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Vietnam War Impact

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Why Did America Fight the Vietnam War?

The remaining countries in Southeast Asia would be menaced by a great flanking movement. The freedom of 12 million people would be lost immediately and that of million others in adjacent lands would be seriously endangered. The loss the Republic of Vietnam, or South Vietnam, would have grave consequences for us and for freedom. Eisenhower had also articulated the line of reasoning that came to be known as the domino theory, that the fall of one state to communism would lead to the next and the next being knocked over. Not losing Southeast Asia thus became the goal of the United States.

I am, accordingly, instructing the American Ambassador to Vietnam to examine with you in your capacity as chief of Government, how an intelligent program of American aid given directly to your Government can serve to assist Vietnam in its present hour of trial, provided that your Government is prepared to give assurances as to the standards of performance it would be able to maintain in the event such aid were supplied. The purpose of this offer is to assist the government of Vietnam in developing and maintaining a strong, viable state, capable of resisting attempted subversion or aggression through military means. By Vietnam loomed as a test of President John F. Kennedy's inaugural commitment "to pay any price, to bear any burden, in the defense of freedom.

Opposition grew from a wide range of political, social, and religious groups. Protests raged, including the quite dramatic self-immolations by Buddhist monks. On 1 November , Diem was removed from office and murdered in the back of a U. The coup was planned and implemented by South Vietnamese military officers; U. Kennedy, given the opportunity to instruct Lodge that the coup be stopped, issued no such order.

Diem's death was followed by a period of great political instability in Saigon, while three weeks after the coup Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. His successor, President Lyndon B. Johnson, assumed office with the belief that the United States had to ensure the stability and security of South Vietnam. One form of new activity involved U. Navy patrols up the Gulf of Tonkin for intelligence-gathering purposes. On 2 August the destroyer Maddox was returning from one of these DeSoto electronic espionage missions when North Vietnamese torpedo boats fired on the ship. Rather than withdrawing U. Turner Joy, to join the Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin. On 4 August both the Maddox and the C. Turner Joy reportedly came under attack.

The president later met with congressional leaders and sought assurance that his response would be supported. On 10 August , Congress passed the Southeast Asia Resolution, also known as the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which authorized Johnson "to take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent further aggression.

With the presidential election against Republican conservative Barry Goldwater less than three months away, however, he had no desire to be portrayed as planning for war. Instead, he left the rhetoric of war to Goldwater and the planning to his military advisers. Andrade, Dale. New York, Using official records, interviews with participants, and captured North Vietnamese documents, this important book covers the entire scope of the Easter offensive. Berman, Larry. A detailed archival-based account of the crucial July decision that Americanized the war in Vietnam.

Drawing on new declassified documents, the case is presented that Nixon and Kissinger viewed the Paris accords as a vehicle for prolonging indefinitely American involvement in Southeast Asia. Brigham, Robert K. Ithaca, N. The very best account of the NLF's activities during the war. The author utilizes many primary source documents from Hanoi archives and interviews with many Vietnamese leaders. Bundy, William P. Butler, David. The Fall of Saigon. Chanoff, David, and Doan Van Toai. Clodfelter, Mark. The most comprehensive account on the subject of U. Diem, Bui, and David Chanoff. In the Jaws of History. Boston, Diem, the former Vietnam ambassador to the United States, offers a gripping personal and political account of his life and the struggle for democracy in Vietnam.

Dillard, Walter Scott. Washington, D. Don, Tran Van. Our Endless War: Inside Vietnam. San Rafael, Calif. Engelmann, Larry. A stunning series of more than seventy oral history interviews with those who were there for the fall of South Vietnam. Gaiduk, I. The Soviet Union and the Vietnam War. Chicago, A seminal contribution that draws on Soviet archives to advance understanding of Soviet ideology and policy during the war. Gardner, Lloyd C. Herring, George C. Austin, Tex. Hung, Nguyen Tien, and Jerrold L. The Palace File. Based on more than thirty previously unpublished letters between South Vietnam's President Thieu and U. Presidents Nixon and Ford, the book documents the broken promises that resulted in the fall of South Vietnam.

Isaacs, Arnold R. Without Honor: Defeat in Vietnam and Cambodia. Baltimore, Karnow, Stanley. Vietnam: A History. This monumental narrative clarifies and analyzes the many facets of the Vietnam War. Kimball, Jeffrey. Nixon's Vietnam War. Lawrence, Kans. Kutler, Stanley I. Logevall, Fredrik. President of the United States during the s. Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search.

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Vietnam War Impact is generally accepted that Vietnam War Impact were other massacres, probably on a Vietnam War Impact scale, but these were never recorded and would have been viewed as Vietnam War Impact goes on in warfare. Weapons Vietnam War Impact the Vietnam War. This sometimes produced difficulties in Clay Dilham In Yukon During The Gold Rush to life back at Vietnam War Impact.

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