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The White Heron Literary Analysis

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A White Heron by Sarah Orne Jewett Summary and Analysis

He often read the proofs of her historical romances to catch any errors that she might have missed, and served as a collaborator for her thrillers. He provided the plots of the detective stories, describing the actions of characters "A" and "B". She found it difficult at times to rely on someone else's plots; on at least one occasion, before writing the last chapter of a book, she asked Rougier to explain once again how the murder was really committed. Her detective stories, which, according to critic Earl F. Bargainnier, "specialize[d] in upper-class family murders", were known primarily for their comedy, melodrama, and romance.

In , Heyer's thrillers began following a pair of detectives named Superintendent Hannasyde and Sergeant later Inspector Hemingway. The two were never as popular as other contemporary fictional detectives such as Agatha Christie 's Hercule Poirot and Dorothy L. Sayers 's Lord Peter Wimsey. The play focused on the comedy rather than the mystery, [62] and although it had a good cast, including Edward Fielding as Hannasyde, it closed after three nights. According to critic Nancy Wingate, Heyer's detective novels, the last written in , [64] often featured unoriginal methods, motives, and characters, with seven of them using inheritance as the motive. In one of her novels, the characters' surnames were even in alphabetical order according to the order they were introduced.

In , Rougier was called to the Bar , and the family moved first to Brighton , then to Hove , so that Rougier could easily commute to London. The following year, they sent their son to a preparatory school, creating an additional expense for Heyer. The Blitz bombing of —41 disrupted train travel in Britain, prompting Heyer and her family to move to London in so that Rougier would be closer to his work. The company had an option on her next book; to make them break her contract, [70] she wrote Penhallow , which the Book Review Digest described as "a murder story but not a mystery story". Her publisher in the United States, Doubleday , also disliked the book and ended their relationship with Heyer after its publication.

During World War II, her brothers served in the armed forces, alleviating one of her monetary worries. Her husband, meanwhile, served in the Home Guard , besides continuing as a barrister. A contact at the publishing house, her close friend A. Frere, later offered to return the rights to her for the same amount of money she was paid. Heyer refused to accept the deal, explaining that she had given her word to transfer the rights.

The appearance of a Heyer novel usually caused the magazine to sell out completely, but she complained that they "always like[d] my worst work". To minimize her tax liability, Heyer formed a limited liability company called Heron Enterprises around Royalties from new titles would be paid to the company, which would then furnish Heyer's salary and pay directors' fees to her family. She would continue to receive royalties from her previous titles, and foreign royalties — except for those from the United States — would go to her mother.

In , Heyer began working on what she called "the magnum opus of my latter years", a medieval trilogy intended to cover the House of Lancaster between and Her impatient readers continually clamored for new books; to satisfy them and her tax liabilities, Heyer interrupted herself to write Regency romances. The manuscript of volume one of the series, My Lord John , was published posthumously. She then asked that the rights to her newest book, Black Sheep , be issued to her personally. Instead, it followed "the moneyed middle class", with finance a dominant theme in the novel.

Heyer's new accountants urged her to abandon Heron Enterprises; after two years, she finally agreed to sell the company to Booker-McConnell , which already owned the rights to the estates of novelists Ian Fleming and Agatha Christie. This amount was taxed at the lower capital transfer rate, rather than the higher income tax rate. As Heyer's popularity increased, other authors began to imitate her style. In May , one of her readers notified her that Barbara Cartland had written several novels in a style similar to Heyer's, reusing names, character traits and plot points and paraphrased descriptions from her books, particularly A Hazard of Hearts , which borrowed characters from Friday's Child , and The Knave of Hearts which took off These Old Shades.

Heyer completed a detailed analysis of the alleged plagiarisms for her solicitors, and while the case never came to court and no apology was received, the copying ceased. Heyer refused. In , another reader wrote of similarities found in the works of Kathleen Lindsay , particularly the novel Winsome Lass. After fans accused Heyer of "publishing shoddy stuff under a pseudonym", Heyer wrote to the other publisher to complain. Among these were repeated use of the phrase "to make a cake of oneself", which Heyer had discovered in a privately printed memoir unavailable to the public. In another case, the author referenced a historical incident that Heyer had invented in an earlier novel.

In , Rougier became a Queen's Counsel. Richard assisted the woman, Susanna Flint, in leaving her husband, and the couple married after her divorce was finalized. Heyer was shocked at the impropriety but soon came to love her daughter-in-law, later describing her as "the daughter we never had and thought we didn't want". As Heyer aged she began to suffer more frequent health problems. In June , she underwent surgery to remove a kidney stone. Although the doctors initially predicted a six-week recovery, after two months they predicted that it might be a year or longer before she felt completely well. The following year, she suffered a mosquito bite that turned septic, prompting the doctors to offer skin grafts. When her brother Boris died later that year, Heyer was too ill to travel to his funeral.

She suffered another stroke in February Three months later, she was diagnosed with lung cancer, which her biographer attributed to the 60—80 cork-tipped cigarettes that Heyer smoked each day although she said she did not inhale. On 4 July , Heyer died. Her fans learned her married name for the first time from her obituaries. Besides her success in the United Kingdom, Heyer's novels were very popular in the United States and Germany and achieved respectable sales in Czechoslovakia. Her novels, which journalist Lesley McDowell described as containing "derring-do, dashing blades, and maids in peril", allowed readers to escape from the mundane and difficult elements of their lives.

But it's unquestionably good escapist literature and I think I should rather like it if I were sitting in an air-raid shelter or recovering from flu. Heyer essentially invented the historical romance [94] and created the subgenre of the Regency romance. Heyer has been criticised for anti-semitism, in particular a scene in The Grand Sophy published in Despite her popularity and success, Heyer was largely ignored by critics other than Dorothy L. Although none of her novels was ever reviewed in a serious newspaper, [92] according to Duff Hart-Davis , "the absence of long or serious reviews never worried her. What mattered was the fact that her stories sold in ever-increasing numbers".

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