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Difference Between Career And Job

Non-monetary benefits may be higher. Let us see an example. Then, he gains experience and becomes Negligence: The Procedure Of Negligence surgeon. Did difference between career and job find this article helpful? The growing trend difference between career and job employment and work is that difference between career and job having multiple careers.

Difference between Job and Career

If you want to be a reporter for an online news magazine, for instance, reporter might be your job or career, but your occupation is broader -- you're a journalist. A job is generally a means to an end -- a temporary step you take to build a career. In a job, you acquire a paycheck and valuable experience that leads to your next job. The series of jobs becomes your career. If your ultimate goal is to become an attorney, you may benefit from working as a legal assistant to gain knowledge and experience to meet your career goals.

Careers are more than just paychecks at the end of a pay period. A career is a lifelong journey that builds on your specific skills, knowledge and experience. Careers generally bring you a sense of achievement or accomplishment. If you choose well, your career is something you genuinely love doing. Identifying and building your career is typically your goal as you start out in the working world. If you attended college or had a favorite major in high school, you may have already started the path to choosing your career, which often requires analyzing your specific skills and interests.

Sometimes finding a career means working several jobs just to try different things. Finding your career is a deeply personal search, but there are resources available. One may get daily wages or he may get a salary in a month, but this is just a difference in the mode of payment, while the nature of job remains the same. A job may involve physical work or it may involve the use of brain such as writing or working on hardware or software. In short, a job is what a person is doing today in his life to earn money. Career is a word that is much broader than job, and may encompass many jobs that a person may have done in his life. It is a long journey, where a person makes use of his education, skills, knowledge, and experiences.

Career of a person is a sum total of all the events, jobs, relationships, work, education, as well as leisure activities that may have been a part of the life of an individual. Career is what you have done in the past plus what you are planning to do in the rest of your life. So when one talks about his career, one does not always mean his job that he is doing at present but all that has happened so far and what lies ahead.

Whereas, a job is the activity that one is involved with at the present to earn money, career is a long journey that is a series of mostly interconnected jobs. At times these jobs can even not be interconnected at all. It is possible for a person to switch from a job to another but both are counted in his career. All careers have a different story to tell. A person may do a job teaching chemistry to students for many years before switching over as a lab technician in a hospital while someone else, who has worked as a salesman for years may get a settled job as an accountant. Someone might have sold used cars earlier in his career, but now may be a partner in a car showroom.

One has to endure bad jobs keeping an eye on future goals. Generally, these jobs have something in common. For example, an accounts teacher can be conducting tuition classes other than his teaching at school. He may even do some book keeping.

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