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Determinants Of Health Essay

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Determinants of Health – A practical approach!

Illness can be caused by several different factors. An illness can arise from the environment we live. In the last few years, nurses and other healthcare professionals HCPs are under the spotlight of the media and the public due to issues addressed in documents such as The Francis Report This is good in a sense though as it gives us the opportunity to better ourselves as HCPs and improve the standard of care for everyone. It is now a widely known idea that there are many different factors that affect our health and wellbeing not just biological. In this assignment I will attempt to explain how a persons health and wellbeing can be both negatively and positively impacted on depending on where they live. UK society is distinguished by health inequalities, they are the unfair and avoidable differences in peoples health across social groups and different population groups due to social, biological and geographical factors which usually result in people who are worse of financially encountering poor health and shorter.

This paper will discuss exactly how both communication and teamwork in healthcare between healthcare professionals and patients can improve the health and wellbeing of an individual, physically. There has been some major improvement in the health and wellbeing of Indigenous people in the past years, there is still some health issues that remain a problem in the indigenous community which still increase the percentage of mortality and morbidity among the group. Essay about Health and Wellbeing Words 9 Pages. In society today, there is an extensive range of definitions of health and wellbeing which can be seen as both positive and negative. A Holistic view can also be identified and defined.

These definitions of health have changed over time and will carry on changing within the future. How a person understands this point and is able to act upon it is determined by more than her or his cognitive ability to engage the idea. It is influenced as well by a range of dynamic and situational identities and social positions that are biologic, cultural, and epigenetic, by social determinants i. Even individuals with the strongest work ethic and sense of agency, when faced with daily problems associated with intersectionality across any combination of racial, class, gender, sexual orientation, language, or disability systemic oppressions and discrimination, may find fighting against these inequalities daunting.

In addition to the obvious benefit of deepening our insights into social inequalities and how they interact, the study of intersectionality. By giving precise insights into who is affected and how in different settings, it provides a scalpel for policies rather than the current hatchet. It enables policies and programmes to identify whom to focus on, whom to protect, what exactly to promote and why. It also provides a simple way to monitor and evaluate the impact of policies and programmes on different sub-groups from the most disadvantaged through the middle layers to those with particular advantages. We also embrace Collins and Bilge core ideas of intersectionality, namely a focus on inequality, relationality and connectedness, power, social context, complexity and social justice.

For example, individuals may experience privilege and or disadvantages when searching for a job, housing, interacting with law enforcement or even when accessing a voting booth. Collins and Bilge assert:. For example, rules about who will or will not be seen at a medical office because of the ability to pay a co-pay, who will or will not be admitted to a domestic violence shelter based on their English Proficiency and who has access to gifted classroom, based on IQ test scores that are rooted in eugenicist origins, will inevitably impact the conditions for the advancement of health equity see also Crenshaw, ; Zuberi, For example the struggle for sovereignty of indigenous people as evidenced in the Standing Rock movement to protect indigenous land and water for generations in South Dakota, provides a snapshot of the structural location of indigenous nations and capitalist neoliberal actors that are in a struggle to define the environmental context for current and future generations, which will have grave consequences for health justice for marginalized indigenous communities.

While an intersectionality health equity lens may inform or drive interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary research, it must also be considered as part of both the process of conceptualizing the problem and the product of research on the problem. Throughout this essay, readers should consider the potential applications of an intersectionality health equity lens, how its use enhances or disrupts our understanding of salient and longstanding issues, what might be learned from its use that will inform and deepen research and practice with children and families who are among the marginalized in society, and what types of intersectionality-focused approaches might lead to health access and equity.

In the next section, we focus on the contributions of an intersectionality health equity lens for research and for promoting health equity. When developing or applying an intersectionality health equity lens, the researcher engages in deep self-reflection that contextualizes and recognizes the ways in which race, gender, class, sexual orientation, disability, and other axes of inequality constitute intersecting systems of oppression. Such systems produce very different lived experiences for entire categories of people who are embedded within complex webs and social networks at different levels, for example family, neighborhood, and community as well as institutional and structural.

These lived experiences can either enhance or challenge the developmental pathways of children through adulthood and the ability of parents and families to ensure a positive trajectory for their children. They affect both the individual child and the networks and communities in which children live and grow and that define their access to resources. An intersectionality health equity lens for the purposes of our discussion takes on the broader, philosophical meaning attached to praxis as process involving health, educational, and social service researchers and practitioners in not only self-reflection but also action. It argues for researchers and practitioners to draw upon their own experiences with health inequities and discrimination and to understand and respond to new or subtle forms of inequities and discrimination.

These subtle forms of inequity and discrimination are sometimes so deeply embedded in and accepted as societal practices that they may be difficult to uncover, yet render many children and families hopeless. The interplay between and among relevant systems and the statuses accompanying power attributed to different ethnic, racial, cultural, and socioeconomic groups affect both individuals and their social networks e. They are tied directly to and within institutional and structural hierarchies. Crenshaw points to the entrenched nature of inequity, underscoring the need for a useful paradigm in which to locate the issues faced by African American women and other racially stigmatized, visible minority women of color.

Crenshaw also illustrates how language, and potentially nativity and citizenship status, can serve as other axes of stratification that have received less attention than race and class. She demonstrates that despite their good intentions, some domestic violence shelters may operate in ways that ignore the plight of immigrant women with children who may not speak English and are unable to access domestic violence shelters. It goes without saying that this would structurally exclude immigrant both documented and undocumented women and their children who do not speak English.

By the same token, members of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and in-transition LGBTQI communities may not face explicit rules about being barred from these services because of their gender identity, but if counselors and other providers assume that their clients are in heterosexual, gender-conforming relationships, heteronormativity can operate as another type of an informal barrier. One might well ask, given the complex relationships in addressing identity, whether it is possible to create intersectionality-grounded projects that integrate the issues of race, class, gender, disability, and other identities, statuses, and social locations in research on health and well-being for the range of issues facing marginalized children, youth, and families.

Although we do not have a simple response, we highlight the need to address the real or perceived complexity of creating such projects and allowing time and resources for them to be developed well and to be refined. We similarly understand the limitations of relying on one-dimensional categories that are, at best, additive, for example, first race, then maybe class, then maybe gender, depending on the focus of the research.

More than just a theory or framework to be used selectively, it is a commitment to developing a relentlessly critical and self-reflective lens that begins with the premise that race, class, gender and other axes of social identities are intertwined and mutually constitutive, and that such a lens can help advance health disparities research, practice, and leadership by making the invisible visible. In considering intersectionality projects, we must be aware of the overwhelming inequities associated with longstanding problems of race and gender and the added problems of poverty and class, problems that have narrowed in some cases over time but where inequality persists.

It should come as no surprise that an intersectionality-focused project might appear opaque or obscure initially, despite its potential to uncover the breadth of issues faced in ensuring health and well being. Imagine the year , and all institutional data on departed from the critical insight offered by Bowleg :. Orfelia points to the ways in which she has internalized race and gender stigma as dominant identity markers and their intersections with place Queens in New York and other intersectional identities such as immigrant and Spanish speaker. The mental health costs of feeling racially stigmatized may become embodied by many youth who also feel what sociologist W.

She draws upon a personal example to demonstrate connections among race, gender, sexuality, and social class and the significance attached to heteronormativity see Box 1. As she suggests through this anecdote, sexuality played only a small though apparently significant part in the everyday encounters that her cousin faced. Do we ignore the temporal element of identities across the life course? A essay on american history, case study about bipolar disorder. Lsu essay prompt sample case study of organizational development , my best friend funny essay, best way to prepare for essay writing.

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Annals of Epidemiology — Seeman T. Determinants Of Health Essay role of the governmental public Determinants Of Health Essay infrastructure in responding to the obesity epidemic is Determinants Of Health Essay.

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