced a real "red line" against the use of nerve gas in Syria by the regime of Bashar al-Assad, something that Obama had failed to do.

On April 4, , the Syrian regime used sarin, a nerve gas, against civilian targets in the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun, killing more than 80 people. Trump called the attack an "affront to humanity" and said that it "crossed a lot of lines for me. When you kill innocent children, innocent babies Two days after the sarin attack, American warships launched 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian military airfield, the first direct military action that the United States has taken against Assad's regime. Assad hasn't used chemical weapons against his own people since Trump ordered those cruise missile strikes in April. What is clear is that ISIS is almost completely defeated in Syria and is largely eliminated from all of its havens in Iraq.

Second, Trump allowed American ground commanders greater latitude to carry out operations in war zones such as Iraq and Syria without consulting higher up the chain of command. Pentagon brass had long chafed at what they considered to be the micromanagement of military operations by the Obama White House. US home prices surge 6. As the economy has steadily recovered from the financial crisis, demand from would-be buyers has steadily improved. The year low unemployment rate of 4. Sales of existing homes in November reached their strongest pace since December , according to the National Association of Realtors.

But the sales growth hasn't compelled more people to list their homes for sale, as the number of properties on the market has tumbled nearly 10 percent in the past 12 months. An EU agreement with Britain on relations after Brexit could serve as a model for ties with other countries that want to be as close as possible to the bloc but are not yet ready to join, such as Ukraine and Turkey, Germany's foreign minister said. Henry, December 26, , DCReport. He said even that rate may be too high.

South Korea, Mexico and Chile are also actively considering corporate tax cuts, in response to the U. Among current and former law enforcement officials, the public attacks on the FBI are seen as an indirect way of trying to discredit Mueller and blunt future findings he may issue, a view shared by many Democratic lawmakers. Adam B. Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said in an interview. Electric and plug-in hybrid cars whiz passed 3m mark worldwide Adam Vaughan, 25 Dec '17, The Guardian. The number of fully electric and plug-in hybrid cars on the world's roads has passed the 3m mark, as manufacturers ramp up their plans for mass production of battery-powered vehicles. Industry watchers said the milestone was passed in November, with the growth rate indicating that electric car sales are now running at around 1m a year.

The rapid growth is being driven by government incentives, manufacturers launching models for a wider mix of drivers and falling battery costs. The White House turned over records this fall to special counsel Robert Mueller revealing that in the very first days of the Trump presidency, Don McGahn researched federal law dealing both with lying to federal investigators and with violations of the Logan Act, a centuries-old federal law that prohibits private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments, according to three people with direct knowledge of the confidential government documents.

The records reflected concerns that McGahn, the White House counsel, had that Michael Flynn, then the president's national security advisor, had possibly violated either one or both laws at the time, according to two of the sources. The disclosure that these records exist and that they are in the possession of the special counsel could bolster any potential obstruction of justice case against President Donald Trump.

Cruz's feud with Trump has made her a household name outside Puerto Rico and bolstered her political standing on the island; she notes that people who stop her in the street now refer to her as the "mayor of Puerto Rico. Her high-profile battle with Trump was hardly the first time she'd taken on a bully in the pulpit -- she's nicknamed "Pitirre," after a tiny bird that aggressively defends itself against intruders. Even though a pitirre is a Tyrannus dominicensis, Cruz is anything but -- in sharp stylistic contrast to her best-known sparring partner.

When people, apparently from her own party, slapped posters around San Juan in late calling her a "traitor" for slamming the administration of the then-governor, Cruz ordered city workers to leave them up. With names like Joint Stars and Rivet Joint, the American spy planes are trying to track the last Islamic State fighters and top leaders, eavesdrop on their furtive conversations, and steer attack jets and ground forces to kill or capture them. The three-year American campaign has largely achieved its goal of reclaiming territory in Syria and Iraq, and the Islamic State's religious state, or caliphate, appears all but gone.

Feathered guests from the east: Helen Macdonald's winter reflection : Hawfinches are legendarily mysterious, secretive and difficult to find, writes the author of H Is for Hawk. This autumn, there has been an unprecedented invasion from Europe. It has been reported in the national press and has set internet message boards on fire. People have left their homes expressly to search for the immigrants and some have set up microphones to detect their calls at night. Between mid-October and mid-November, 50 passed through Greenwich Park in London and more than were seen at one location in East Sussex on 12 November. They've come to Britain because of food shortages in their countries of origin, and there's a general hope among those who look for them that they'll find what they need here, settle in and stay.

The new arrivals are hawfinches. If you've never seen one, imagine a chaffinch on steroids, painted soft salmon pink, black, white, russet and grey. Their enormous, cherry-stone-cracking beak resembles a pair of side-cutting steel pliers and is quite capable of severing a human finger. With coppery eyes set in an ink-black bib and mask, their overall appearance always reminds me of an exquisitely dressed pugilist. They are rare and declining in Britain - around pairs breed here - and I saw my first on a winter's evening in the late s while driving through the Forest of Dean in a rainstorm at dusk. As I rounded a corner, a single bird flew up from the verge, caught in my headlights, its pied wings strobed through bright lines of falling water before it disappeared back into the dark.

The encounter was every bit as ghostly and strange as the species' reputation among British birdwatchers. Peter Wehner, DEC. Not seeing and still believing is held up by Jesus as a greater thing than seeing and believing. But I'm not sure I have ever fully grasped what it is about faith that makes it precious in the eyes of God. Recently, with the help of friends -- pastors, theologians, authors, fellow believers -- I've tried to deepen my understanding on that subject. To start out, it's worth noting that treating Christian faith as different from proof doesn't mean it's antithetical to evidence and reason.

Christianity is a faith that claims to be rooted in history, not abstract philosophy. Paul wrote that if Jesus was not resurrected from the dead, the Christian faith is "futile" and followers of Jesus are "of all people most to be pitied. Christians would say, in fact, that reason is affirmed in Scripture -- "Come now, and let us reason together," is how the prophet Isaiah puts it -- and that faith properly understood is consistent with and deepens our understanding of reality. But faith itself, while not the converse of reason, is still distinct from it.

If it seems like that's asking too much -- if you think leaps of faith are for children rather than adults -- consider this: Materialists, rationalists and atheists ultimately place their trust in certain propositions that require faith. To say that truth is only intelligible through reason is itself a statement of faith. Denying the existence of God is as much a leap of faith as asserting it. As the pastor Tim Keller told me, "Most of the things we most deeply believe in -- for example, human rights and human equality -- are not empirically provable. As Mr. Wehner notes, the central Anglospheric insight is that Reason itself can not be grounded in reason --it requires an ur-statement of faith.

This renders Reason just another variant of the panoply of human religions. Its main distinction is not that it has any greater access to truth, but that it is the ugliest, most inhumane, most hopeless of the faiths, in its denial that human beings have any intrinsic value and that there is any basis for judging human behavior. Of course, many religions come out of such an analysis little better. Polytheism and animism can not ground objective morality. Many religions, including, most tragically, Judaism are racial and not universal.

Sunni Islam makes God a sort of dictator, supposes that the words of a mere man actually men, given what we know of the Koran are infallible and--a trait it shares with all the worst political philosophies--imagines that mankind can achieve perfection. Which brings us to the question of why one should have faith in Christianity rather than any of the other choices, and the answer is: aesthetics.

It is the beautiful story. The Creator gifts us a world which He imagines to be perfect, but Man sins and Falls and God drives us from the Garden to suffer for our sins. As time goes by He grows increasingly frustrated with us, even being tempted to our destruction, but negotiating several covenants with us instead, to try and police our behavior, but also His. I am originally from Georgia and grew up spotting fish throughout the Savannah River watershed from the coast to southern Appalachia. I moved to the Asheville area in to study music composition at Brevard College and begin guiding the local waters. I prefer Winston rods because they have a very responsive, powerful yet sensitive feel.

I have worked with children and female anglers and I also work with Healing Waters. Growing up, I always tagged along with my dad on his surf fishing adventures along the New Jersey shore, fishing for striped bass and bluefish. Through middle school, I got involved with several sports and didn't have as much time for fishing. In high school, I came back to the sport and began fly fishing for striped bass along the Northeast coast. In the past few years, I've traveled to Chile, Honduras, and the Bahamas for fishing.

While striped bass will always be my favorite species to target, I enjoy fishing for everything and anything, including bonefish, false albacore, bluefish, carp, trout, and bass. Nick has guided and fished all over the world, cutting his teeth on rivers from Alaska to Argentina, not to mention the salt flats of the Caribbean. He continues to guide his home waters of Northern New Mexico and teach fly fishing through courses at the University of New Mexico. When not fishing or running his shop, Nick is usually wandering around the woods trying to shoot critters, either with his bow or his camera. New York Capt. Peter Douma has been fly fishing along the coast of the Northeast his whole life.

Growing up, having spent, most of his time fishing the waters of Montauk, NY he realised a passion for catching stripers on the fly. After graduating college, and a few years as a craft beer brewer, Peter got his USCG license and went after his dream of becoming a fly fishing guide. You can find him in Montauk chasing stripers, blues, albies, and even some pelagics, but his passion is truly big stripers on the fly at night. Premier waters include the Truckee River system and Pyramid Lake. Services include instruction for anglers of all skill levels.

Find online at www. As a young boy I started fly fishing for bluegills and bass. My real passion is trout fishing. I manage to get on the streams over two hundred days a year. I offer fly casting lessons and do guiding on some of our local waters. I am fortunate to have my wife as my favorite fishing partner and we strive to travel and explore new waters every year. He has hosted groups of anglers all over the world from Alaska to the Seychelles. His experiences abroad allow him to assess the expertise and professionalism of guides and outfitters the world over and hand select those that he wants to do business with and trust with his clients.

He lives, eats, and breathes fly fishing. He loves his work both in the shop and guiding on Oregon's many great rivers. Jad Donaldson has been guiding for the last 21 years. He started out his fishing career in Upstate New York, guiding and fishing the rivers of the Great Lakes and fabled trout waters of the Delaware River system. In , he headed to the west coast on a steelhead adventure at the recommendation of Dec Hogan Now he guides for winter steelhead in the Portland area, chases Roosterfish from the beaches of Baja, fly fishes for Tuna off the Oregon coast and finishes the year running multi-day steelhead trips on the Grand Ronde and John Day rivers.

Her first fly fishing experience was in in Yellowstone Park and her passion for the sport took hold. When her high tech career wound down after 20 years, Mary Ann opted to pursue her passion for fly fishing and share it with others. She considers casting an art form. She loves to introduce new anglers to fly fishing or take anglers' skill to that next level. Mary Ann is available for casting instruction, fly fishing workshops, and presentations. I now focus on fly fishing schools and I am still a guide in Central Oregon.

Rick is also well known for instructional DVD's that include the classic Anatomy of a Trout Stream and more recently the four volume set titled, Fly Fishing Large Western Rivers, plus Nymph Fishing Basics included with his latest book or sold separately and the 2-disc set titled Advanced Nymph Fishing. He also penned the Entomology column for American Angler magazine for over 30 years. Few fly fishermen have Rick's knowledge about the world in which trout live, and for many years he has been sharing that knowledge with fly fishermen through books, articles, slide shows and seminars. More info about Rick and his programs can be found at his website: www. After being raised on small streams in Colorado, he moved to fish the diverse waters of Oregon and work for the long standing fly shop and outfitter, The Fly Fishers Place.

As his guiding career has progressed, Ben has had the fortunate opportunity to work in Southern Chilean Patagonia and still dreams of big mouse eating brown trout. He now spends most of his days floating the McKenzie and Deschutes River along with teaching modern European Style Nymphing techniques. With a dedication to conserving and sharing a resource he has come to love, Ben is a passionate instructor and fishing guide.

He has been guiding for 8 years and spends days a year on the water. The Wallowa bisects his property, the 6 Ranch, where the ranch has done two large scale river restoration projects to improve trout, steelhead and salmon habitat. James is passionate about conservation and is an equal opportunity fly fisherman utilizing spey, switch and single handed rods as the situation dictates, but above all, he likes nymphing with lots of split shot and big strike indicators.

I'm happiest wearing layers. For the last 20 years I have chased Pacific NW Steelhead and Salmon all over Washington State, met a ton of great people, seen a lot of amazing nature scenes, and look forward to each new day I get to spend in the greatest corner of the globe. I have been very fortunate for the last 8 years guiding and working in the shop to have been surrounded by some truly amazing people who have helped me and my business along the way. Without them I would have flopped within my first year. Any and all my success belongs to my family and friends. His favorite fly rod is the 9' 6wt BIIx. I have spent the better part of the last 3 decades chasing salmon, steelhead and trout across the Pacific Northwest.

It all started in Alaska where I was rasied and cut my teeth on tossing glo-bugs to Dolly Varden and later shifted to my current home of Central Oregon where I spend much of my time on the Deschutes and Metolius Rivers. Regular road trips thoroughout the west have helped gain an appreciation for our beautiful region and its diverse angling opportunities and styles. Swinging classic flies on a dry line for summer steelhead, matching wits with the pickiest of spring creek risers or ripping a cast underneath the overhanging bushes for a stonefly eating redside, I love the challenge and excitement of chasing wild fish wherever they swim.

I take pride in enthusiastically promoting and teaching about our fisheries and the techniques to find success. Dorian Thompson J. Dorian guides and fishes many of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska's most prized trout and steelhead fisheries. He enjoys sharing his love of fly fishing and the regions he guides with others. His passion for pursuing wild steelhead with a fly and two-handed rod has driven his guiding career into his 11th season in Oregon and Washington. When not on the river, Stuart works with local conservation groups to protect salmon, steelhead and public lands and serves as a City Councilor in Phoenix, Oregon. I am a life member Federation of Fly Fishers, and I travel annually across Oregon doing slide programs to various fly fishing clubs.

I credit my father and George Harvey for my early teachings and making fly fishing a way of life not just a hobby. I was a conservation officer for 20 years and have been guiding for the last 15 years. The past 15 years he has been an integral part of the fly fishing community as a guide on the Upper Delaware River, fly fishing and casting instructor to many beginning and advanced students, Ray was also the assistant to the National Fly Fishing Show Director and past president of Pennsylvania's largest teaching fly fishing club.

Ray currently is involved in video production and is presently working on a series instructional videos for fly fishing and wing shooting, promotional videos for outdoor lodges, a fly fishing documentary and a television series. Ray's passion is fly fishing and bird hunting and he likes teaching the sports to anyone who is interested. Ray lives just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife Michelle, daughter Ashlee and his bird dog Winston, of course!

C,and as a guide and Pro Staffer. In the fall, he joins others at Harkers Island,N. Nike Rd. This forum allows me to extend my passion to others through tips, answering questions, guiding visitors to the Black Hills and providing reports on our local as well as distant waters. I have not looked back since. After catching my very first brown trout on the fly, I was hooked.

I also share my fly fishing adventures on Instagram, brookieflyguy. I fish my home waters in South Dakota all the way to the great state of Alaska and in between. I also enjoy tying flies from the smallest trout flies to largest salmon flies. I also have a passion for teaching and guiding newcomers to the world of fly fishing. Fly fishing has become a lifestyle for me now. I began fly fishing 23 years ago, fishing the creek that flows through my parent's property in North Alabama.

Torturing those sunfish was the main goal of my summers growing up. As an educator, I have a true passion for teaching individuals young and old about fly fishing. Baron Boyette grew up chasing bass in the lakes and bayous of northeast Louisiana. He discovered his love for fly fishing while working in New Mexico during summer breaks from college and never turned back. After guiding and ski patrolling for several seasons in New Mexico, he returned to the South to pursue the redfish he first cut his saltwater teeth on. Baron currently guides spring through fall on the middle and upper Texas coasts for redfish, seatrout, black drum, jacks and tarpon, as well as winters in Louisiana for bull reds.

He has dedicated countless hours on the water to perfect all of the techniques needed for landing trophy fish. His focus on the techniques of casting and presentation constantly drives his obsession. Peter spends his summer guiding for the Sportsman Outdoors and Fly Shop in Lake City, Colorado where he helps beginners and experts alike hone their fly fishing skills on beautiful freestone streams filled with brown, rainbow, cutthroat and brook trout.

Peter volunteers for Reel Recovery, an organization dedicated to giving men battling cancer the opportunity to fly fish. He also volunteers for Tomorrow's Hunter, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing kids the opportunity to fish and hunt, as well as providing wounded veterans and their children the opportunity to fish and hunt. Peter is proud to represent R. Winston while fishing, guiding and through volunteering. He has promoted fly fishing in the Hill Country by giving presentations at fly shops and fly fishing clubs about the challenge and beauty of fly fishing in Texas. He has been featured in several newspapers and magazines. He loves to chase the warm water species that live in his local rivers. His focus in the fly fishing world is casting to and catching Largemouth, Smallmouth, and the wonderful Guadalupe Bass.

Fishing and skiing became his first love at a young age. He started skiing at age three and caught his first fish rock bass with nothing but a string and hook at age six. While running around and fishing many different types of water gave him valuable experience and the necessary tools for a lifetime of chasing fins. Dudley has been in the Fly Fishing Industry for over 15 years. He has owned and operated a fly fishing outfitting service in Utah.

As a professional guide he strives to be the best everyday he is on the water. He loves to see other's skills improve through his teachings. Fly Fishing is a forever sport and he is trying to give forever skills to make the journey a fun one. His daughter and his wife are his biggest inspirations in life. Family is fist and foremost for Dudley and all the fun he has comes second to his family. Both of his ladies are dry fly snobs. Dudley's hobbies include: Photography, Skiing, Hiking, Camping, Mountain Biking, Ice climbing, and of course, all forms of fly fishing. You can find dudley fishing small mountain streams in Utah, to the remote backcountry rivers of New Zealand sight fishing for double digit wild Browns.

He started fly fishing at an early age on the Provo River with his father. Ben's passion for the sport has grown over the years. He is a respected guide in the area, guiding on the Provo River as well as many other local fisheries. His love of fly fishing spans from dry fly fishing, to swinging flies for steelhead and wading the flats in salt water. His quiet and kind nature has become his calling card. Ben not enjoys sharing his knowledge of the sport, but also the respect of nature, the environment and public lands.

He grew up in Western Idaho and the high deserts of Eastern Oregon fishing for bass, trout, carp, catfish, whitefish and anything else that would play along. One of his favorite alpine lakes housed some giant-black-ant-eating high mountain brook trout, which served as the catalyst for his tying obsession. He learned to tie flies while in high school in the 80's and has been tying ever since.

Together with Clark "Cheech" Pierce, Curtis runs the popular website and fly shop, Fly Fish Food, as well as one of the more popular fly tying tutorial channels on YouTube, and other social media outlets. Much of his time is spent chasing bugs and other critters around streams and lakes, ducking out of the way as Cheech hucks enormously large flies on small streams, constantly working on new or improved fly patterns, and his most important job as a dad and husband to a very understanding and awesome wife.

Over the last several years he has quietly waded into position as one of the most respected, innovative fly tiers and fly fishermen in the country. Said Hatches Magazine Editor, Will Mullis, "Nick brings a unique and creative style to the cardboard personality of the fly tying world that is desperately needed. He has had articles published in Hatches Magazine, with more on the way elsewhere. Ask those who fish with him, and they'll tell you that Nick has an uncanny obsession with creating fly patterns that do what other patterns can't. While he grew up minutes from the Gunpowder River, he only discovered fly-fishing during his first year in Utah, finding passion and quickly translating in to his current position as a shop manager for Western Rivers Flyfisher.

Learning from the classic approach of his shop cohorts, Logan prefers spending his time rambling around the intermountain west, sleeping in the dirt and searching for snobby, dry-fly sipping trout. As the seasons change, so does his focus not only to the snow, but also to swinging flies and most recently, the salt. Viewing the sport as more of a large puzzle, he finds enjoyment daily getting people excited to get out there and teaching them how to enjoy the game from an ethical and conservation based perspective. Cutting his teeth on the Idaho spring creeks was the start of his love affair with the sport.

His devotion and artistic passion for the fly fishing lifestyle and culture continues to inspire him 15 years later. Tradition guides his technique, teaching, guiding style, and ethical beliefs surrounding the fly fishing industry. Asher's broad and diverse background in conservation, film and photography, action sports culture skate and snow , fashion, design, and detailed explorations into the fly fishing world have provided him with a unique lens on how to view, promote, and capture the essence of the fly-fishing experience.

Asher guides out of Salt Lake City for Western Rivers Flyfisher during the warm season, and documents his travels, catches and inspirations via film and photo through his popular digital fly-fishing journal www. His passion continued to grow after moving to Utah for University, but found himself fishing the blue-ribbon waters within the state. Todd began guiding to share his enthusiasm and love of the sport with others, and to inspire others to ignite their own passion of fly-fishing. He'll fish for anything that swims, and he ties a few flies now and again when he's not busy modeling plus size clothing and messing up inventory at the fly shop.

He has tied and fished for many years and is a contract fly designer for Fulling Mill. Many of his flies, such as the Baby Fat Minnow, the Cheech Leech, and the award winning Mousey McMouseface are commercially available throughout the world. Cheech resides in Riverton, Utah with his Wife, 3 kids who are infinitely smarter than him, and a loveable Wirehaired Pointing Griffon named Squatch. Angling pursuits on the fly quickly became a passion of his due to the challenging nature of the sport itself. He has always viewed fly fishing as a form of continuing education. His passion for fly fishing started at a young age in Utah area waters. Once he joined the staff at Fishwest, his angling worldview changed dramatically. These days the scope of his angling pursuits now includes Carp, Steelhead, Muskie, Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit and anything else that will chase a fly.

With a background in Education and Coaching, guiding comes naturally. We have Winston Rods in every one of our boats. Winston rods can delivery the meat we throw. Winston rods are above the rest and its a pleasure to represent the company. Began a long term study of coaching entry level fly fishers. Frequent speaker attending shows and privately studying with coaches such as Jerry Siem. Every summer I flew up and spent two months fishing and helping the older guides and learning everything I possibly could about the business and industry. Fly fishing the Naknek, Alagnek, Nushagak, rivers provided me with countless opportunity's and learning experiences.

When I turned 16, my aunt Nanci handed me the paper work for a guide license, and now, 10 years later, I still can't imagine life without guiding. When I'm not farming or guiding, you can find me searching for steelhead in the fall and winter. During the spring and summer I love to chase stone fly hatches in North Idaho and Montana. Although I have been known to chase other species in the salt, rivers and lakes; steelhead will always be my fish of choice. My home river is the Skykomish River. Steelheading to me is an insatiable passion; a passion that can only be temporarily fulfilled by spending the day on the river, swinging for the bruisers in the cold waters of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and B. My guide service Northwest Steelheading was started to share my knowledge of the local rivers and steelhead with other anglers who share my passion or anglers who are looking to experience the exhilaration of their first steelhead taken on the fly.

I am a guide dedicated to swinging steelhead with Spey rods. The rivers I guide include the Skykomish in the summer and winter; the Hoh, Bogachiel, Skagit and Sauk in the winter and spring. We specialize in guiding the waters of the Pacific Northwest for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead on the fly. He teaches 7th and 8th grade Science full time in Spokane, WA. He has been doing this since When he isn't teaching you'll probably spot him on one of the many rivers in Washington, Idaho, and Montana in search of trophy trout. He is also a guide for the Silver Bow Fly Shop for both trout and steelhead.

His Skwala, Golden Stone, and Salmon Fly patterns continue to be fly shop's favorites and continue to be some of the best sellers for Catch Fly Fishing. At five years old, Cole became obsessed with fishing, whether it be for trout, salmon, or whatever else swims. His passion grew through college when he cut his teeth swinging flies on the North Puget Sound rivers such as the Skagit, Sauk, and Nooksack.

In recent years, Cole has combined his passion of fly fishing with photography and now spends much of his time behind the lens, capturing the natural beauty that the Pacific Northwest offers. Cole is a fly fishing guide at Emerald Water Anglers, a fly shop and guide service, based out of Seattle, Washington. He primarily guides for Sea Run Cutthroat and Steelhead but can be found rowing the Yakima River for trout or walking the flats of the Columbia River in search of carp. Cole spends most of his time guiding around the Seattle area but is stationed on the Olympic Peninsula in the Spring in search of big, wild steelhead. He teaches a number of classes through the shop such as casting and fly tying. In addition to local guiding and teaching, EWA hosts exotic travel all over the world.

A fly fishing enthusiast for 40 years, Todd specializes in fly fishing for trout, steelhead, salmon and saltwater species with both single hand and two hand Winston rods. Todd is available for casting instruction, fly fishing workshops and presentations. I also work at the Gig Harbor Fly Shop as a guide and shop employee. Indiana Ave. Through the shop he also teaches classes and clinics on all subjects of fly fishing and spey casting. At age 20 he began working in a fly shop and then started guiding a few years later. Now, 20 years on, he's spent almost his entire adult life avoiding a real job so he can chase fish with a fly rod. Still residing in the Seattle area, Brett spends much of the year guiding for sea-run cutthroat on Puget Sound, one of the most underrated trout fisheries in the country.

He spends his winters standing in the rain watching clients swing flies for steelhead on the Skagit and Washington coast. I am also an FFF certified casting instructor, and been teaching spey casting lessons since Dudek A. I've worked in shops and have guided in Wisconsin, Oregon, and Colorado. I've spent the last five years guiding in Rocky Mountain National Park.

I'm currently on Team Caddis a competitive fly fishing team , and have done many slideshows, clinics, and classes for local chapters of TU. Along with being a professional guide, I also volunteer for Casting for Recovery. He began his life in the fly industry as a nineteen year old college sophomore and never left. More than a dozen years later, he now has a completely unused Masters Of Environmental Science and Policy with associated debt , a drift boat, and a collection of tying materials that would rival many fly shops!

Despite widely varied fishing addictions, Charlie is proud to call Wisconsin home. As a guide, he pursues the premier seasonal bounties in the land of beer and cheese: river smallmouth bass and Driftless Area trout. Outside of the guide season, Charlie hosts destination travel in the U. When not on the water, he is most likely found at Tight Lines where he continues to share his enthusiasm for the sport with others.

It didn't take long to realize that fishing was more than a hobby, it was a passion I wished to share with others. Most recently, I have moved back to my home state of Wyoming and another extraordinary river, the North Platte. I am pro staff members of Winston fly rods and Ross Reels and worked closely with cliff outdoors on product design. Back then it was still just logging towns and dirt roads, but the fish didn't seem to mind. Spending my days on the riverbank, even then, I knew that's where I was at home.

A few years, a few miles, and a few grey hairs later I'm still just that kid spending his days on the river, but now it's as a professional guide for the Ugly Bug Fly Shop and Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing in Casper Wyoming. I spend around days a year guiding and most of the rest I'm out fishing with my wife and daughters. As much as I love my job nothing beats sharing my love of the outdoors with my kids and watching them find that love for themselves. I started my career in central Montana on the legendary rivers of the west before moving to Wyoming full time and guiding here for the past six years or so.

I have the privilege of working full time for a highly respected award winning outfitter and feel that I have found my place with them. Crazy Rainbow keeps a very high standard for their clientele and is very active with charitable and veterans organizations. My favorite part of the job is teaching people about the sport I am so passionate about. For some people it's a few new tricks and for others it's a whole new world. Meanwhile I get to watch new clients become old friends. As a guide I approach each day with the mindset to give my clients the best day possible on the river, which is why I only carry Winston fly rods in my boat. I love every aspect of this wonderful sport, the river, the fish, and the feeling of peace.

I spend around days on the river and I am as excited every time I hit the river as if it was the first time. He has been floating the North Platte for more than 19 years and knows the river very well. Friendships developed with the locals gave me the possibility to get to know the area completely. Winters used to be all about ridding houses, running cattle, and paying special attention to everything that swam in the hundreds of waters we cross by.

I have been a fisherman since I was a kid. Like most of us, my grandfather was the first one to show me a hook, But I never fly fished until I was in Rio Pico. Since that day, I fished more than days per year, more than 10 regions in Patagonia, and more than 6 countries. He caught his first fish on a fly rod at age 9 and never looked back. In high school Alex would take tourists and friends fishing just for fun, but in he became a professional guide. Ten years after working for area outfitters, Alex decided to partner with Patagonia River Guides and run their new operation in San Martin. Since my grandfather and father were both guides before me and my Mom owned a fly shop on the Big Hole, becoming a guide and good fisherman was natural--it didn't hurt growing up nine miles from Winston Rod either!

Apart from guiding in Montana for over fifteen years, I have also been one of the luckiest guys in the industry and have guided abroad in Mongolia, Andros Island in the Bahamas, Chile, and Argentina. My partner, Travis Smith who is also a Winston Rod Pro Staffer and I own Patagonia River Guides in Argentina where we have been leading incredible fly fishing trips for the past ten years and where I'm currently enjoying passing on my love of fly fishing to my two children, Julia and Ryan. I have been co owner and operator of Patagonia River Guides in Esquel, Argentina for the past 9 years. While living in Ontario, he cut his teeth on great lakes steelhead and salmon and spent his summers in Algoma country, fishing the myriad waters the region has to offer.

When his family moved back to Calgary, the Bow and countless rivers flowing from the Rocky and Purcell mountains drew him to explore much of the finest trout water you can shake a stick at. While earning his B. Elliott worked in Calgary fly shops for years; teaching both fly fishing and fly casting to enthusiastic groups looking to get started in the sport or refine their casting and fishing techniques. He is still sought after for instruction and enjoys helping students learn two handed casting. In addition to weekend adventures in southern Alberta and BC, he spends his free time chasing steelhead on the Thompson and Skeena tributaries and stalking the flats of warmer destinations like Cuba and Mexico.

In the fall of that same year, at the age of 16 he started his guiding career on the Babine. He guided each fall on the Babine until and part time until In he started summer trout guiding for Collingwoods' Spatsizi Wilderness Vacations and met his wife Carrie Collingwood. Today he is an accomplished bush pilot and fishing guide and together with Carrie and their two children they guide, manage and operate Spatsizi Wilderness Lodge during the summer months and then move over to the Babine for the fall. Those who know Billy best, understand that Winston Rods have always been his rod of choice, and he is really excited to be part of the Winston Pro Staff Team!

Her father, Ray Collingwood taught her to fly fish at a young age and she spent her youth exploring the Spatsizi with a fly rod in hand. Together with Billy and their two children they guide, manage and operate Spatsizi Wilderness Lodge during the summer months and then move over to the Babine for the fall. She has a passion for fly fishing and she loves the thrill of a 20lb steelhead on the dry fly.

A de Havilland Beaver dropped me off with a wall tent and provisions. At 23 years of age I was determined to start a fly-in fly fishing business. With fly rod in hand early access up and down the rivers was merely miles and miles of walking to rivers and streams, inlets and outlets of the lakes. A return in to these same virgin waters of endless rainbows confirmed that I had found a base to start a guiding operation. Now, 48 years later, I still operate in this pristine wilderness with some of the finest dry fly fishing in the world. A lot has changed from our simple wall tent camps to the comforts of a cozy lodge at the headwaters of the Stikine River.

To this day Winston is the rod of choice for myself and our lodge. Like so many others, tying flies and fly fishing quickly became a passion and at 15 he began working for the local fly shop where he was mentored by some of the best anglers in the East. He continued in the business part time through his years at the University of Guelph where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree. Currently, Nick has established a career as a project manager for an engineering consulting firm in Fergus, however his passion for fly fishing has brought him to pro staff level with R. Winston fly rods, Bauer reels, and Simms. He continues to hone his skills in all aspects of fly fishing and his relaxed style of teaching and guiding make him a sought after instructor for all skill levels.

Lauri has over twenty years of experience in fly fishing with various species. Lauri's educational background is on fishery and environmental studies, so his approach to fly fishing is both practical and theoretical. This guy has been in fly fishing industry for over a decade. He has been a performer in numerous expos, demo days, tying classes, fishing videos, gear developing projects, and he writes regularly for the main fishing magazines in Scandinavia. Lauri's philosophy about gear is simple: well-made and close to fisher's preference will do the job at the waters.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong if it looks good to the eye at the same time! Favorite species to fish for Lauri are Grayling and trout with dry fly at the crystal clear rivers and lakes, and Northern Pike from the float tube at the lakes, rivers or brackish waters of Baltic Sea. Lauri's mind is always open for adventures, and he's been travelling around the world with fly fishing rod after many different species. Even though fly fishing is passion and a way of life for Lauri, he is not taking it too seriously. For Lauri nothing can beat the wilderness, good friends and tasty whisky, Slainte! My history with Winston goes back to the s. As a teenager, I started importing Winston rods to Finland, encouraged by my father who was an entrepreneur.

My first ever business partner was the legendary Tom Morgan. Since that time, Winston has a special place in my heart. I still fish with my original Winston. My all time favorite Winston 9ft 10wt saltwater rod which has played an amazing number of permit, Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead and Pacific Salmon with relaxed ease of a true fishing tool. Why do I like Winston? It's the Winston action. It's getting the job done in the most enjoyable way. It's not about just casting. For me it's all about fishing. And that's the magic about Winston rods. I also teach customers fly-casting and fly-fishing techniques and lessons on my private fly-fishing place in Normandy, which includes 12 lakes, 1 river and a many trout, along with a full lodge, bar, restaurant, and fly shop.

I enjoy organizing Flyfishing seminars in my private area for instruction, fly tying, demo, conference, Art expo Le Moulin de Gemage works with both Dealers and Guides. We currently have 6 peoples on staff, all of whom are open for casting rods, reels, lines But then he put much effort in it, fly tying as well as fly fishing and fly casting, so that only a few years later he took his first fly casting instructor exam. He loves fishing for grayling and trout in his home waters as well as Bavaria and Austria.

Mostly he spends his time fishing, either with students or alone, smaller streams. But of course fishing bigger streams and stillwater is common to him. He is the co-founder of wurftreff. As he works for Flyfishing Europe in Germany, fly fishing is around him every day. Gregor Kriznik GREGOR KRIZNIK Country Germany Gregor was born in and since then lives in a house practically on a riverbank of the Savinja river in a small idyllic mountain valley in Slovenia, a hidden paradise in Europe, that offers him opportunity to fly fish for different species of trout, grayling and other fish species on some of the best rivers. Due to all potentials he practically had no other choice as to become a fly fisherman, a fly tyer and later also one of the managers of the local fly fishing club.

He has more than 25 years of experience in fly fishing and in the last 10 years he spends minimum trips fishing on the water each year, very often with his wife Sonja, also an avid fly fisher woman. Through the years he has combined his fly fishing and fly tying skills with his instinct and ability to observe and think like a fish to put his knowledge and approach on a totally different level. Guiding people with empathy that he learned as a firefighter and paramedic, and passing his knowledge on other fly fishermen to catch fish with a fly rod in practically any conditions on the water offers him challenge that he accepted as a way of life. He truly believes in the concept of border free Europe and fly fishing is actually one of his best examples for this idea: peace, freedom, open minded and friendly fishermen, common conservation objectives.

Peter started fishing 3 years old. Fly fishing basically didn't exist for him at that time because of geographical reasons but he still has the fly fishing book what he liked to read after school or some lake fishing. He tried to tie some kind of salmon fly from the book but never had the materials and the knowledge to actually tie it. He was already young adult when he traveled to Slovenia and caught his first rainbow trout. Since then fly fishing is a very important part of his family's life. Peter works in the digital world as a user experience specialist. For him fishing is the best chance to escape from being online and turn off. In fly fishing he can get close to nature and go back to the roots. By tying his own flies he can finally create something real besides the pixels and unreal cloud stuff.

As a proud owner of R. Winston bamboo rods he was amazed by the materials, tools and the production of bamboo rods when he had the chance to stay 10 days in the Winston Bamboo Shop, Twin Bridges. Nomen est omen, however his fishing carrier started slow. As a 10 year old "padavan" he learned the basics of fishing from books not having any "jedi" around. He started fishing the fantastic lake Balaton, the biggest lake in Central Europe. Chasing asp, zander and carp in the lake fast became his addiction. He met with fly fishing quite late, Peter the fellow Winston Pro Staff guy introduced him to this world. The first little grayling from Dreta river sealed his fate.

He learned fast and jumped into fly tying the same year, realizing that catching trouts with your own flies can make fly fishing even greater. Today no day can pass by without him tying at least one fly and there are some successful new patterns he came up with. Together with Peter he mostly fishes the amazing rivers of Slovenia and Croatia. Kristof and Peter visited Montana 2 years ago for the first time and thanks to the meeting with Bob McLean they met bamboo and this meeting changed their life.

Ever since they use bamboo fly rods most of the time and test these classic rods even in extreme situations. Their strong belief is that bamboo can do everything graphite can, but it is more fun with the cane rod. In the guys spent 10 days in the Winston Bamboo Shop with Bob and Annette to learn and understand every detail of Winston's bamboo production.

Kristof started a quite successful Instagram channel, BambooBroz, where together with Peter they share their stories and promote the amazing Winston rods and Bauer reels. For the first few years I used different techniques such as lure fishing or natural baits until I turned my entire focus on fly fishing. I started to fly fish in some small streams close to my home chasing brown trout and chub. Gradually my interest grew and, as a consequence, my local streams were not enough to satisfy my growing passion. I began to explore new, more exciting waters. There is more to it: a profound knowledge of the stream, the fly life, all fish and their behavior. One has to understand the whole ecosystem! Some years later, fly fishing became more to me than just a hobby.

As I gained more and more experience, I started to guide visiting anglers. After a while, I realized that fly fishing became the center of my life. In fact, after few years guiding I decided to travel to South Africa to further my career as a guide and to improve all necessary skills a professional guide needs to have. It was in in South Africa where I qualified as a professional certified guide.

At present, I am a professional certified angling guide working and living in Italy. I am fly fishing for 12 years and guiding for 7 years on some of Italy's finest fly fishing waters and most scenic tourist locations. There I am chasing browns, rainbows, char, grayling and the elusive marble trout. As days stretched into evenings i love spend hours exploring rivers,changing tecniques and approaches, using different Winston's rods, tying new flies or simply staying on the river bank looking the nature and the animals always in search of the next best locations where fishing for myself enjoyment and guiding clients as well.

I love tying all kind of flies, dries, nymphs or streamers looking forward to catch of my life or client life's! My guiding is focused on giving every client, both beginners and advanced fly anglers, the best possible Italian fishing experience in the most beautiful scenery in northern Italy. I am able to teach the full range of fly fishing techniques including dry fly, Czech nymphing, high sticking or streamer fishing.

Dry fly fishing on high altitude alpine rivers during our prolific evening hatches is just one of my specialties. All of this is best achieved with R. Winston rods which are exceptionally well designed and functional at the same time. Guiding the remote wilderness rivers and streams of the National and Forest Parks of the North Island, he offers bespoke New Zealand fly fishing experiences into the finest wilderness locations the North Island of New Zealand has to offer. Guiding world famous rivers such as The Rangatikei, Mohaka and Ripia his knowledge and experience of fishing the North Island Backcountry rivers is second to none.

Since he has excelled in offering to discerning anglers sight fishing to wild brown and rainbow trout in the clearest of running water amid ancient forest and towering mountains. Featured in the fly fishing films 'The Dead Drift" and 'Stealth with a Fly' his instruction and advice on fishing in NZ has been acclaimed by his peers and anglers worldwide. Since then he has spent thousands of hours practicing on lawns and in waters, in addition to practical fishing. Technical fishing for brown trout is what he enjoys most and finds most challenging. He will wait patiently by the river watching out for hatches and rising trout. He is also enthusiastic about salmon and seatrout fishing.

Solberg is an experienced flycasting instructor, and instructor in practical-technincal dryfishflying. He has also participated in fishing competitions in Norway in the past. Presently Solberg is engaged with Nordisk Fiskeutstyr, which is the distributor of Winston in Norway. He has been drawn to the beautiful Winston rods for many years. He finally sold his other rods last year, and is now exclusively enjoying Winston.

He says they give the best line control when presenting the fly and mending, which no other rods can match up to; the Winston feel. And last but not least: they are the most beautiful rods in the world. Solberg additionally works as a professional nature photographer, travelling worldwide to take pictures of animals in their natural habitat. He organizes and runs workshops, courses and safaries for adventurous fellow photographers. Furthermore he works as a freelancer for norwegian fishing and recreational magazines. Solberg has been passionate about Mother Nature ever since young age. Here he finds the inspiration which has been his driving force throughout the years. I had four World Fly Fishing championships in 4 years.

Most importantly of all, however, my goal in fly fishing is to teach others through casting clinics, fly tying, and practical fly fishing schools. Broken water and limestone rivers are my absolute favored fishing environment, and my favorite water to teach students. This is why I love my Winston rods, they are the very best during a day's hike up a river, and are extremely versatile for all my chosen applications. I'm a mountain boy and am always dreaming of campfires and pristine water at higher elevations. I reside in Bergen, the most beautiful place of Norway, and fish year around.

I never get tired of having the pleasure to fish everyday wherever I live, and the fly fishing experience gives me joy in a hectic daily life. While fishing for trout on the banks of Loch Awe in Argyll, Scotland, he observed two anglers in a boat waving their fishing rods about. Brian decided to investigate and eventually, the experience led him to the magical world of fly fishing. After fly fishing for over 20 years, Brian decided to become an instructor and took his first exam in The exams were simple and still evolving, but eventually, casting instruction would lead him on a journey that he still enjoys today.

Brian's love of casting has influenced him to pass some of the most comprehensive exams in the United Kingdom and United States. He helps organise events and assessments for these organisations and welcomes candidates from all over the world. Although Brian has fished from the United States to the Loughs and rivers of Ireland, he has done most of his fishing in Scotland, for trout, grayling, sea trout and salmon in some of the famous big rivers like the Tay, including many of the Lochs, like Loch Leven.

He is on the committee that manages over 16 miles of the River Leven, where in he caught a sea trout of over 10lbs on the fly. The river flows from the famous Loch and meanders through beautiful Fife countryside, where he developed his love for small streams. Whether nymphing in various forms, dry fly fishing for free rising wild trout, or back-end salmon fishing on single handed fly rod's, Brian's Journey continues and he invites you to join him by contacting him directly at www. Thanks to my best friend's dad I was introduced to Fly Fishing at the age of I got hooked instantly and soon enough I was scouting the local waters for countless hours, gaining valuable knowledge of our rivers and fish.

After my studies in tourism, I decided to turn my passion into a job, so I went to the US and passed a fly fishing guide course in Montana. Upon my return to Europe, I joined the guide team of a well known travel agency in France specialized in fishing and hunting. I have gained a lot of experience and was lucky to fish dream saltwater destinations like Belize, Cuba and Seychelles for permit, bonefish, tarpon or GT's. During many years I explored British Columbia, New Zealand and Tasmania in search of the ultimate sight fishing waters. Today I am the owner of the company Riviera Fly Travel offering guided fishing tours in Switzerland and hosted trips around the globe.

United States. Jeremy Gilmer grew up with a fishing rod in his hands. John has had a life long passion for adventure, Brown Trout and Drift boats. Jonathan Jon is an FFI certified casting instructor and licensed guide. I have chased everything from Mako to bluegill and never lost my passion for the sport of fly fishing and fly casting. I've tied flies and fly fished since I was 9 years old. I am a Master Casting Instructor that's been teaching for 15 years. Mike is a well-traveled angler who has fished the world's fly fishing dream destinations over the past 30 years. Bob has been fishing, guiding, assessing or teaching worldwide for too many years to mention now. Growing up on the beach in Santa Cruz California, Mac spent his youth fishing the shoreline for surfperch and stripers.

I have been with American Fly Fishing Co. A home grown fly rodder, Zack started fly-fishing and tying flies at an early age and entered the fly-fishing industry while in high school. John has been happily occupied with fly fishing and fly tying since and he has been teaching casting and fishing in earnest since For as long as he can remember, fishing has been a part of Jin's life. Orginally from Washington state, I moved to Colorado in the early 90's and knew this was my new home. Greg has been working in the Fly Fishing Industry since Keith moved to Steamboat Springs Co in with thoughts of only skiing, but soon found another hobby and lifelong career.

Blake is a Colorado native and lifelong fly angler. Lori first stumbled into the local fly shop at the age of 13, accompanied by her grandmother, on a birthday buying expedition. Reed was born in Salzburg, Austria while his parents were fishing the Lammer River. I have been in the Fly Fishing industry for some time now. Colorado native Jon Spiegel started fly fishing at the age of 12, and soon thereafter started his career in the fly fishing business. Jason picked up his first fly rod as a young kid. Tim Widmer is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and dedicated to his customers; three qualities that have helped him become one of the most highly requested guides at the Steamboat Flyfisher in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Robert Younghanz, a. Since Frank has been involved in various commercial and guide fisheries throughout the country. I was first introduced to fly fishing by my father when I was a young boy after watching a few fly fishing VHS tapes that we had laying around the house. Tom Stocks began fishing the waters of east central Florida and the keys as a young boy and today as a charter Captain he gets just as excited about each trip as he did as a kid. I am a Flyfishing guide based out of Miami. Coming from a family that has called the Appalachian Mountains home for over years, Daniel grew up running the mountain rivers and streams rod in hand.

Captain Chad Bryson has been a full time professional fishing guide for well over 20 years. David and Becky Hulsey grew up fishing the waters of the Southern Appalachians for bass, bluegill, trout, and other species. Mack Martin learned to fly cast with a custom bamboo fly rod given to him at the age of nine by his uncle, while working summers at his shoe store in Windsor, Vermont. If there is someone who truly has a passion for what they do and sharing it for others, it's Jason Tannehill. Michael has been a long-time friend of Winston for many years. John began working in the fly fishing industry at the early age of Peter DeBaun has been fly fishing for 27 years and has fished in 33 countries around the world.

I have been fly fishing since I was a little kid. Native to the Northwest, Bobby grew up in western Washington, went to school in Montana and has spent summers in Sun Valley, Idaho for as far back as he can remember. For four years Pat wore a suit and tie, shaved daily, and worked long hours in a tiny, windowless office as an associate attorney. Millie grew up mountain biking and rock climbing but did not discover fly fishing until her mid-twenties, "when she needed to slow things down.

Jen is a self-proclaimed fly fishing addict who claims to have water in her veins. Originally from Southeast Kansas, Kyle received his first fly rod at age 10 and immediately began harassing any available fish that would eat a fly. Some of my first great memories are of sitting on a dock here in Kentucky at the age of 4 with a cane pole catching Sunfish and Bass. Capt Dave's passion for fly-fishing began as a kid growing up in rural MS. Rich Dennison is a fly fishing guide and instructor based in central Maryland. Joe began fly fishing in Southeastern Pennsylvania at age Dirk began his guiding career at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana, and then moved back to his home waters of Southeastern Michigan to pursue smallmouth bass.

Jay has been fishing since he can remember and guiding since I have been involved in the fly fishing industry, as well as a commercial fly tier, for the past 14 years. I was in the premier issue of Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine, and my flies have been illustrated in three books, including John Shewey's. Bob Bickford has worked in the fly fishing industry and been casting Winston rods since An avid fly fisherman for over 50 years, Kent has fished the tail waters, lakes and trout streams of North America.

Matt is a lifelong passionate angler. My father enjoyed fishing and as a child I loved to go fishing with him. My education in fly fishing and fly tying began at the age of I caught my first fish on a fly in the bicentennial summer of while traveling around the west in the back of a pickup camper with my parents. I grew up fishing the streams around Vail, Colorado and after spending 10 years meticulously learning the local water around Bozeman, Montana I began guiding to share my local knowledge. Dave Blackburn started tying flies and fly fishing at the age of 10 when his sixth grade teacher introduced him to the sport.

Mike, a home grown Montanan, starting fly fishing as a child on the Judith River that winds through the family ranch just outside Utica. I caught my first fish on a dry fly in on the Blackfoot River in Western Montana. I have been in the guide business for 16 years on the North Fork and Middle Fork of the Flathead River as well as multi-day wilderness fishing trips in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. I started guiding in MT and tying flies commercially in the early 90's. The first trout I caught was on a bare hook. I was raised in Southwest Montana in a fishing family. Bill Kemph is a native Montanan who grew up fishing and hunting the rivers and forests of SW Montana.

I started working in Montana and now I spend summers in western Alaska. Graham grew up fishing large mouth bass and redfish in the waters of Georgia and Florida. Alice was born in Ohio and introduced to fly fishing at a young age on the spring creeks of Northeast Ohio. Travis Rydberg's passion for fly fishing began at a very early age, and soon after a never ending love affair with Winston was born. I have been fly fishing for 25 years. Greg spends over days on the water. One of the few guides and outfitters in Montana who actually grew up in Montana, I've seen fly fishing in Montana grow and change over the years. I have been a fishing guide and outfitter for the past 17 years. I have been involved in fly fishing since when I started tying flies professionally.

I started guiding in Joe began fly fishing at the age of 12 with a fly rod inherited from his grandfather and a lot of patience and instruction from his Dad. North Carolina. I've been into fly fishing for trout for over 40 years. Wilson has been fly fishing since he was 9 years old.

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