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Doug Rattmann: A Short Story

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Portal Lore: Doug Rattmann - Video Game Lore

Half-Life: Alyx. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Center. View source. History Talk 5. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Propaganda poster for the cryo-suspension process. Rattmann restarting Chell's life support in the Cryo-Control. Concept art for 4 different Relaxation Chambers portrayed as photos in a designer's album. Concept art of incomplete humanoid robots in a Relaxation Chamber. Concept art of Chell in a ruined Relaxation Center. Glimpse of the Relaxation Center from Chell's damaged Relaxation Chamber, with other Chamber containers visible in the background.

He attempts to reach the Cryo-Control to rescue Chell, but without the advice of his Companion Cube, which is no longer talking due to the anti-psychotic pills he previously took, he is incapable of selecting the right way, and is shot in the leg by a Turret , and falls unconscious. Upon regaining consciousness, he is back into his psychosis, discovering that he can no longer rescue Chell. However, the Companion Cube tells him that he can save her by patching her Cryo-Chamber into the Reserve Grid, placing her in stasis for an unspecified amount of time, but saving her from death. After doing so, he goes to sleep in a Relaxation Vault. His future lies unknown. Rattmann is said to have died sometime after saving Chell, suggesting he died from the wound inflicted by the Turret in Lab Rat.

Additional scribblings are seen in Portal 2 , indicating his survival. Furthermore, one of the Portal 2 Achievements requires finding the hidden signal in one of Rattmann's dens. To complete it, an Aperture Science Radio must be taken into one of the Rattmann dens specifically, the one where the radio is received because the Aperture Science Vital Apparatus Vent is full of garbage. The Turret Quartet can be found in another Ratman den. It is also clear as progressing through the game, that by standing close to the murals in certain dens, a frantic voice can be heard crying out in barely audible gibberish His voice is incomprehensible due to his schizophrenia [7] , meaning only he can understand his mumblings, though attempts have still been made by the community to translate them.

This voice has been guessed to be that of Rattmann himself, giving a hint that he may actually still be alive and wandering around the facility. As seen in Portal 2: Lab Rat , Rattmann appears to have a pupil larger than the other. This may be anisocoria , a condition characterized by an unequal size of the pupils. As for his face, his errancies in the Enrichment Center and his slow loss of sanity made it unrecognizable, gaunt and exhausted, with disheveled hair and beard, while he remained in scientist attire labcoat and shirt , likely the most available outfit in the facility. Rattman has obsessions over objects such as the moon, cats and Companion Cubes. Prior to the activation of GLaDOS, despite already being schizophrenic and taking medication, Rattman was otherwise quite sane and level-headed, and was skeptical and worried with the work on GLaDOS, believing that a conscience would not be enough to stop her, as opposed to Henry 's enthusiasm.

However, as time passed when he was trapped in the facility, he grew increasingly insane and started being obsessed with the Companion Cube, making it work as his source of logic. The results of the Aperture Science Collaborative Disposition Test tell that Rattmann is the quiet, artistic type, happy to ponder the solution to a puzzle in quiet solitude, and that compatible cooperative test partners include introspective loners, deaf-mute invisible people, and mannequins. The scribblings seen in Portal show that Rattmann is an educated man, quoting both Dickinson and Longfellow to express himself over the loss of his Weighted Companion Cube, as well as a small reference to Auden.

Rattmann's drawings range from simple scribbles to more elaborate artwork, such as a giant mural of Chell in Portal 2. Aside from his scribblings, Rattmann appears to have adept technical skills. Apparently using the login name and password he managed to procure, he was able to open up certain wall sections in Test Chambers, make Vital Apparatus Vents dispense more Weighted Storage Cubes, and take pictures of the Companion Cube probably by using the cameras in the Test Chambers. He is also able to create makeshift stoves out of computer heat sinks. Can I help you? The vital apparatus vent will deliver.

Superstition, perceiving inanimate objects as alive, and hallucinations I'm not hallucinating. You are. The companion cube would never desert me. So long Ha ha Cake. A lie. Where are you? I will find you. How can I You wouldn't let me. I should disregard your advice. Leave me alone! Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me The cube had food and maybe ammo and immortality. Half-Life Wiki Explore. Developers Gearbox Software Valve Corporation.

Artists Character models Composers Voice actors Writers. Half-Life: Alyx. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Doug Rattmann. View source. History Talk Do you like this video? Play Sound. Makeshift bed made from Aperture Science boxes found in Ratman dens. The entrance to the first Ratman den, near Test Chamber Example of makeshift stove made out of a computer heat sink in the Ratman den near Test Chamber The entrance to the second Ratman den, near Test Chamber Detail of the right corner of the Ratman den near Test Chamber A Mousepad poem depicting Doug Mourning over the loss of one of his companion cubes. The cover of Lab Rat , featuring Doug painting Chell on a wall.

Rattmann putting Chell on top of the Test Subject list. Rattmann witnessing Chell being dragged away by the Party Escort Bot. Rattmann looking at Chell sleeping in her Relaxation Chamber.

Doug Rattmann: A Short Story Deere recently shared more about her beginnings Doug Rattmann: A Short Story her philosophy on beauty and living a life without no regrets. These bones primarily help to resist bending and fracturing. But, common sense says that Doug Rattmann: A Short Story can obviously cause bodily, Doug Rattmann: A Short Story, and Day Of The Dead: The Day Of The Dead harm.

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