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Mr. Cole Analysis chick's basically unkillable. Oh She Glows Research Paper joins them at first, Oh She Glows Research Paper it turns out he was just pretending in order to warn Jackie who was asked to be a security guard. Monophanie and her siblings are once again present in the final Class Trial. They have the ability to summon the Oh She Glows Research Paper, demonic warriors made out of shadows. Dietrich's first film after the end of her Oh She Glows Research Paper with von Oh She Glows Research Paper was Frank Borzage 's Desire with Oh She Glows Research Paper Cooper, Oh She Glows Research Paper commercial success that gave Dietrich an opportunity Oh She Glows Research Paper try her hand at romantic comedy. Rowling's new book Oh She Glows Research Paper, most Oh She Glows Research Paper the Cullens. Oh yeah, she can totally do that.

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Easter Egg : The dragon talisman may appear in the background during an episode when it's not in use. Eat the Camera : How many times. He's a villainous version of it. It turns out that "The talisman power of invisibility lies within the snake Establishing Character Moment : The three main characters of the series all had this in the first episode, The Dark Hand. First, Jackie in the very first scene is shown jumping up and down and using Improvised Weapons to dodge flying arrows in a Bavarian castle. For all their capacity for evil, even the Demon Sorcerors admit they fear the power of the Book of Ages and dare not mess with it. The only reason they allow Shendu to alter it is out of clear desperation. Even Mooks Have Loved Ones : the Enforcers each have a nephew whom they love and care dearly for and haven't told them the truth about their "import-export business" note criminal activity.

At the end of "Dragon Scouts", when the Enforcers "leave for the Far East for a big business deal" note getting arrested and going to Hollowlands , you can faintly see the tears sitting in the corners of their eyes as they wave their nephews goodbye. The song title is dropped in "Through the Rabbit Hole". Lampshaded when Jade's parents call him Uncle. Which makes sense given this is an Asian family. It's fairly common to 'adopt' older family friends as one's 'uncle' or 'auntie'.

Even in Hak Foo's first appearance, where Tohru is still a villain, he is presented as a much more brutal rival to him. In one episode, a criminal mastermind hires an entire team of evil counterparts to the J-Team. Daolon Wong: "It would appear you are the appropriate yin to my yang, good wizard. Ratso: Oh! Now I remember what Pamplona's famous for! The Running of the Bulls Jackie: Where's the antidote!? Valmont: You think I'd be foolish enough to bring it with me? Gambit Pileup : Jackie's walked in on and been walked in on by a number of thieves during otherwise fairly normal archeological digs and the like; sometimes more than one other group will intersect.

Generation Xerox : Jackie was sent to live with Uncle years before Jade was sent to live with him. Played with in the Old West episode, where Jade assumes that the sheriff's niece was her counterpart, only for Jackie to mention she's described differently. Jade dismisses it as a typo, and a dust cloud hides her replacement with Past! He even goes against Jade's wishes to Wait Here when the Dark Hand kidnaps Uncle, meaning that Jackie Chan was the first to "pull a Jade" on Jade herself, years before she was ever born.

Genius Bruiser : Tohru by the end of the series if not earlier , both of Farmer MacDonald's sons, and occasionally Ratso he used to study theoretical physics. Valmont is amazed they didn't see it coming. Godzilla Threshold : Several times in the series. In "Enter the Cat" Jackie realizes the artifact is too dangerous and destroys it. In "The Curse of El Chupacabra" the old man on the mountain who grows capsicum refuses to give it to anyone In the series finale, Uncle summons a fully empowered Shendu to fight Drago, who has been empowered by the essences of the Demon Lords.

First, Jade and Jackie trying to get Ikazuki to give them information on Tarakudo, then Finn and Ikazuki trying to persuade Tohru to give them the removal spell. Finn Tohru, T-Man, buddy! Look, uh, maybe you haven't noticed, but I kinda have a face on my sittin' place, so I was wondering if you could be a pal and - Ikazuki The potion! Or I shall feast upon your brains! Ratso elbowing Chow : Ooo, the old good-cop-bad-cop..! Conspirator: He has found the secret watering closet!

Jackie: I'm just looking for the exit! Jackie: I'msorryI'llbringitbacklaterthankyoouuuuu! He ends up getting caught in the episode by the villain Dr. Necrosis who's trying to make a Doomsday device. The only problem is Dr. Necrosis has never seen Agent Tag and assumes the captured Jackie is him. Jackie: "But I am not Agent Tag. I am Jackie Chan, a researcher. Necrosis: "Of course if you were Agent Tag, you would deny it emphatically. I would claim to be Agent Tag, assuming you would not believe me. Necrosis: "But I would anticipate your assumption that I would not believe you. Necrosis: "But how could you predict I wouldn't expect you're foreseeing my anticipation of your assuming my not-believing?

Answer me that. Necrosis: "Precisely what I expected you to say. This is almost certainly due to the modern-day characters imagining their ancestors as being just like themselves. The only character whose physical appearance is actually described is Jade's counterpart, and she's outright stated to be nothing like Jade, being 15 years old and much taller. She insists that "It was a typo! Boss: Put the fish on the table!

Lackey: Uh, boss? Technically, the octopus is a member of the multipod family and Valmont: So this is why your niece is always with you. And here I thought you were just horribly irresponsible. We don't know what power this ox talisman has. Chan might come busting out of there fifty feet tall with laser eyes. Off-Model : All of season five, but episodes ten and on especially. Not necessarily for the worse , though, as at least in episode ten the writing picks up a little. Check out Jade's Derp Face. In the first episode, there was a gag where taking the stairs to Section 13 was faster than the ridiculously hyper-powered elevator.

It's later justified because the Shendu escapade and demon portal stuff drained their resources. Early on, it was a lot bigger with a few hired guns besides the regular enforcers. Most of the local mooks got scared off by the supernatural goings-on, and by the end of season 2, all of them are gone save for Finn, Ratso and Chow. Still, it's never really explained where their infrastructure went. Oh, Crap! Drago and co. Watch their faces as he attacks. Valmont saying, "Blast! Daolon Wong and Uncle share Oh Crap looks when both are frozen, from using stone magic on each other, as a giant Jade and equally giant ogre fight each other around them.

Oireland : The St Patrick's Day episode involves Jade convincing a bunch of locals that she's a leprechaun simply by dressing up as one. Then again, the locals were right about the curse on the emerald Oktoberfest : The episode that introduced the Dog and Pig talismans was set in this version of Germany. As well, the final episode usually had the pieces being united to demonstrate their power and why they didn't want them together in the first place.

Oni : Tarakudo and the other Oni Generals, the antagonists of Season 4. They have the ability to summon the Shadowkhan, demonic warriors made out of shadows. They were trap in hannya mask that represented their own face and could possess people who wore them. Tohru was deeply afraid of the Oni because of the stories he heard from his mom. Ironically enough, its thanks to these fears that made him an expert in dealing with them since he knew their weaknesses.

Only One Name : Plenty. Valmont, his three main henchmen, Tohru, Paco It's probably easier to list those who do have more than one name: Jackie, Jade, El Toro, Captain Augustus Black yes he has a first name, it's only said once. Our Demons Are Different : Most of the monsters on the show are described as demons, but most of them don't look alike, and they all come with different appearances and abilities. One time even her own future adult self did this to her.

Papa Wolf : Tohru, towards Jade. And there's Hak Foo in the Grand Finale , as Uncle and Tohru cast a spell to send Shendu and Drago to the Netherworld, Jackie grabs Jade to prevent her from being sucked in and hands her over to Hak Foo who holds on to her until the spell is cast. Paper-Thin Disguise : Finn uses one to try and get a book from Uncle's shop. As he comments to his fellows, "I can't believe he fell for that! It's sort of ok for Jackie, but Tohru is much, much bigger than the other ninjas. When Jackie needs to use a panic word when undercover, the word being chinchilla, he gets this when trying to use it. Importantly, it only switches their personalities.

Although Jade gets Uncle's inquisitive nature and focus, she doesn't acquire his knowledge , so she still has to research how to solve the problem on her own. After getting Jade's chi Tohru is still a hulking powerhouse but now is a lot more talkative and using teenage slang. Plot Coupon : Talismans, portals, animals, masks, relics. In that order. Though Jackie's Identical Grandfather is portrayed as a 19th-century Chinese Laborer , the writers apparently felt that acknowledging 19th-century race relations would bring down the mood of a lighthearted Cowboy Episode.

Hence, the significance of a Chinese immigrant being appointed sheriff in a Western frontier town is never discussed. Granted, there is a fairly dramatic moment in which Jackie's grandfather starts a fight when he's refused service in a saloon, but it's stated that this is because he's a railroad worker, not because he's Chinese. Portal Slam : In Season 2 with Shendu being dead, his portal is "vacant" of an occupant, so any of his siblings could use it to escape. Jade, being trapped in the Demon World, gets through, closing it, and Hsi Wu slams into the rock behind the portal.

The Enforcers like to use these as well, even though in the end it is usually their behinds that get kicked in the end. Occasionally, they might use a Bond One-Liner when they think they've killed someone. Prohibited Hero Saves the Day : Jade constantly sneaks away on Jackie's adventure even though she is not supposed to help since she is a child. Her stowaway habits have lead to her saving the group on multiple occasions, though she has been a nuisance an equal if not greater number of times.

Uh Oh His name? Carl Nivore. Put on a Bus : Valmont gets this treatment worse than anyone, even writers seem to Lampshade it at the end of the series. Valmont is last shown in the series working as a bus driver. Finn, Ratso, and Chow only had 2 episodes as antagonists and returned in the last episode reformed. This also happens to Hak Foo who was never seen again until the last episode after the eighth oni mask was found. This also happens to El Toro, Paco, Viper, and Super Moose , they only had a cameo at Jade's birthday party and returned in the last episode to fight Drago.

Quirky Household : The Chan family in general. Hak Foo comes and goes with every season. In the fifth season they are replaced by the significantly more competent Strike Master Ice and his group, although they prove to be more troublesome for Drago. Reality-Writing Book : One of these appears in a later episode, when it's rewritten by Shendu. Luckily Jade is left unaffected since she manages to tear out the page that relates to her, leaving her unaltered, though not before she turns everyone involved in the fight into Ninja Pirate Zombie Robots , like turning Viper into a super-soldier cyborg mech. Reckless Sidekick : Jade. Just look in those big brown eyes and you'll see her unyielding desire to follow Jackie into adventure.

To her credit, she does prove useful most of the time and almost never The Load. Recruiting the Criminal : Viper in general. After her interactions with Jade and Jackie she goes legitimate and is later a consultant for a security company. Red Eyes, Take Warning : A common power of any evil monster or demon sorcerer, if you see the red eyes you best Take Warning. Redshirt Army : The Section 13 forces. Normally at least once a season, their base is completely trashed. Once, while fighting the Dark Hand out in the open, they got their butts whooped, most of their vehicles blown up, and a number of them turned into rats.

In the Season 5 finale, Drago literally creates an overcast, bloodred sky over San Francisco when he's preparing to unleash Hell on Earth. Reincarnation : It's implied in one episode that Jade is the reborn soul of a Dalai Lama-esque figure. Resist the Beast : Xu Lin, the cursed guardian of "The Lotus Temple," does this several times, as she is cursed to turn into a monstrous beast whenever someone intrudes in the temple, but she doesn't want to hurt anyone. The heroes manage to find the loophole, and at one point she manages to resist the transformation enough to guide herself into going after the Big Bad.

Retired Badass : Several episodes show that Uncle is pretty skilled himself, though his age doesn't allow him too much action. When he's using the Dog Talisman, however, he can make Hak Foo look like an amateur. Retroactive Wish : Ratso, during the time travel episode. Rewriting Reality : Anyone who gets their hands on the Book of Ages, which contains all of history. When Shendu uses it to erase his family's previous defeats, Jade gives herself Ripple Effect-Proof Memory by tearing out a page referring to her oddly, the demons also remember the original timeline.

Shendu probably included an anti-amnesia clause in the changes he made to the book. Rhymes on a Dime : Spring-Heeled Jack. Rimshot : Jade: "Tch. Like Jackie has a dark side. Her name is Jade. He wasn't unconscious, but he did have a sentient Japanese mask fused to his rear end that was controlling his body the whole episode. The Rival : Hak Foo can fill in this role at times for both Jackie and Tohru, as he is skilled enough and just flat out crazy enough to challenge Jackie's martial arts and he is physically powerful enough to also challenge Tohru's strength.

Running Gag : Tohru attempting to catch people. Jackie: [knocking a amnesiac-and-convinced-he's-evil Tohru down a hill] Just like old times. Tohru was to fill in for Santa while the rest of the team fight Wong. Say My Name : Shendu has an epic one at the end of the third season finale. Scaled Up : This happens to the Enforcers when Drago decides to take them on as minions by granting them dragon powers. She is very saddened when Monotaro begins to help the students and rejects her, and ultimately decides to protect someone important implied to be their baby.

However, Monophanie is shown to be very abusive as well, as she severely beats up Monotaro with a frying pan in order to have him return to their side. When Monotaro finally returned back to normal, she mocked the students as he was no longer an ally to them, and accused them of taking advantage of his condition even though she seems to do the same. Monophanie and Monotaro were later seen excited about having multiple cubs, but this turned out to be just an example of Monokuma's sick sense of humor which destroyed them both during the execution.

After she is revived, Monokuma threatens to blow her up along with her siblings if they don't make good arguments. Monophanie is mostly confused during the last trial, and gives her brothers praise whenever they participate well. Monophanie and Monotaro eventually end up as the last ones left and they are scared and cry, not knowing what else to do, and beg Shuichi to let them win and live. Nevertheless, they both end up destroyed. Monophanie can control the Exisals on her command to manipulate the students into doing something since the Exisals carry dangerous weapons such as a saw and a gun. She also uses the Exisals to punish any students who break the school's rules.

In Chapter 3, Monophanie and the other remaining siblings even forced Monokuma to surrender and give them the power to control the Academy, as Monokuma couldn't stop them because they were using the deadly Exisals. He calls them his "adorable children" and seems even disturbingly attracted to them because they look like him and he loves his own looks. He is mostly annoyed and neglectful towards the Kubs, physically abusing them whenever they annoy him, and even stating that he only tolerates them because they're so cute.

Monophanie refers to Monokuma as "daddy". Out of all the Monokubs, she seems to admire and respect their father the most, often praising him and saying how cool and handsome he is like a fan girl. She even licks him back when he licks all of the cubs' faces and is the only cub who loves being licked by him with the others hating it. It's shown that she even appears to feel some attraction towards Monokuma which isn't that surprising considering that she later had a relationship with Monotaro.

Monokuma also seems to like Monophanie the most due to her unique kind personality and general cuteness, though her overly nice behavior can also irritate him, and he once creepily stated that he could eat her up, which startled even her. In Chapter 4, Monokuma decides to kill both Monotaro and Monophanie during Gonta's execution, giving a petty excuse that they had been ignoring him. In Chapter 6, Monokuma decided to blow the Monokubs up if they don't give rational arguments or do anything to anger him. Monophanie is also later shown to be saddened by Monokuma's increasingly cruel behavior towards his cubs, as according to her, he used to be much more loving towards his children.

Once Monosuke dies, Monokuma seems to lose all love for his children and not care about them anymore. Monophanie cries and begs Monokuma to let her and Monotaro live, but he blows the two of them up. Monotaro , Monokid , Monosuke , and Monodam are Monophanie's siblings. They all tend to bother each other, with Monophanie being the only one who tries to remedy everything, but always ending up getting into the conflict. The brothers seem more considerate towards her, as she is their only sister. Her being the only sister, Monotaro appears somewhat fond of Monophanie, and seems to respect her more than the other siblings.

Monophanie also seems to like Monotaro the most, as he's the responsible type. Nevertheless, they do bully each other and fight occasionally in the typical Monokub fashion, and Monotaro claims he mocks Monophanie whenever she isn't looking. During Chapter 3, Monotaro and Monophanie are usually seen fighting with each other and verbally talking to each other. However, they tone it down and claim they're just "getting along" in order to avoid Monodam's punishment. In Chapter 4, Monotaro's memory turned worse and he forgot his own identity as well as who Monophanie was.

He then began to act romantic towards Monophanie, saying he had never thought of her that way before. Though Monophanie tried to remind him they are family, she didn't really care and they then began a strong romance. However, the next morning, Monotaro is seen acting completely different, kicking a crying Monophanie and demanding her to give him money like an abusive husband, seemingly due to his memory issues.

Because of this, Monophanie hides, causing Monotaro to panic since he can't remember anything. However, Monophanie feels bad for him and later takes him back, and he apologizes as the two of them cry. The announcement then ends with "The End", as if it were all theater. Later, when Miu's corpse was found, Monophanie tried to cheer up her crying "husband". However, the two argue again, as Monotaro is convinced Miu was his mother and wishes to help the students in order to avenge her. Later, right before Gonta's execution, Monophanie begins to feel pain in her stomach and the two assume that she's having a baby. However, this turns out to be part of the execution, as a giant insect bursts out of Monophanie like in a horror movie and kills both of the Kubs.

While the brothers, in general, seem more considerate towards their only sister, Monosuke dislikes Monophanie's attempts to be nice and make peace, as he believes that, as the Monokuma Kubs, they should fight each other. The brothers, in general, seem more considerate towards their only sister, with even Monokid seemingly agreeing to speak more quietly when Monophanie suddenly falls asleep. Monophanie seems to dislike Monokid for his personality, occasionally snickering at him and calling him a dummy. Monokid gets easily heated up by this, telling her to shut up and threatening her with bullying.

In Chapter 2, after Monokid's death, Monophanie strongly voices her dislike for him by stating that she always hated him and she bluntly says "screw Monokid". Later, she doesn't really seem to care that Monodam killed Monokid, since she hated him anyway. However, after Monodam forcibly takes the headmaster's place and threatens the other kubs into submission with violence, Monophanie is afraid of him as well. She occasionally tries to calm him down whenever he is angered. However, later, both Monophanie and Monotaro are seen ignoring Monodam multiple times.

After Monodam commits suicide, Monophanie appears saddened and grieves, though also keeps claiming that she never bullied Monodam and only the other siblings did. Monotaro and the Monokubs are all under the control of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles' students and host the Killing School Semester along with his father. The Monokubs usually call the students' "bastards" to imitate his father, as he always calls the students by using that. The Monokubs also always give to the students the awards after completing the Class Trial by making it out alive. However, unlike the other Monokubs, Monophanie always tries to be kind to them even though they are mean to her. She always tells them that they shouldn't fight or try to kill each other and solve this by just giving up and die all together to end the killing game.

At the beginning of fourth trial, Monophanie feels happy for Himiko for becoming so determinted and high-spirited, noting how people do change. When both Monotaro and Monophanie died during Gonta's execution, the remaining students were shocked to see that Monokuma killed his own children. K1-B0 was the one who was mostly shown to be traumatized by their ghoulish demises and was upset at Monokuma for treating them like that. In Chapter 6, the remaining students were heavily disgusted with Monokuma's idea to blow up the monokubs if they don't give rational arguments or did anything to anger of annoy him. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony English. Danganronpa Wiki Explore. Danganronpa: The Animation Danganronpa 3. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account?

View source. History Talk Do you like this video? Play Sound. Do not underestimate me. It's like rewarding a baby with milk when it's been up all night crying! Check yourself before you wreck yourself! You need to reclaim your sealed talents by regaining your memories! We're not some swift-footed singer who's landed another future ex-boyfriend! There's nothing you 16 Ultimates can't accomplish if you work together! We want Daddy to smile every day!

It'd be better for you all to just die together! Ah, may I join you for a drink? I wanna fancy stake dinner. How rude. I developed all the film that I was given. I swear by my almighty Daddy that I did. Press the button in front of you to cast your vote! I-I don't get why these are prizes, but aren't they lovely anyway!? I'll cry with you. We can spend the night together, crying And the morning after, I'll write "goodbye" on your mirror in lipstick before I quietly leave. Monosuke just unhinged his jaw, and swallowed his entire leg!

You're like a mommy taking care of her sick child. Some humans are really nice! Out with the old, in with the new! This motive will inspire fear like never before. Forgiving is what friends do, y'know. Anything is possible with the power of love! I love you, so please go back to normal! This better not awaken anything in me! Please lick me some more, Daddy! I'm fine with real ghosts, but impressions of them are too scary! M-Monodam commited suicide Had I known this would happen I would've been nicer to him The only reason Monodam obsessed over getting along was because everyone but me bullied him! Yes, the other Monokubs drove him to suicide! But not me! Forgetting your catchphrase is like the kiss of death for a mascot, y'know?

One solid whack should make him remember! Remember already! No one can work a carrot or a stick like Daddy! As long as he 's happy, I'm fine with that. Maybe not today, but someday I'm gonna be happy too! It's true. People really do change. Like a one-hit wonder who clings to their former fame You can't tell them such an important hint! If you've forgotten, maybe that's for the best.

During Oh She Glows Research Paper Duel, he learns of what Oh She Glows Research Paper in the Original Ener-D Reactor incident and more about his father. The Enforcers like to White Collar Crime these as well, even though in the end it is usually their behinds that get Oh She Glows Research Paper in the Oh She Glows Research Paper. Wiz: And like any good anime villain, her attacks have some absolutely ridiculous names, shows on the monitor like the Galactica Super String.

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