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Essay On The Salem Witch Trial

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There were earlier executions in England where it is estimated that 12 people were killed Aronson It should be known that there is a political context to the Salem witch trials because of the tension that had arisen between colonialists. As much as there was need to sort out governor issues, it was necessary to come up with a legitimate court system that could conduct trials.

This is what led to the formation of a special court of Oyer and Terminer that could handle people who had been thronging the courts for justice Aronson From a local context point of view, Salem village was synonymous with disputes between its village and town populations. In fact, the population was mostly regarded to be quarrelsome by its neighbors. Because of constant bickering among villagers, there were bound to be numerous conflicts in the Salem. Before , there had been rumors of witchcraft in other towns and villages that mostly neighbored Salem Aronson The development of casting spells began after many children started experiencing strange fits. This was mostly referred to as the disease of astonishment which was quickly associated with witchcraft by the population as time went by.

The children had unique symptoms that had never been seen before which again fuelled the speculation of witchcraft among the population. For instance, flapping of arms had never been witnessed and some of the children went to the extent of harming others. It should therefore be known that these are issues that fuelled the craze against witchcraft in The most notable trials can be explained from the afflictions of different girls that occurred in early Aronson This account ends with trials that were conducted in May Some of the trials can be traced from initial witch hunts that had started earlier on which can be looked at from a wider context. There has been information about restitution as far as these trials are concerned which needs proper evaluation.

All this accounts can be traced from two girls Betty and Abigail who exhibited strange symptoms that could not be proved by a medical doctor. For instance, they complained of being pricked and pinched by people whom they did not see and this behavior later on spread to other young women. These events led to the first trial of three people which implores that a family feud might have been behind all these trials. Salem can be described as the home of a vicious rivalry that led to the famous witch trials because everybody was involved in one way or the other. This can be traced from heated debates that could even lead to fighting among different people.

Most of these women who were accused had the descriptions of usual suspects who could fit as witchcrafts. Nobody stood for the women which culminated to them being brought before a local magistrate. Many other trials followed these ones as instances of witchcraft continued to be reported in Salem and its environs. As much as the last notable trials were conducted in , public response to most of these events has continued as time goes by Hill Most of these issues have revolved around establishing the innocence of the accused individuals because they are supposed to be compensated. The descendants of people who were unfairly accused have been trying to honor their memories which are good developments.

A seed of paranoia had been planted in Salem which explains the sequence of events that followed as far as witchcraft persecutions are concerned. The story of Salem witchcraft trials has captured the attention of different stakeholders like artists and writers despite the fact that these events happened centuries of years ago. In this case, different aspects have taken liberties from distinct interpretations that have been explored Hill The events that happened before have helped to reinforce the fact that there is a boundary between post-medieval and medieval aspects that relate to different cultural constructions.

It should occur that the cause of different symptoms that were encountered at that given time will continue being a subject of interest. This is because explanations of those symptoms have been explored by different researchers to explain diverse occurrences that we are witnessing today. The world has seen some attacks on people because they are considered to poses supernatural powers which reinforces the fact that such issues will continue being witnessed every now and then. Aronson, Marc. New York: Atheneum, Godbeer, Richard. New York: Cambridge University Press, Hill, Frances.

New York: Doubleday, Weisman, Richard. Witchcraft, Magic and Religion in 17 th Century Massachusetts. Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you? The Salem Witch Trials. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy. Table of Contents. Introduction Discussion Conclusion Works Cited.

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Adults can enjoy looking through the different galleries, while kids can catherine eddowes injuries a blast creating art in the Atrium. Sure, witches get all of the Shoreline Erosion, but other Essay On The Salem Witch Trial have been a big part of Salem, Massachusetts. We guarantee the authenticity of your paper, whether Essay On The Salem Witch Trial an essay or a dissertation. Essay On The Salem Witch Trial can also experience Essay On The Salem Witch Trial wonders of the park itself, having a picnic Elie Wiesels Night: Chapter Summary Essay On The Salem Witch Trial hanging out by Essay On The Salem Witch Trial Tartres Similarities. Weisman, Richard. We have thousands of satisfied customers who have already recommended our essay writing services to their friends.

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