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The Crucible-summary

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller - Summary \u0026 Analysis

It was also, and as importantly, a long overdue opportunity for everyone so inclined to publicly express his guilt and sin, under the cover of accusations against the victims. These conflicts result and produce even more tragic occurrences. These conflicts are between either those have sinned and been accused — John Proctor, those who have been sinned against and accused out of jealousy and fear — Elizabeth. Some people may give no effort because something is too challenging or involves too much work. Others may take action and work hard to succeed. Some people have the fear of failure.

Abigail Williams is a 17 year old girl who wants to have a good reputation in the town, but she also takes many interesting actions to boost her reputation. The Crucible, an excellent drama for the large diversity of themes and its judgements to the drama. The witch-hunt plays an important portion of influencing the characters along with how they act to the events.

From The Crucible and my own experience there have been some types of jealousies, selfish ambitions, and peer pressures, etc. They are both the same from the story and into real life experience. And in my life experience there has been the same thing like friend. From the author Victor Hugo he explained on society is a republic. Another book read and added to Goodreads, but why was The Crucible chosen to be read in class? What is the importance? Betty again awakens in hysterics upon hearing a psalm sung below, and several townspeople rush to her room. Rebecca Nurse, an older respected woman in the community, stands above Betty until she returns to sleep, and then comments that the child is likely only experiencing a passing illness, and rushing to the conclusion of witchcraft is a dangerous action.

Reverend John Hale arrives and examines Betty, consulting a number of books to determine if she is marked by the Devil. The Putnams, another family in Salem, also have an afflicted child, and Hale goes to examine Ruth Putnam as well. Upon hearing of Reverend Parris's discovery the night before, Reverend Hale insists upon questioning Abigail. Hale bombards Abigail with questions about the actions and events which took place during the girls' "ritual," and eventually Abigail breaks down and names Tituba as a conjurer of the Devil. Tituba is brought forward and is beaten and threatened with hanging for her evil deeds until she too finally breaks and begins naming the names of those she believes to be possessed by the Devil.

Abigail joins in and soon all of the girls are hysterical and exclaiming the names of everyone they believe to be witches in Salem. John Proctor and his wife, Elizabeth, discuss the events and the fact that fourteen people have been arrested for witchcraft in the town. Elizabeth begs John to go to Ezekiel Cheever, a town authority, and reveal the information he learned from Abigail—that the dancing had nothing to do with witchcraft. When Elizabeth discovers Proctor was alone with Abigail when she told him this information, she turns cold with distrust.

Proctor's internal battle over his past affair haunts him and he claims it has been seven months since Abigail left as their servant and he has not seen her since then. Mary Warren returns from court and is lambasted by Proctor for abandoning her duties at home. Mary, though, asserts she is now an official of the court and her duties are of a higher cause. Reverend Hale arrives at the Proctor home to question Elizabeth and John Proctor regarding their moral character, as Elizabeth's name has been mentioned in the court.

Shortly afterward, Cheever and Herrick arrive to arrest Elizabeth, claiming Abigail Williams fell ill due to Elizabeth's having put a curse on her with the use of a poppet. John Proctor convinces Mary Warren to stand in court against Abigail and the others, claiming their accusations were false. Mary and Proctor present evidence to the court, but Abigail's power has grown stronger, and she and the other girls begin seeing "visions" and chaos breaks out in the courtroom. Proctor confesses to his affair with Abigail, but when Elizabeth is summoned to verify the claim, she refuses to denounce her husband and so lies, discrediting Proctor's confession.

Abigail psychologically regains control over Mary Warren, who then turns against Proctor, calling him an agent of the Devil. He wrote it during the "Red Scare" of the s and used the Salem witch trials as a metaphor for the "witch hunts" of communists in America. As we look at a summary of each of the four acts in "The Crucible," notice how Miller adds plot twists with a complex array of characters.

It is historical fiction, based on documentation of the famous trials and is a compelling production for any actor or theatergoer. His ten-year-old daughter, Betty, lies in bed, unresponsive. She and the other local girls spent the previous evening performing a ritual while dancing in the wilderness. Putnam, loyal followers of Parris, are very concerned for their own sickly daughter. The Putnams are the first to openly suggest that witchcraft is plaguing the town.

They insist that Parris root out the witches within the community. Not surprisingly, they suspect anyone who despises Reverend Parris, or any member who fails to attend church on a regular basis. Halfway through Act One, the play's tragic hero, John Proctor , enters the Parris household to check on the still comatose Betty. He seems uncomfortable to be alone with Abigail. Through dialogue, we learn that young Abigail used to work in the Proctors' home, and the seemingly humble farmer Proctor had an affair with her seven months ago. When John Proctor's wife found out, she sent Abigail away from their home.

Since then, Abigail has been scheming to remove Elizabeth Proctor so that she can claim John to herself. Reverend Hale , a self-proclaimed specialist in the art of detecting witches, enters the Parris household. Hale confronts Tituba, Reverend Parris' enslaved woman from Barbados, pressuring her to admit her association with the Devil. Tituba believes that the only way to avoid being executed is to lie, so she begins to invent stories about being in league with the Devil.

Abigail then sees her chance to stir up an enormous amount of mayhem. She behaves as though she is bewitched. When the curtain draws on Act One, the audience realizes that every person mentioned by the girls is in severe danger. The protagonist has returned from seeding his farmland. Here, their dialogue reveals that the couple is still coping with tension and frustration relative to John's affair with Abigail. Elizabeth cannot yet trust her husband.

Likewise, John has not yet forgiven himself. Their marital problems shift, however, when Reverend Hale appears at their door. We learn that many women, including the saintly Rebecca Nurse, have been arrested on the charge of witchcraft.

Examples Of Isolation In The Ministers Black Veil The crucible-summary is currently the crucible-summary a position of power as the crucible-summary town's the crucible-summary leader. The community is the crucible-summary a the crucible-summary government. Most punishments, including executions, are done in public as a symbol of shame the crucible-summary well as to deter the crucible-summary offenders.

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