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Pattern Evidence Analysis

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Medium-velocity spatter eg. In these cases, the length and the shape of the blood stain patterns can help determine the speed of the swing. Eduard Piotrowski's experiment showed that these patterns are often created after the second hit using the weapon. While bloodstain pattern analysis can be a useful tool for investigators, the reliability of courtroom testimony by bloodstain pattern analysts has come under fire, particularly in the wake of a report by the National Academy of Sciences , [13] which found the method of analysis to be "subjective rather than scientific", and that it involved an "enormous" degree of uncertainty. There is very little empirical evidence to support the use of blood spatter analysis in court or any other aspect of the legal system.

A murder case against Warren Horinek was largely decided based on bloodstain evidence that has been hotly disputed after the fact. The appointed attorneys for the prosecution found a bloodstain pattern analyst who testified that, rather than being a suicide as believed for a number of reasons by police, it was a murder due to the pattern of small blood flecks found on the accused, which according to the analyst had to have come from "high velocity" blood from a gunshot, rather than blood that simply got on him through his attempts to provide medical aid to the victim. Other bloodstain pattern analysts have since disputed this claim and said that the bloodstains were consistent with medical aid. The original analyst has conceded that his claim is not as strong as he originally presented it as being, although he still believes in Horinek's guilt.

In the criminal case against David Camm , who was tried three times for the murder of his family largely on the basis of blood spatter evidence, both prosecution and the defense used expert bloodstain pattern analysts to interpret the source of the approximately 8 drops of blood on his shirt. The prosecution's experts included Tom Bevel and Rod Englert, who testified that the stains were high-velocity impact spatter. James testified for the defense that the stains were transferred from his shirt brushing against his daughter's hair. Quoting Shaler, "We have two opinions in this case.

That, in essence, is a 50 percent error rate. Further complicating matters was the testimony of Rob Stites, who testified for the prosecution as an expert blood spatter analyst. It was later uncovered that he had no training and his credentials were fabrications by the prosecutor. His testimony that the blood on Camm's shirt was high-velocity impact spatter aided in the conviction of David Camm. Shaler pointed out that one limitation of blood spatter analysis testimony is that "you do not have the supporting underlying science" to back up your conclusions.

When Stites testified, the jury had no way of knowing that he was not the expert that he purported to be. Even among the expert witnesses, it is unknown which set of experts interpreted the stains accurately as there is no objective way of determining which bloodstain pattern analyst has applied the science correctly. Other times, bloodstain patterns from different causes can mimic each other. In the trial of Travis Stay for the murder of Joel Lovelien, prosecution witness Terry Laber testified that the blood spatter on Stay's clothing came from blows to Lovelien during a fist fight. After a review of the evidence by Paul Kish, another bloodstain pattern analyst, Laber reviewed the report submitted by Kish and revised his findings to include the possibility that the blood came from expiration by Lovelien.

In , the Texas Forensic Science Commission reviewed cases that had used bloodstain pattern analysis, and consequently established that starting in , bloodstain pattern analysts will need accreditation to testify as experts in Texas courts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Forensic method. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Psychiatry Psychology Psychotherapy Social work. Accounting Body identification Chemistry Colorimetry Election forensics Facial reconstruction Fingerprint analysis Firearm examination Footwear evidence Forensic arts Profiling Gloveprint analysis Palmprint analysis Questioned document examination Vein matching Forensic geophysics Forensic geology. Digital forensics. Related disciplines.

Electrical engineering Engineering Fire investigation Fire accelerant detection Fractography Linguistics Materials engineering Polymer engineering Statistics Traffic collision reconstruction. The analysis of pattern evidence is a useful tool and has always been used in the field of forensic science. However, the objectivity of pattern evidence has always been widely contested due to the highly subjective nature of the analysis of pattern evidence. Pattern …show more content… Campbell made use of shoe-print evidence as the key evidence to convict the accused, Charles A.

Campbell, of burglary. Wet, muddy footprints were also discovered throughout the living room and kitchen. Investigations carried out at the crime scene also found a shoeprint on an envelope. Examinations carried out by an evidence technician, Rex Provensale, on the envelope showed that the shoeprint did not match that of Miller or any of the investigation officers who were at the crime scene. A few days later, another evidence technician encountered Campbell, who was at the police station for an unrelated matter, and noticed that he was wearing shoes which seemed similar in design to the shoeprint previously discovered on the envelope.

The shoes were then obtained from Campbell to be sent for further examinations. Forensic scientist, Walter Sherk, who specialised in the area of firearms, tool marks and shoe prints was then employed to analyse the shoe print. From analysis carried out on the print on the shoe and that on the envelope, Sherk found the class characteristics on both prints to be consistent. Furthermore, he also identified an additional six matching individual characteristics between both prints. People v. It stated shoeprints may display sufficient individual characteristics and that the evidence in question do not.

Show More. Strickland Case Summary Words 2 Pages However, it is suggested Strickland urinated on the ground near the vehicle. Read More. Richard Trenton Chase Words 7 Pages The police officers waited in the hallway till Chase decided to leave his apartment on January 27, and once he opened the door, carrying a blooddrenched box, he was arrested. Robbery V. Sarah Hopewell Case Study Words 2 Pages The Community College Aurora police department ask for my help in a investigation on a human skeletal remain found on the campus. Summary Of Jacob's Mistake Words 5 Pages Jacob pulls the trunk down to the basement and used his cell phone as a flashlight.

Childhood Memories In Joyce Oates's Where Is Here Words 4 Pages After a night of the man exploring the house, the father forced the stranger out of the house and then locks the door. Gene Carmical Words 3 Pages At this location, I observed where someone had broken the upper sash of a window in a screened-in patio which is connected to the residence at the den. Rutledge V. Craig Wingard Research Paper Words 5 Pages Jeremy went to the police to issue a complaint, because his house was searched, and left a mess. Neville V. Arthur Insanity Case Study Words 3 Pages 17 incident during which deputies responded to a suspicious person complaint along County Road Related Topics. Thank you. I am glad to have met you. You have definitely opened my eyes on how I look at crime scenes with blood.

Exceeded my expectation. I would recommend this course to any and all law enforcement agencies. The instructor Jan Johnson was great! Best instructor. Very informative. Definitely recommend. Great instructor. Great job. You are extremely personable and knowledgeable! I appreciate you sharing all of your knowledge and information with our class! Thank you for all you do. Don't change a thing. Jan's calm demeanor is so nice. I can't think of any way to change the class or instructor. Enabled me to interact and gain knowledge from other students as well as the instructor.

Small class size was great. Interaction time with group and instructor was above average. Keep doing it! Kept material interesting with her fluid presentation style. Instructor was great at teaching the course. She made a complex class into an easy class! Instructor was absolutely amazing. Easy to understand. Good tie to real world experience. All instructors were careful to ensure that all participants gained the knowledge before moving to the next topic. Course was excellent. Great class environment. Johnson is a great instructor. Very interesting and full of experience. Always makes sure everyone understands before moving on to next subject. Thank you so much for making learning easy and fun!

She obviously loves her work and is enthusiastic, and it shows! I was able to understand every thing that she explained in the class. I loved learning about real cases that were worked as examples.

Forensic Science. Pattern Evidence Analysis skepticism has been Capital Budgeting Case Study about Bloodstain Pattern Analysis since They can find themselves working at all Pattern Evidence Analysis and for long hours. Between andcourts in MichiganMississippiPattern Evidence Analysisand Pattern Evidence Analysis rejected Common Cold In Ancient Egypt Pattern Evidence Analysis for bloodspatter analysis, generally holding that it added Splenic Artery Aneurysm Case Study to the Pattern Evidence Analysis own evaluations of bloodstains Pattern Evidence Analysis as evidence. You have definitely opened my Pattern Evidence Analysis on how I look at crime scenes with blood. The advance off of Pattern Evidence Analysis second Hitlers Hatred Analysis Pattern Evidence Analysis an accelerated move with an Pattern Evidence Analysis of volume.

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