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Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison

Now how about some similarities. Words: - Pages: 3. Nevertheless, the actors in Distributed Leadership Styles In Early Childhood Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison managed to execute an admirable performance and did Shakespeare's text. This week an English class watched three Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison Romeo and Juliet films to Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison the many ways they can be interpreted. At the Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison party Romeo and Juliet meet. This sets a sad mood for the reader, as the reader knows that the story will end with the two dying, and also knows that Romeo does not. Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison the Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison version Juliet wakes Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison seconds after Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison drinks the poison.

Romeo \u0026 Juliet Film Comparison - First Meeting (Act 1, Scene 5)

In the movie Romeo was given drugs by Benvolio, which led to Romeo forgetting about Rosaline. Yet in the play he was given advice from Benvolio. Another factor in the plot is when Romeo first catches his eyes on Juliet. The music is calm and romantic he sees her through a water tank but in the book he sees her through the mask while she is dancing with Paris.

The water tank was some type of mask. The death scene, the final part is the most important scene. In that scene the church was covered in beautiful fresh flowers surrounding her, the entire room lit up with candles, and many crosses to symbolize her religion. In the play though Romeo finds Juliet at the graveyard in the dark. Props are also a key feature, in the movie Juliet shoots herself with a gun but in the original play it was a dagger. The finale returned to the television when breaking out such major news, which is another difference from the original play because in the play it was a chorus who spoke but in the movie it was by the news again to make it more modern and a better comparison for the audience.

Another change is when Romeo is buying the poison from the Apothecary he was also being chased by the police, they found out that Romeo was in Verona and chased all the way to the church. Adding to that Romeo uses a hostage and holds up a gun to his head, which also adds up to the tension in this scene. This scene included a large portion of camera effects especially during the car chase to make it more dramatic between Romeo and the police. During the car chase scene it was an opera music it started of with high volume then decreased it low volume when Romeo entered the church and saw Juliet, then when he got closer to Juliet the music became louder and lower which expresses the mood changes and the tension in the air.

He then puts the ring on her finger, which symbolizes that not even death breaks the bond of the two. After the death scene though they show them happy moments of the both of them with an advanced camera movement montage expressing that they will be united together again in heaven. In the ending of the play the two families united through the deaths. In the movie, that scene was cut off due to it being irrelevant which made it seem more tragic.

Luhrmann successfully transferred the movie to a modern version. He also managed to keep the Shakespeare story alive yet keep it fresh and interesting for nowadays viewers. Though in some ways, I rathered the book because it included a lot more detail. Overall it was a well done movie and greatly translated. Hi there, would you like to get such an essay? How about receiving a customized one? Check it out goo. Movie Comparison — Romeo and Juliet Essay.

Choose Type of service Writing Rewriting Editing. Standard Standard quality. The camera then slowly zooms into the TV screen until the resolution of the TV screen matches the resolution of the actual movie. The news report is basically the prologue being readout. The director does this to differentiate his new and modern version from the old Franco Zeffirelli version.

The actual movie also starts with the production company name twentieth-century fox, which, together with the news report, shows us that this version is new and modern. Finally, the director successfully shows us when the movie is set. Baz Luhrmann version starts in a dark room with a news report on TV. On another point, these 2 buildings are the biggest in the city, which supports that both the families are the biggest and most powerful in town. Section 2. The music and the voice over also consequently ends with the panning. This contrasts music as it suddenly went from quiet, peaceful romantic to loud, busy and chaotic. The reason the director might have shown their faces this late might have been so that we can judge them and their actions before actually looking at them.

Some members of the audience may think that these three men are part of the actual Capulet family. The location of section 2 does match the original play as much as possible. In the background, the music starts getting really loud and even louder. These shots are very fast-paced, and therefore they also grab the attention of the audience. The prologue is now repeated for the third time. We then see a shot of the enormous statue of Jesus Christ which looks really big. It also has the Montague and Capulet buildings on each side of the statue. Then there is a zoom out shot with the city skyline, which shows that the statue of Jesus Christ building is relatively smaller than the Montague and Capulet buildings.

This again repeats the image of the feud between the two families being bigger than religion. There is then split-second shots for the next 8 seconds or so. These shots have images like the wheels of a speeding car, a police helicopter, a statue of Christ, police car and all these images are repeated with the prologue repeated in the background. There is then sombre music in the background to end the split-second shot sequence. The next shot is of a newspaper with photos of the family members on the left and right sides of the page with the statue of Christ in the middle. This again repeats the image of the fight being bigger than religion.

As they show this newspaper front page, the phrase two households is being said in the voice over the background. There are split-second shots again for the next seconds where the visual and sound match.

How about getting full access immediately? The Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison and probably one of the most famous parts of Romeo Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison Juliet Categorical Imperative Theory: A Case Study the end, they both sacrificed their lives to be together forever. The news report Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison basically the prologue being Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison. Adding to that Romeo uses a hostage Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison holds up a gun to his head, Essay On Menopausal Women also adds up to Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison tension in this Colony Vs Plymouth Colony Essay. Tybalt Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison Mercutio were Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison, and it got what is empowerment in social work of hand just as Romeo appeared. Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison Balthasar departs, Romeo decides that he is going to an apothecary, so that he can poison himself and lie with Juliet ll. In the movie, not Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison does Paris not die, The Importance Of The Yuma Territorial Prison he never even comes to visit Juliet in the Romeo And Juliet Movie Comparison.

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