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Rainsfords Guilty In The Most Dangerous Game

I always got my quarry. All of the above. They are comfortable shoes for walking and running. Whitney tells. Ivan held a gun to Rainsford's face and said nothing. Rainsfords Guilty In The Most Dangerous Game does the author Rainsfords Guilty In The Most Dangerous Game love sonnets shakespeare Deaths Rainsfords Guilty In The Most Dangerous Game skyrocketed since

Hunting the Most Dangerous Game

Rainsford comes to the island because he —. There is no other big game on his island. He hates humanity and wants to take revenge against it. Hunting men is more of a challenge than hunting beasts. Which of the following statements best describes how Zaroff justifies his hunting of human beings? Animal life is more precious than human life. Only the strong deserve to survive. Individual freedom is more important than laws. Human beings are not morally responsible for one another. Zaroff has lost the final duel. Rainsford has safely reached his homeland.

Rainsford has a history of sleep problems. Rainsford cares too much about luxuries. What do General Zaroff and Rainsford have in common? Do not trust Russians. Hunting and killing people can be a fun activity. Strength and skill are necessary for survival. General Zaroff is a serial killer. Who is Rainsford's friend that he is talking with at the beginning of the story? Where is Rainsford's yacht headed for? What is the name of the gun store that the two men have ordered their hunting guns from? Rainsford makes his own guns. What is the name of the "evil" island that the sailors fear?

How is Rainsford separated from the yacht? He lunges for his dropped pipe and loses his balance. He is pushed off by a frightened crew member. After Rainsford lands on the island, he stumbles across an empty bullet cartridge. What type of cartridge was it? Who is the first person to "greet" Rainsford at the door of the palatial chateau? An odd looking butler. What is Rainsford's first name? What does Rainsford think is the most dangerous of all big game? Where was it that General Zaroff discovered that hunting was beginning to bore him? What was Zaroff's "new animal" and, according to him, "the most dangerous game"? Why did Zaroff believe this animal was so formidable?

What would happen to a a man if he chose not to participate in Zaroff's game? He would be ignored and sent away. He would be turned over to Ivan. He would be drugged and then shot. True or False: Zaroff has lost the game only once to a very cunning Norwegian Sailor. What kind of success does Rainsford's trap have? Zaroff walks around the trap. Zaroff nearly walks into it, but dodges it at the last second. Zaroff is hit dead-on by the trap. Zaroff is unaware of the trap, but Ivan is the one who fall prey to it. Rainsford's Burmese Tiger pit claimed a victim. Who or what was it? One of Zaroff's hunting dogs. What target does Rainsford's sapling trick hit? Another of Zaroff's dogs. True or False: Rainsford escaped Zaroff and entered into his home by running through the jungle.

Note: This refers to the END of the story. Who wins the game? What is a protagonist? What is an antagonist? What is a metaphor? What is a simile? What is personification? General Zaroff complained that hunting animals bored him because General Zaroff believed that What is hyperbole? What animals did General Zaroff use to help with his hunting game if needed? Ship-Trap Island is feared by whom? Why does Rainsford swim toward the pistol shots? First Name. Your Response. Choose the word that defines the word in bold. Choose the word that defines. Which of the following moments in "The Most dangerous Game" represents an example of foreshadowing? Conclusion question s from a lab we did to find the heat of fusion of ice: Does the value obtained for the molar heat of fusion depend on the volume of water used?

Does it depend on the mass of ice melted? Does it depend on the. Which of the following is one way to assess whether or not a learning game is effective? Being able to win the game B. Doing the quiz before and after the game to see what you have learned. Making it difficult to win the. During the hunting and gathering period, which of the following characteristics allowed civilizations to flourish? Increased amount of mammoth in the region. Increased religion practices. Foreshadows the events that take place on Ship-Trap Island Exposes a. Round each number to the place value indicated by the digit in bold.

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