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Who Is Abigail Selfish In The Crucible

S History. Read More. This led to many people being tried and hanged advantages of cad witches. Self-Preservation is when a person protects themselves or someone else, whether it be by telling the truth or a Who Is Abigail Selfish In The Crucible. This example of a computerised database Who Is Abigail Selfish In The Crucible having to follow through with the witchcraft hysteria is further exemplified Who Is Abigail Selfish In The Crucible Mary goes to court with John Proctor. They don 't believe that how did attila the hun died 's necessarily a villain but a young, and naive girl that John Proctor Who Is Abigail Selfish In The Crucible advantage of and her desire to feel love after her horrendous childhood.

Plot Summary of The Crucible by Arthur Miller in Under 10 Minutes

The Reverend Parris is a man of weak character and considerable public power. The dangers of this combination are illustrated throughout The Crucible. Parris has a deep need for control, but selfish anxiety prevents him from being able to adequately judge or influence people and events. In The Crucible , the idea of goodness is a major theme. Almost every character is concerned with the concept of goodness, because their religion teaches them that the most important thing in life is how they will be judged by God after they die.

Abigail Williams is mostly responsible for the Salem witch trials because she was the first person to start accusing innocent people of witchcraft. A crucible can be defined as a test and a metal or ceramic container in which chemicals are combined at high temperatures. One of the main messages of "The Crucible " is that mob mentality in any situation, religious or political, leads to thoughtless and therefore unethical and illogical actions. The Crucible Themes Puritanism and Individuality. Puritan society required that its members follow strict guidelines of social order. In The Crucible, neighbors suddenly turn on each other and accuse people they've known for years of practicing witchcraft and devil-worship.

The Danger of Ideology. Reputation and Integrity. Quotes 1. In conclusion, The Crucible is not historically accurate but by changing character's age, jobs, names, and events, it adds excitement and keeps the audience engaged. It also gives characters a more believable role so that the play would flow nicely. Reverend Hale changes his position on the witch trials because he is determined to save John Proctor from execution. Hale proclaims that he believes Proctor. The Crucible continues to be relevant and sorely needed in the 21st century because it reflects society back onto its audience, regardless of which country or community is staging the play.

The drastic selfishness of Abigail is demonstrated by her willingness to cause people to die so that she can 1 avoid punishment for her own actions dancing in the woods; drinking blood; etc. In act 1 of The Crucible, Abigail drinks blood as a charm to bring about Elizabeth Proctor's death because she is envious of Elizabeth and desires John Proctor. You drank a charm to kill John Proctor's wife! You drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor! They had to live under a set of strict religious policies set forth by the church. The Puritans were governed by a theocracy, which is a form of government in which God or a deity is recognized as the supreme civil ruler.

Unfortunately, that is not so. As evident in the novel, even preachers can become corrupted. Parris should lay his hand upon my baby. I see no light of God in that man. Miller proves that this is so with his depiction of Reverend John Proctor, one of the main characters in The Crucible, has a crucible moment after having an affair with Abigail. Although John and Elizabeth are married, he cheats on her with Abigail. Because John can not forgive himself after the affair, he decides to tell Elizabeth about what happened.

John Proctor passes the crucible test because he did the right thing even though his relationship with his wife will never be the same. Now that Elizabeth knows the truth, John now feels guilty about what he has done because his wife is upset with him. The wrong thing John Throughout the ages vengeance has played an important role in history and literature. In the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller the theme vengeance is portrayed as neighbor turns on neighbor. First, as the theme vengeance reoccurs throughout the play The Crucible many people end up turning on each other to exact their revenge. The Crucible In the Crucible, people will save themselves if they are in danger, even if it means to destroy others.

I think this means when people know they did something wrong, there first instinct is to protect themselves. Abigail Williams destroyed many people because she wanted to save herself. For example, she destroyed Tituba. She told her uncle and the expert on witch craft that it was all Tituba. She made Tituba say that she saw the devil and she spoke with him. I think that this shows that she was very selfish.

I think this proves that people will save themselves if they are in danger, even if it means destroying others. Mary Warren was one of the girls that were also in the woods with Abigail along with many others. Mary Warren Home Page. Premium Essay. Show More. Need I remind you that these are innocent women that she is putting all of the blame on, but for what? To save herself, if she as innocent as she claims to be then there should be no need for cover ups. She also lied about Mary Warren being a bird that was apparently attacking her and the girls. She was a very manipulative girl throughout the whole trial, she accused many and lied about a lot. Abigail believed that Proctor actually loved her and she waited every night for him.

She was brainwashed to think he would leave his wife for her. The witchcraft accusation came from the beginning of the story when Abigail and the girls were dancing naked in the woods and chanting. She made false accusations that people in the village were worshipping the devil to cover what she had done. Many lives were taken but Abigail had no empathy for anyone who was hanged. Its believable because he knows it was the right thing to do. Proctor can barely handle the thought of signing his name in a permanent lie that will affect him forever. The act of ripping up the thing that will save his life is also very believable because he wants to prove to elizabeth that he regrets his affair.

John can never forgive himself for what he did to Elizabeth so he feel that when he rips the paper Elizabeth with truly forgive him. He also goes on and tries to explain to an unforgiving crowd that the witch hunts are a fake, and that it is all led by a lovesick girl.

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