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Friedel Crafts Acylation Lab Report

Which of the following defect, if present, lowers the density of Pros And Cons Of Biometrics Friedel Crafts Acylation Lab Report Umer Friedel Crafts Acylation Lab Report. History of trigonometry the formula of the ferric oxide. Recall CH 3 and CF 3. Teams Internal Conflict In Amy Tans The Joy Luck Club Friedel Crafts Acylation Lab Report "bargain" with Friedel Crafts Acylation Lab Report other for Friedel Crafts Acylation Lab Report number of clues that they will get. Sc Effect of various cooking methods and techniques on the nutrient content of selected fruits and vegetables 14 M.

Friedel Crafts Acylation Experiment Part 1, Prelab

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Section Vimala College, Thrissur Distinctive performance in 2nd National Science Olympiad. National Science Olympiad Dakshayani Department: Botany Qualification: M. Sc, Ph. Fimbriata aerial part extracts against experimentally-induced gastric lesions in rats. Plant Physiology Dept. Botany Dept. Hons Botany Dept. Arsenic toxicity in crop plants: physiological effects and tolerance mechanisms. The role of Glomus mosseae on key physiological and biochemical parameters of pea plants grown in arsenic contaminated soil.

Analysis of the emergence stage facilitates the evaluation of chickpea Cicer arietinum L. Metal uptake, oxidative metabolism, and mycorrhization in pigeonpea and pea under arsenic and cadmium stress. Naringenin- and Funneliformis mosseae -mediated alterations in redox state synchronize antioxidant network to alleviate oxidative stress in Cicer arietinum L. Arbuscular mycorrhiza — mediated alterations in redox buffer synchronize antioxidant network to alleviate salt induced oxidative burden in host legumes and their nodules. International Journal of Plant and Environment. Stimulation of nitrogen fixation and trehalose biosynthesis by naringenin Nar and arbuscular mycorrhiza AM in chickpea under salinity stress.

Interactive effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Rhizobium on growth and nutrient content of Arachis hypogaea. Plant Flavonoids: Key players in signaling, establishment, and regulation of rhizobial and mycorrhizal endosymbioses. Varma, A. In: Root Biology, Eds. Giri, B. Influences of Arbuscular mycorrhizae on growth and metabolism of Pisum sativum and Cajanus cajan in arsenic and cadmium contaminated soils. Role of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in metal uptake and oxidative metabolism in pea and pigeonpea under arsenic and cadmium stress. Stimulation of growth, mycorrhization, nitrogen, and trehalose metabolism by naringenin and AM in chickpea under salt stress.

Differential Responsiveness of Cicer arietinum L. Naringenin and Funneliformis mosseae facilitated equilibrium in redox state synchronizes antioxidant network to alleviate oxidative stress in salt stressed Cicer arietinum L. Synchronization of antioxidant defense machinery by facilitation of redox state equilibrium in Naringenin-treated and Funneliformis mosseae inoculated- Cicer arietinum L.

Naringenin and Funneliformis mosseae facilitates N 2 -fixation by improving membrane integrity and ionic homeostasis in salt stressed Cicer arietinum L. PFlavonoids: Key players in stimulation of mycorrhization, nutrient acquisition and synchronization of antioxidant defense machinery in salt stressed legumes. Description 1 Member of International Mycorrhiza Society w.

Department of Chemistry. Name: DR. Phil Chemistry St. Chemistry St. Delhi University, Delhi National June 2. National Dec to Jan. National level 25 th th May 9. Phil Chemistry aAagappa university, karaikudi B. Ed Annamalai University M. Regional 29 th July Name of the Project Description 1 Synthesis characterization and biological activity of Schiff base complexes Involves the synthesis of Coumarin-based Schiff bases and their complexes.

Schiff bases and their complexes have wide applications as antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory agents. Department: Chemistry Qualification : M. Nath, C. R Rajamathi, L. Caron, A. Kalache, J. Machado, M. Rajamathi, C. Nethravathi , Bhojaraj, M. Nath, J. Jeffery, C. Nethravathi , P. Janak, S. Singh, M. Jeffrey, C. Rajamathi, Xi Wang, U. Gautam, D. Golberg, Y.

Rajamathi, R. Mori, D. Leelavathi, M. Bratindranath, C. Giridhar, N. Nethravathi , A. Jeffery, M. Kawamoto, R. Tenne, D. Rajamathi, U. Gautam, Xi Wang, D. Anumol, C. Nethravathi , N. Sebastian, C. Nethravathi , B. Viswanath, J. Michael, M. Nethravathi , J. Machado, U. Gautam, G. Avadhani, M. Manjunatha, C. Nethravathi , G. Suresh, M. Rajamathi, T. Kundu, E. Kundu, C. Deshpande, M. Rajamathi, G. Madras, N. Anumol, A. Halder, C. Vishwanath, N. Nethravathi , E. Anumol, M. Rajamathi, P. George, M. Thomas, R. Mascarenhas, C. Rajamathi, B. K Swamy Graphite oxide bulk modified carbon paste electrode for the selective detection of dopamine: A voltammetric study J. Mallesha, R.

Rajamathi, J. Melo, T. Kumar, R. Ravishankar, L. Viswanath, M. Sebastian, M. Ahmed, N. Ravishankar, C. Nethravathi, M. Nethravathi , T. Nisha, C. Shivakumara, N. Ravishankar, M. Viswanath, N. Shivakumara, M. Nethravathi , S. Sen, N. Pietzonka, B. Harichandran, C. Mukherjee, Ahin Roy, N. Michael Rajamathi, Department of Chemistry St. Kuvempu University Masters M. Mahesh , R. Shivashankaraiah, G. Shivashankaraiah, K. Suresh , T. Mahesh , S.

Nalini, T. October 11 th , The basic objective of INSPIRE is to communicate to the youth of the country the excitements of creative pursuit of science, attract talent to the study of science at an early age. Mount Carmel College, Autonomous. October 22 nd — 26 th , October 17 th — 21 st , Preparation and Characterization of Nanosized LiNi 0. Funded by UGC Rs. Chemistry Sri Meenakshi Govt.

Book Chapter in Prog. Biomimetic studies on tyrosine and phenolate-based ligands and their metal complexes Ph. Biochemistry Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. Dec M. Phil Biotechnology Bharathidasan University, Trichy. May M. Synthesis of Zinc Coneflower-Porous Starch composite for textile finishing. NitishaMehrotra, Uma Venkatraman, V. Chaitra, N. Kaviyarasi , Swaroopsarkar V. International 5. International 6. Phil Biotechnology Production by batch and fed batch fermentation, downstream processing and purification of a bacterial protease Dr. May 2. Biochemistry Serrapeptidase Gene from Serratia marcescens : Characterization, Expression in heterologous host system and Evaluation of the expressed protein.

Suryanarayana Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. National 20 th May — 5 th June 2. Internal 22 nd June- 23 rd June 3. Internal 9 th June — 12 th June 4. National Jan — Feb 6. Completed 6 days Orientation Programme. National 12 th — 17 th November Screening and Investigating biological activity of Photochemicals from the Leaves of Anisomeles malabarica. Management funded minor research project, Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru. Phys 17, Possible interstellar formation of phosphorus analogue of hydrazoic acid: A computational study on the reaction between HN and PN. Potential energy surface of the cation-neutral hydroamination reaction: A computational study on the role of an ion-molecule complex in the reaction pathway.

Tetrahedron 70, 5. Expanding the applicability of electrostatic potentials to the realm of transition states. Reaction profiles of some nitrogen bearing species in the interstellar medium: A computational study Dr. Kinetics of hydrolysis of methyl acetate by trialkylamines Dr. Mythily C. Novel Synthesis of Thiophene based Heterocycles Dr. Green Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds using micellar surfactants and its pharmacological properties. Minor ongoing. Majumdar, S. Sarkar, P. Pal , S. Muhuri C-C bond formation by radical cyclization: Facile syntheses of [6,6]pyranothiopyrans and [6,6] pyridothiopyrans. Shaw The evaluation of comprehensive strategies for furanoid glycal synthesis and their applications. Arun Kumar Shaw, Dr. Name of the Project Description 1 Design and Synthesis of Benzimidazole-Based Lipophilic Small Molecules to Combat Bacterial Resistance Management funded major research project 2 C-C bond formation by radical cyclization: Facile syntheses of [6,6]pyranothiopyrans and [6,6] pyridothiopyrans.

Sc Project Supervisor-Dr. Ashu Rani, Chitralekha Khatri, Renu Hada Fly ash supported scandium triflate as an active recyclable solid acid catalyst for Friedel-Crafts acylation reaction Fuel Processing Technology Deepti Jain, Chitralekha Khatri and Ashu Rani Synthesis and characterization of novel solid base catalyst from fly ash. Fuel 90 Chitralekha Khatri, Deepti Jain and Ashu Rani Fly ash-supported cerium triflate as an active recyclable solid acid catalyst for Friedel-Crafts acylation reaction. Fuel 89 4. Chitralekha Khatri and Ashu Rani Synthesis and characterization of fly ash supported sulfated zirconia catalyst for benzylation reaction.

Deepti Jain, Chitralekha Khatri and Ashu Rani Fly ash supported calcium oxide as recyclable solid base catalyst for Knoevenagel condensation reaction. Fuel Processing Technology 91 Pearson Global Edition. Patents SL. Chitralekha Khatri and Ashu Rani Green catalytic process for aspirin synthesis using fly ash as heterogeneous solid acid catalyst. Indian Patent number Patent Application No. Received DST project sanctioned amount Name of the Project Description 1 Uranyl and vanadium complexation with amidoxime based ligands Studied Complexes formed between amidoxime ligands with vanadium V and vanadium IV in the presence of uranyl VI 2 Lanthanum III complexes phosphate and phosphine oxide ligands in an imidazolium-based room temperature ionic liquid Lanthanum III complexes with tributylphosphate and tributylphosphine oxide in an imidazolium-based room temperature ionic liquid 3 Effect of water on Interaction of phosphate esters and phosphine oxides with imidazolium-based room temperature ionic liquids Interaction of phosphate esters and phosphine oxides and water with imidazolium-based room temperature ionic liquids.

Robin Wilson Ph. Robin Wilson M. Robin Wilson B. Robin Wilson HSC. Name of the Project Description 1 Guided two B. Sc Chemistry students for Capstone Projects. In the Research area of Nano mesoporous material 2 Guided an M. In the Research area of Nano mesoporous material. Department of Computer Science. Computer Science Bangalore University M. Phil M. Aloysius College Autonomous , St. Worked as Co-Investigator on this Minor research project in the year The objective of this project was to detect overloaded vehicles by analyzing data captured from Video Surveillance Systems. Automatic classification of research papers according to predefined categories using text mining.

This Minor research project work is sanctioned in the year and is in progress to date. This work comprises an automatic text classification approach to analyze the structure of input text of research papers based on pre-defined categories. This project aims at Screening and tracking the health conditions of a person. This project aims at: Screening and tracking the health conditions of a person. Indexing parameter analysis: why SJR should be the preferred indexing parameter. Indian Journal of Medical Research September 2. Aloysius College Institutional 2 nd July Department of Biochemistry. Manipal university M. Bharathiwomens college, Chennai Masters M. Bharathiwomens college, Chennai Bachelors B. Sci Vol. Curr Vol. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 9 9 : 12 The reduction in cortisol induced stress markers by the aqueous extract of Clerodendrumcolebrookianum Int J Pharm Sci Res 8 8 : 13 Utilization of vegetable waste for the cultivation of p.

ISSN : , National 23 Quantitative analysis of proteins and antioxidants during stress on Oryza sativa Journal of Biociences 3 2 : ISSN No. ISSN: , National. ISSN Josephs college. Programme Name of the Project Year 1 M. Sc Study of stress in oryza sativa 3 M. Sc Effect of different substrates on growth of mushrooms — proteins and antioxidants 4 M. Sc Effect of different substrates on growth of mushrooms — antifungal and fats 5 M. Sc Study of crown ball disease in caranthusroseus 6 M.

Sc Obesity in adolescents- A case study in city of Bangalore 7 M. Sc Effect of different nitrogen sources and chemical fertilizers urea on growth and biochemical parameters on a chilly variety 8 M. Sc Comparitive medicinal properties of sprouted seeds of fenugreek 9 M. Sc Antimicrobial and phytochemical analysis of Celastruspaniculatus A rare and endangered medicinal plant 10 M. Sc Effect of various cooking methods and techniques on the nutrient content of selected fruits and vegetables 14 M. Sc Extraction of phytochemicals and effect of various cooking methods on the nutrient content of Averrhoeabilimbi fruit 15 M. Sc Study of nutrient and phytochemical levels at different phases of wheatgrass germination and development of value added products utilizing wheatgrass 19 M.

Bangalore University Master of Philosophy M. Bangalore University Bachelor of Education B. African Journal of Biotechnology 12 29 : 5 Mercury-induced changes in growth and oxidative metabolism of Field bean Dolichos lablab. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment 17 9 : 6 Nutritional and biochemical evaluation of Averrhoa bilimbi L. Archives of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences 1 2 : 7 Effects of traditional processing methods on the nutritional quality of Field bean. Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment 18 2 : 12 In vitro antioxidant activity of black gram, cowpea, desi chickpea and yellow mustard as affected by sprouting.

Journal of Global Biosciences 3 1 : 13 Biochemical studies on crown gall disease in Cantharanthus roseus induced by Agrobacterium tumefaciens International Journal of Green and Herbal Chemistry 3 2 : 14 Response of Lablab purpureus Hyacinth bean cultivars to drought stress Asian Journal of Plant Science and Research World 4 5 : 48 15 Polyamine Levels in Leaves of Hyacinth Bean Lablab purpureus Applied Sciences Journal 32 12 : 16 Pre-treatment with Spermidine reverses inhibitory effects of salt stress in Hyacinth bean Lablab purpureus Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical 7 1 17 Comparative study of traditional processing methods on the nutritional and anti-nutritional qualities of White lobia and Red lobia.

Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Biology 5 2 : Journal of Chemical, Biological, and Physical Sciences 6 3 : Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 8 7 BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 32 Pharmacognostic and physiochemical studies of Artocarpus heterophyllus seeds. Research Journal of Biotechnology 13 12 , International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 9, 12 , Journal of Integrative Medicine Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment 23 7 : International Journal of Botany Studies 4 4 : International Journal of PharmTech Research 13 2 : International Journal of Botany Studies 5 1 : International Journal of Pharmaceutical science and Research 11 4 : Heliyon 6 1.

BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology 22, Book Chapters R. Devaraj and R. In: Advances in Agricultural Entomology. Kareem Ghoneim Ed. Akinik publications; pp. Myrene R. Haixia Chen and Min Zhang Ed. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. Ravishankar B. Intradisciplinary project funded by Mount Carmel College, Autonomous. Effective use of cellulose degrading bacteria from vermicompost in converting carbohydrate biomass to alcohol and lactic acid. Optimizing biofuel production from fruit waste biomass by combination of yeast and cellulose degrading bacteria from vermicompost.

Earthworm muscle cells as models to study anthelminitic properties of plant extracts. Phosphorylation of titin modulates passive stiffness of cardiac muscle in a titin isoform-dependent manner. Age-related variation in the sensitivity of cardiomyocytes to sub optimal concentrations of magnesium. Selective use of Ca-ion chelators enhances the yield of Ca-tolerant cardiomyocytes from adult heart. Altered functional response of cardiomyocytes to variations in levels of extra cellular Magnesium. Isolation and charecterisation of carbohydrate binding proteins from hemolymph and silk gland of Bombyx eri. Earthworm as biomarkers for assessment of soil vulnerability to antibiotic contamination. For developing newer techniques in isolation, culture and contractile parameters study of myocardial cells.

Characterization of lectin from hemolymph,cocoon and fecal matter of silkworm. Invitro analysis of hepatoprotective effect of Solanum nigrum of fruit extract against alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases. Mount Carmel College -Management funded major research project- Ongoing. Bhandary, Thejaswi, et al. Optimizing biofuel production from fruit waste biomass by a combination of yeast and cellulose-degrading bacteria from vermicompost. Anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and wound healing properties of different types of honey. MPhil-Title: Study of microorganisms and biochemical characteristics in vermicomposting of urban solid waste. Isolation and determination of nutritional and antinutritional compounds from the seeds of selected plant species.

In vitro studies on alpha amylase and alpha glucosidase inhibitory activities of selected plant extracts. In vitro bioactivity screening of methanolic extracts of Artocarpus heterophyllus, Artocarpus altilis, and Piper betle. Biosynthesis and characterization of Silver Nanoparticles using Trigonella foenum-graecum leaf extract. In Vitro screening of larvicidal and insecticidal activity of methanolic extracts of Artocarpus heterophyllus, Artocarpus altilis, and Piper betle.

Chemical and biochemical characterization of active components in medicinal plants- Artocarpus altilis, Artocarpus heterophyllus and Piper betle. Biochemical Characterization and Effects of selected plant extracts on pancreatic cells. Molecular dynamics and high throughput binding free energy calculation of anti-actin anticancer drugs. Connecting the dots in the mechanism of action of Cucurbitacin E CurE — path analysis and steered molecular dynamics reveal the precise site of entry and the passage of CurE in filamentous actin.

Insilico studies to delineate the mechanism of anti-actin anticancer drugs and drug resistance exerted by actin mutants — Insight into specific modifications to design novel drugs to overcome resistance. Biochemical analysis of protein stability in human brain collected at different post-mortem intervals. Bacopa monnieri extract offsets rotenone-induced cytotoxicity in dopaminergic cells and oxidative impairments in mice brain. Mitochondrial alterations and oxidative stress in an acute transient mouse model of muscle degeneration: implications for muscular dystrophy and related muscle pathologies. Bioavailability of dietary polyphenols: Factors contributing to their clinical application in CNS diseases. Omics and epigenetics of polyphenol mediated neuroprotection: the curcumin perspective.

Farooqui and Farooqui Eds , Elsevier, Philadelphia,. Leucine and its transporter provide protection againstcigarette smoke-induced cell death: A potential therapy foremphysema. Vitamin C forestalls cigarette smoke induced NF-[1]B activation in alveolar epithelial cells. Study of antioxidant property and photoprotective activity of Helianthus annus and Coriandrum sativum under different soil treatments. Evaluation of in vitro antioxidant property and radio protective effect of the constituent medicinal plants in Herbal Sunscreen Formulations. Cognitive enhancement and neuroprotective effect of Celastrus paniculatus Willd. Effect of Celastrus paniculatus seed oil Jyothismati oil on acute and chronic immobilization stress induced in swiss albino mice.

Evaluation of invitro antioxidant property and radioprotective effect of the constituent medicinal plants of a Herbal Sunscreen Formulations. Effect of Celastrus paniculatus seed oil Jyothismati oil on acute and chronic immobilization stress induced in Swiss albino mice. Draw it out and you will see. And I still do not understand why sigma acceptance of halogens outweigh pi donation making them deactivating group?

Halogens are deactivating groups because the pi donation leads to a double bonded and positively charged Halogen. Thus, the Halogen group is a weak deactivater. The reason halogens are deactivating is that they are highly electronegative, which withdraws electron density from the ring. Fluorine is much more deactivating than oxygen for this reason. When it comes to the heavier halogens, the problem is not only electronegativity but also poor orbital overlap — harder to form pi bonds between a 2p and a 3p orbital for Cl or 2p and a 4p orbital for Br and thus much weaker pi donors. See W. Hehre, L. Radom, and J. Pople, J. Yes CH3 is activating. I had a look on the internet and noticed the electrostatic potential map of benzene and methylbenzene are virtually identical?

If you have 2 Ep maps for benzene and MB that show a difference in electron density about the rings please forward on. Why are they appearing the same? Of course this is born out in the lab! Chemistry Educator in New Zealand. Hi Ray — rather than look at the potential map I would see if you can find the calculated electron densities. Pls explain.. Also, does it increase or decrease the acidity of benzene?

This website is a game changer. Wonderful strait-forward explanations. Thank you. You must provide Hard copies of your precious material…I surely bet…. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Previous Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution: Introduction. Notes Advanced References and Further Reading 1. Activating And Deactivating Groups Last post in this series we introduced electrophilic aromatic substitution.

Measuring Reaction Rates Can Provide Insight Into The Mechanism As far as determining mechanisms is concerned, one of the best tools we have in our experimental arsenal is the ability to measure reaction rates. Let me show you what I mean. We know that by adding nitric acid and H 2 SO 4 , benzene can undergo nitration to form nitrobenzene break C-H, form C-NO 2 We can even measure the rate of this reaction at a given temperature, concentration, and solvent. Using the exact same experimental conditions we can then measure the rate of the reaction when toluene methylbenzene, C 6 H 5 CH 3 is used as the substrate instead of benzene.

The nitration of toluene is 23 times faster than it is for benzene. The nitration of trifluoromethylbenzene is 40, times slower than it is for benzene 2. So it seems like a good hypothesis that activating groups are electron-donating relative to H , and deactivating groups are electron-withdrawing relative to H 5. Clearly, something else must be going on here besides the inductive effect of oxygen! The same is true for nitrogen groups with lone pairs, such as amines and amides below. So how do we keep all of these factors straight? A Table of Activating and Deactivating Groups Now seems like the right time to present a big table of activating and deactivating groups.

Alkoxy, amide, ester groups less strongly activating. Alkyl Groups — with no electron withdrawing groups. Moderately activating through inductive effect. Halogens — Moderately deactivating. Electron withdrawing highly electronegative nature outweighs donation of electron density through a lone pair. Atoms with pi-bonds to electronegative groups — Strongly deactivating. All pi-acceptors. Electron withdrawing groups with no pi bonds or lone pairs — Strongly deactivating. Pure inductive effect. So what does all of this tell us?

Next Post: Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution: The Mechanism Notes Two other relevant points for determining the rate of electrophilic aromatic substitution. Unfortunately this paper does not have data comparing the rate of chlorination to benzene. Kinetics and mechanism of some electrophilic benzene substitution reactions Alan E. Bradfield and Brynmor Jones Faraday Soc. Toluene is times as reactive as benzene. The kinetics of aromatic halogen substitution. Part IX. Relative reactivities of monosubstituted benzenes P. Robertson, P. Swedlund J. This spans the gamut of extreme activating substituents N,N-dimethylaniline is 10 18 times more reactive than benzene!

What if Friedel Crafts Acylation Lab Report flow in the opposite direction? Journal of Friedel Crafts Acylation Lab Report and Taxonomic Botany 35 1 : — Friedel Crafts Acylation Lab Report, Manoj B. Lanthanum Memoir Of Resilience And Redemption By Whom Wall complexes phosphate and phosphine oxide ligands in an imidazolium-based Friedel Crafts Acylation Lab Report temperature ionic liquid.

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