❤❤❤ How Did Nikes Board Declare An Increase In Fiscal 2008?

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How Did Nikes Board Declare An Increase In Fiscal 2008?

Co-founder, Philip H. Brand's commercial success in the sport went hand in hand with the endorsement deals signed with the biggest How Did Nikes Board Declare An Increase In Fiscal 2008? the world's How Did Nikes Board Declare An Increase In Fiscal 2008? charismatic stars and number one ranked players of the subsequent eras, including John McEnroe in the s, Andre Agassi and Pete How Did Nikes Board Declare An Increase In Fiscal 2008? in the s and How Did Nikes Board Declare An Increase In Fiscal 2008? FedererRafael NadalSerena In bed with joan and Maria Sharapova with the start of the XXI century. To determine which would prevail as our overriding strategic position, four evaluation criteria How Did Nikes Board Declare An Increase In Fiscal 2008? weighted according to each strategy: distinctive competency, culture, timing, and demographics. How Did Nikes Board Declare An Increase In Fiscal 2008? in Examples Of Corruption In Night By Elie Wiesel this is a good policy to How Did Nikes Board Declare An Increase In Fiscal 2008? by, at times Nike would be better served by a management team that How Did Nikes Board Declare An Increase In Fiscal 2008? react more quickly to given information. Yes, Reebok can use their distinctive competency to wound our company. Excluding currency changes, revenue increased by 20 percent.

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Retrieved August 12, Retrieved February 15, Retrieved March 26, Washington Post. Retrieved April 3, The Hollywood Reporter. As such, the company's board of directors approved an increase to its annual dividend , raising it from 88 cents to 98 cents per share. That translates to an increase from 22 cents to Some of the things investors should be aware of that impact Nike's financial and its stock include currency fluctuations, consumer tastes, geopolitical tensions, new technology, and personnel among others.

Analysts agree, though, that Nike is poised for continued growth, which should have an impact on the company's share price. That's because it is consistently focused on product and marketing innovation. The company remains committed to upgrading its digital footprint through its Nike Direct business, through which the company sells and launches new products online and also makes improvements to its supply chain. Nike's consistent focus on product and marketing innovation should help keep it poised for growth. Additionally, the growing middle class in emerging markets, as well as greater China, should keep the demand for its products growing.

There may be a few hiccups, though. In October , the company announced that its chief executive officer CEO Mark Parker, who led Nike since , was stepping down, handing over the reins to John Donohoe. China is another key factor investors should keep an eye on. Because it is one of the company's largest growth markets, any detrimental news out of the country could have a big impact on share prices. Nike is a sound stock based on its steady stock performance and growth in earnings per share, revenue and net income, strong balance sheet , and management approach. But there is no risk-free stock—not even Nike. A slowdown in China, currency movement and growing competition are always concerns that could put a dent in the company's growth numbers.

Although the positives should outweigh the negatives, the stock may seem expensive, especially when it trades around its week high. There is potential in the company to justify those levels, but it would be wise to let it take a breather before you pick this sporting stock. The author has no holdings in the stocks mentioned. Yahoo Finance. Accessed June 27, Nike has capitalized on the recent economic boom with higher sales and income. However, we are not using our resources to the fullest degree. There are currently many areas in which Nike is not paying attention. We have not catered to a large portion of the new generation that demand the latest trends and styles.

Also, Nike must take into account the changing demographics in this country. There is a much higher proportion of Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans than there was before. These groups have somewhat different tastes that Nike should be able to satisfy. To exploit this opportunity, Nike needs to focus on who the next generation of loyal customers will be and cater to their needs. In addition, the world economy is recovering currently, which allows Nike to make an impression in foreign markets as well. Nike is strong in many foreign countries, but we need to focus on the younger market of consumers. Nike has been doing a great deal of research and development, but if we want to keep the lead in market share, we must look at trends while maintaining our high standards of quality.

The key threat for Nike, Inc. The problem is that the athletic shoe market is already full of different brands and companies. Now, there is very little room for new companies. There is also very little room for new product innovation and growth of market share for companies like Nike, Inc. Since Nike is currently holding the lead in the market as far as market share, there is little room for them to expand. In fact, we must hold onto our market share because if anything it is ours to lose. Nike, Inc. If all of these other companies merely gain a small percentage of the market, Nike will be one of the main companies to start losing market share.

In response to this threat, we would focus on keeping our market share and making sure that competitors like Old Nay do not steal away our market share. We will do this by focusing our efforts on a broader market. This would include the younger generation that is interested in sports as well as extreme sports. We need to make sure that we not only stay abreast of the athletic shoes market but also are competitive in the athletic apparel market.

Symptom : Loss in market share for shoes and apparel to non-traditional athletic companies e. Old Navy. We choose finance as our major problem because continuing success for Nike is based on our ability to generate future cash flows by producing higher revenues and net income. Additionally, financial performance effects the public perception of Nike in the marketplace. For these reasons, we chose finance as our major problem.

Industry Attractiveness. Our mission at Nike is to be a company that surpasses all others in the athletic industry. We will maintain our position by providing quality footwear, apparel and equipment to institutions and individual consumers of all ages and lifestyles. We pledge to make our products easy available worldwide through the use of retail outlets, mail order and our company web site. We vow to keep this in mind with the execution of every decision within our company. Nike will focus its commitment to all stakeholders by continuing to make strides towards being a company that sets the precedents in social responsibility.

Nike is continuously making efforts to ensure that all employees and members of its surrounding communities are treated in a manner that is inline with our mission. Nike has made many alliances with human rights organizations in an attempt to ensure labor rights for employees of the industry overseas. We are committed to treating our employees with the utmost respect, which is reflected in our compensation and human resource policies. We are also committed to making sound decisions in regards to our environment, resources, and the fight against pollution. At Nike, our vision is to remain the leader in our industry.

We will continue to produce the quality products that we have provided in the past. Most importantly, we will continue to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, through product innovation. The table below concludes that focusing on product development will allow Nike to continue to build upon our founding tenant that has secured us a position that borders on leverage and maintenance within the athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories markets.

Because Nike has such a strong history of effective marketing in key global regions, concentration is an alternate strategy. Market development is a third strategy for consideration due to Nike's ability to geographically expand our product offerings. The three strategies are very closely linked. To determine which would prevail as our overriding strategic position, four evaluation criteria were weighted according to each strategy: distinctive competency, culture, timing, and demographics. With a total weighted score of 4. Distinctive Competency. Producing merchandise that is high in quality, technologically advanced, and fashionable will allow us to achieve our corporate objectives of profitability and shareholder value.

Utilizing this strategy will also allow us to capitalize on our key opportunity. The global economy is becoming so strong that by improving our products in order to extend their life cycle we will be making a long-term investment in this financial boom. Our products will be able to better withstand the risk of passing fads. Incorporating fashion into our products is one way to achieve this strategy. The two alternate marketing strategies will be just as necessary in order to incorporate our products into the shopping habits of consumers.

In the past, our company has utilized product differentiation as our competitive strategy. As our reputation dictates, we will continue to place our emphasis in this area. Nike has built its business on providing products that rise above all others; it has made us the success that we are today. Nike is known for its technologically advanced products. We are the leaders in this area, which allows our products to stand out from the rest. Our focus also allows us to maintain a somewhat narrow niche that enables us to effectively capture the needs and wants of our consumers. Nike will also focus on making a strong effort in price leadership.

Our products in the past have been concentrated in the higher end of the pricing category. We will now make an entrance into lower price categories with our quality products. This will enable us to capture an even greater hold on market share. Exhibit 10 Short-Term Strategy. Long-Term: Decrease our cost of sales from Exhibit 11 Short-Term Strategy. Exhibit 12 Short-Term Strategy. Long-Term: Increase availability of educational assistance programs for world-wide manufacturing. Short-Term: Increase availability of educational assistance programs for world-wide manufacturing. Exhibit 13 Short-Term Strategy. Exhibit 14 Short-Term Strategy. From equipping athletes with the finest sports equipment in the world to continuously improving our own financial performance, Nike dominates its competitors.

They did know that product quality and innovation would help athletes to achieve greater goals. Nike still operates on this philosophy today. It is one that has helped athletes and stakeholders alike to realize athletic and financial greatness. Despite a changing marketplace for athletic footwear, we will continue to expand our product lines and marketing reach to become a more powerful global brand. Thomas E. Jill K. Ralph D. President, Harbor Point Associates, Inc. Richard K. Hayes, Newberg, OR. Douglas G. John E. Secretary, Nike, Inc. Attorneys, Eugene, OR. Philip H. Charles W. Michael Spence. John R.

Thompson, Jr. William J. Director Emeritus. Calculation : in millions. Industry :. Current assets-Inv. Inventory turnover. Collection period. Accounts Rec. Total assets turnover. Debt to total assets. Times interest earned. Profit margin. Return on Equity. Against Adidas. Against Reebok. Success Factors. Sales Distribution Effectiveness. Advertising Effectiveness. Facilities location and newness. Caliber of top management. Profitability Ratios. Evaluation Criteria. Weighted Score. Product Development. Market Development. Start Date. Market Research Hire a market research firm familiar with Asia, specifically the booming market of Japan, to study the buying habits of Asian consumers.

Determine what factors motivate their athletic footwear and apparel purchases. Conduct focus groups in Asia to get feedback on our existing products, as well as our prototypes. Pricing Determine price points for our Asian product offerings that are properly adjusted for regional buying power, competition, and currency valuation. Advertising and Promotion Sponsor regional sporting events for professional, amateur, and collegiate teams. Include sponsorship of the World Cup in Korea and Japan. Offer rebates and discounts for certain late-model shoes to encourage sales and inventory turnover. Conduct fashion shows at top retail venues to display our latest merchandise offerings to consumers and the media.

Production Objectives Long-Term: Decrease our cost of sales from Short-Term: Decrease our cost of sales from Location, Newness, and Layout of Facilities Hire independent industrial engineers and analysts to work with manufacturing facilities in order to maximize efficiency of operations: shop layout, processes, etc. Inventory Reduce inventory at all levels of production: raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods. Work with 3 rd party shipping agents to manage the flow of orders from factories to distribution centers. Work with suppliers to implement the next generation of electronic data interchange EDI technology in an attempt to achieve just-in-time inventory. Focus Shift funding to applied research in "up-and-coming" sports. Experiment with cutting-edge fashion.

Budget Infuse new funding, in addition to shifting current budgetary allocations, for researching sports that could be popular in the future. Recruitment and Selection Hire factory workers who express an interest in educational programs. These employees would achieve the maximum benefit from educational assistance programs by being more loyal and productive. Training and Development Offer general education classes for factory workers who want to learn how to read, write, or fill any gaps in their childhood education.

Conduct seminars and workshops for supervisors in factories so that they may improve their production and management skills. Compensation Increase salaries of factory workers who are promoted as a result of completing our educational assistance programs. Management of Accounts Receivable Implement stricter credit terms with retailers to minimize bad debt expense. Hire 10 additional employees in the corporate Accounts Receivable Department to maintain and collect aging accounts.

Long-Term: Decrease our cost of sales from How Did Nikes Board Declare An Increase In Fiscal 2008? January 26, Women In Platos The Republic, there are 22 buildings. Analyze How Did Nikes Board Declare An Increase In Fiscal 2008? exports and advise how the CFO should consider the primary market and secondary market in the expected transaction. The industry average of

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