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Camera Techniques In The Film: A Trip To The Classroom

By Chris Morris. Great hub with LOTS of helpful ideas! On top of that, later chapters show advantages and disadvantages of sponsorship the teaching methods used by most of the faculty Camera Techniques In The Film: A Trip To The Classroom geared towards students who are able to learn via memorization and note-taking, while ignoring other methods Camera Techniques In The Film: A Trip To The Classroom learning. Starting with Pixel devices, the camera app has been aided with hardware accelerators Camera Techniques In The Film: A Trip To The Classroom perform its image Camera Techniques In The Film: A Trip To The Classroom. Badass Bookworm : Played with.

Ultimate Guide to Camera Movement — Every Camera Movement Technique Explained [The Shot List Ep6]

A transfer student and a literal killing machine with the face of a girl, designed to operate the combined armaments on warships and warplanes, and adapted to kill Koro-sensei. She is the inferior assassin to fellow assassin Itona, but she is still one of the most dangerous students. The second transfer student who was sent to assassinate Koro-sensei. He's the superior assassin to Ritsu, and he's a creature similar to Koro-sensei who refers to him as his "brother".

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. General tropes associated with Class 3-E: Action Girl : Given the nature of the class, all the girls are naturally expected to be at least competent in various disciplines of battle. All Men Are Perverts : While Okajima is the most blatant example, most of the other boys are no better. In Chapter 88, they outfit Itona's RC tank which was supposed to be an assassination tool with a webcam to be able to peek underneath the girls' skirts.

And they do so with serious faces while operating in a professional manner. Koro-Sensei Quest! The students are being trained as assassins in order to kill said apocalyptic teacher. That said, they're leagues nicer than the rest of the school and the students' assassin training is being done to save the world. Of course, this only applies to their grades and popularity, not their ability to kill. Assassins Are Always Betrayed : The fact that nobody got hurt when Shiro blew up a pool that most of the students were swimming in required a good deal of luck. The intention may not have been to hurt them, but it was clearly negligent of their safety. Badass Adorable : Most of the students are adorable to varying degrees.

All of them are assassins in training that can scare their A-class bullies with merely a stare. Badass Bookworm : Played with. Badass Crew : All of the students are being trained to assassinate Koro-sensei, and thus compared to most kids their age they are at least competent in various martial disciplines. As for the faculty, Koro-sensei himself is very fast, smart, and if he can powerful; Karasuma is a high-ranking government special forces agent with some serious combat skills; and Irina is an assassination prodigy using both her intellect and sex appeal to accomplish her missions.

Beauty Equals Goodness : If you're attractive or at least ordinary without looking downright creepy, then you're likely a member of Class-E in one way or another. The only exception to this seems to be Koro-sensei and the four 3-E delinquents not counting Karma. It's even lampshaded when two girls in a higher-ranking class note that 3-E's PE teacher, the young government agent Karasuma, is rather attractive, and that all of the guys and teachers in their class are ugly and mean. Berserk Button : When Irina calls the class the "E class jerkwads" and tells them that studying would be meaningless, she gets pelted with school supplies by the whole class minus Nagisa, who just covers his ears due to the noise after one of them tells her to Get Out!

Boke and Tsukkomi Routine : Generally speaking, most of the class especially Nagisa and Karasuma will play the straight man to Koro-sensei's crazy antics. It's often lampshaded by the students, who will occasionally mention wanting to "tsukkomi" in response to whatever ludicrous situation they've just been presented with. Book Dumb : Downplayed. All of Class 3-E are fairly intelligent by normal middle-school standards. After studying for several months under Koro-sensei, Karasuma and Irina, all 28 students reach the Top 50 at the end of the second semester, with Karma narrowly edging out Asano Jr. Character Title : The whole class is part of the "Assassination Classroom". In short work, they're good enough to jump across rooftops In a Single Bound.

Child Soldiers : A variation, in that they're training to be assassins rather than traditional soldiers. Nevertheless, their teachers Koro-sensei, Karasuma and Irina ensure that they can have a normal life in addition to their training. During their final ascent in their attempt to save Koros-sensei, they come up against Craig Houjou, leader of the mercenary group who rounded them up earlier after the government decided to kill Koro-sensei, who's advertised as being "three times stronger" than Karasuma. Several chapters are spent building him up into a combat beast, and the fight begins with his internal monologue explaining how taking off his glasses is his psychological trigger to improve his combat skills The latter even lampshades that Houjou would have wiped the floor with them in a fair fight.

Comes Great Responsibility : During one Le Parkour practice, Okajima and Kimura accidentally injure Matsukata, an elderly schoolteacher, putting the confidentiality of their mission in jeopardy. What's worse, the two refused to take responsibility for their actions, and none of the other students did either. As punishment, Koro-sensei bans them from studying for their second midterms, instead assigning them to work at a preschool Matsukata runs. Sure enough, they perform worse than last term's finals except for Karma who still finished at second behind Asano Jr. A Day in the Limelight : Due to the series's Loads and Loads of Characters issue and the fact that Nagisa, Kayano and Karma tend to get the most focus, the majority of the students don't stand out that much.

Individual students do get focus chapters every now and then. Demoted to Extra : Happens a lot during the Assassination Island arc. Koro-sensei suffers from Deus Exit Machina , sidelining him from most of the action. Once inside the hotel, Irina splits off from the group to distract the reception guards, and Karasuma is demoted to being The Load due being exposed to an assassin's knockout gas. The entire class gets demoted to extra in the middle of the Reaper arc after they are captured and held hostage by the "Reaper". Don't You Dare Pity Me! Downplayed Trope : Generally speaking, the students of Class 3-E tend to have more subtle characterization than that is typical of shounen leads, possessing a few unique traits that stand out strongly.

This doesn't mean that their characters are simplistic, they merely exhibit various tropes in a way that is weaker than usual in fiction. In turn, this actually makes them seem more like real people than what one is typically used to seeing in fiction. Everybody Cries : After Koro-sensei is killed. Everybody Hates Math : Math is the most common weak subject in the class, with eight students listing it as their weakest.

Besides this, six are bad in Japanese, four in Science, four in English, three in Social Studies, and Terasaka in multiple subjects to the point comparisons with Naruto Uzumaki have been made. Doing the math , only Karma lacks any weak subject, and is only in 3-E for a different reason. Fantastically Indifferent : After you've been drafted to assassinate a Mach moving, super-teaching eldritch smiley, your surprise may become somewhat miscalibrated. For example, after seeing someone casually walk straight through a wall, you may think " Use the damn door! Heroic BSoD : After Class-E learned of Koro-sensei's origins, they became afraid of killing the one person who helped them with their intellectual and emotional development.

Their despair was so bad nobody made plans to assassinate him during the winter break. As a consequence, they end up being curb stomped mercilessly the fact that Karasuma secretly fed them information as well as misled the soldiers into a false sense of security also helped. To avoid a schism, Koro-sensei suggested that they hold a war game using paintball firearms and color-coated anti-sensei knives to help them make a final decision. Ritsu, meanwhile, remains neutral, creating her own "white" side.

Ultimately the "blue" side won after Nagisa chokes Karma to submission though it should be noted that Karma had the opportunity to stab Nagisma in the back at that point, and didn't take it ; nevertheless the fact that the duel ended with neither boy "tagging" each other out made it easier for the whole class to come around to the winning decision. Informed Flaw : Class 3-E is supposedly composed of Kunugigaoka's worst students, but plenty of them seem reasonably intelligent. Then there's Karma and Isogai, who were demoted as a disciplinary action, while Kataoka, Hayami and Chiba spent so much time helping other students that their grades dramatically slipped.

On top of that, later chapters show that the teaching methods used by most of the faculty are geared towards students who are able to learn via memorization and note-taking, while ignoring other methods of learning. Koro-sensei, who is willing to customize his curriculum to capitalize on his students' strengths and weaknesses, gets far better results though being able to do everything at Mach 20 also helps.

Keep the Reward : Played with. After they finally assassinate Koro-sensei, the government gives them reward money as promised. However, the class some rather reluctantly only keep a small portion for themselves to continue their education, donate some of it to their friends, buy back their campus and the surrounding mountain area, and gave the rest back to the government as gratitude for helping with their education.

One person uses this as a psychological trigger in order to fight better. Class E attacks him too quickly to even let him have a chance to do this. Gondor Calls for Aid : During the school festival, Class E initially has trouble attracting enough customers to their ramen restaurant to compete with Class A. By taking advantage of their personal connections, the students manage to rack up a gigantic clientele, comprised of both total strangers and characters the students have previously met throughout the series, friend and foe alike including some thought to have been killed off.

Gonk : "Fake Ritsu" the girl who impersonates Ritsu for exams and other public events has heavy features and a warty nose. The Loan Shark in the "Extra Class" story is incredibly repulsive-looking. Let this stand forever as the most pedantic entry on the page. In a straighter example, after Class 3-E announce their finals grades allowing them to shoot off seven of Koro-sensei's tentacles and how they're going to factor their wager with 3-A into the deal, Koro-sensei is so shocked that he speaks a single word of English. Koro-sensei: What? Kimura: Well, there aren't any other guests, and these are comfortable.

Fuwa: And it would be cruel to have to think up clothes for a second day. Koro-sensei: For those with a high level of aptitude Marshmallow Hell : Invoked by Irina. When Nagisa refuses to give her his notes on Koro-sensei after helping her earlier because he already gave her all his current info she reels him in and threatens to suffocate him. Nagisa: "Stop it, Professor Bitch! I can't breathe over your enormous tatas! Yuuji: Why does he "Red Eye" have a gun? Maybe we should call the police Nagisa: WAIT!

Y-Yoshioka-san from the local hunting club. Yuuji: "Yoshioka-san"? He doesn't look like a Japanese guy! Nagisa: H-he changed his name because he likes Japanese anime so much Karasuma: "You're a bad example to the students. I'm going to have to ask you to leave the classroom. Two Lines, No Waiting : The main plot line of training and attempting to assassinate Koro-sensei is interwoven with the students dealing with various problems in their school and personal lives. Korosensei himself, aside from the whole "destroy the planet in a year" thing, does not kill or significantly injure anyone, at least onscreen. Other assassins have no such restrictions, so they often take advantage of Korosensei's inability to retaliate by mercilessly abusing his desire to protect his students.

Not So Extinct : The Japanese river otter, declared extinct in , appears in chapters 56 and Avoids Glurge by making his successes not a matter of whether he cares or not, but due to the fact that he is just an inhumanly good teacher. Subverted occasionally. He's not the end-all for their grades, as shown when Karma drops several points in the first round of finals despite Koro-sensei's efforts because he didn't care enough to study. Koro-sensei also learned after the first midterms that he needed to set more reasonable goals for his students than he previously had. Scare 'Em Straight : Parodied. Koro-sensei draws a short comic that is presented as if it were this to Kataoka to warn her that she may grow up to be dangerously codependent if she does not learn to stand up for her own needs more.

It's much funnier in the manga than how it is described here. Screen Shake : The anime simulates this effect in several scenes, particularly when Koro-sensei is showing off his power. In the scene when he makes the tornado, the camera seems to move around as if being buffeted by wind. Screw the Rules, They're Not Real! In the first episode, Korosensei threatens to harm his students' families and loved ones if they ever do something reckless like suicide bombing ever again, as nothing protects them from him.

Subverted early on when Nagisa fears Korosensei is trying to kill Sugino, since despite having an agreement with the government not to harm the students, there's nothing and no one who can stop him from just breaking the rules. Luckily, Korosensei turns out to have been analyzing Sugino, not performing murder. During the pole toppling event, Class E is up against Class A, and must win or Asano will get Isogai expelled for having a job. Unfortunately Class A has a massive advantage in numbers and several well-built exchange students, so Isogai has his team defy every rule not directly stated in the rule book- using their own pole as a weapon, playing dead and charging into the stands.

In the end, their unorthodox methods beat Asano's careful strategy. Karma goes up against Grip for a fist fight. However, despite claiming they both want to fight with their hands, neither play fairly and both use Smog's gas, though Karma wins as he predicted Grip would use underhanded methods and surprises him with his own canister of poison. During a game of cops and robbers, rather than try to sneak past Korosensei to get to the jail and free their classmates, the students simply bribe him into letting them go. Karasuma is not pleased. While playing baseball, Class A decides to all stand in the infield which shouldn't fly, but the umpire happens to be on their side and doesn't call them on it.

Class E then realizes the rules don't really matter at this point and utilizes intimidation tactics by standing a few feet away from the batter. Self-Mutilation Demonstration : When the students doubt the effectiveness of their guns' anti-sensei bullets, Koro-sensei takes a gun and shoots one of his own tentacles off to prove that he had in fact dodged the entire class' barrage of fire; the tentacle fully regenerates itself a few seconds later. He later repeats it when showing the students how lost tentacles restrict his movement speed.

The male students actually find her far more attractive afterwards for doing so. Instead of handing over the helpless, immobile Koro-sensei in exchange for the antidote , the teachers and students who have not yet succumbed to the virus spend an entire arc infiltrating a dangerous hotel full of bodyguards, assassins, and spoiled brats in order to steal it from the mastermind. The mastermind, who turns out to be a vengeful Takaoka , renders all of their efforts pointless by blowing up the antidote in front of the class. Subverted when it's revealed that Takaoka's assassins, who weren't nearly as sadistic and unprofessional as their boss, secretly swapped the lethal virus with a harmless stomach bug.

With the exception of Kurahashi, who has a crush on the former and can be seen crying in the background whenever they make progress. Karma and Nakamura are this toward Kayano and Nagisa. Shout-Out : The series has so many shout-outs to current events, video games, and manga that it needed its own page. In "Korotan D," there's a film adaptation of a novel called Gold City. Shown Their Work : The BB guns and the live ammo weapons used in the series are based off of real-world firearms. Both the manga and the anime pay very close attention to details to both the artwork and the animation.

The covers of Shonen Jump seen in the anime are drawn to look exactly like those seen in recent issues. The technique Lovro taught Nagisa basically amounts to clapping in a heated battle. The point is to disrupt the enemy's concentration for a moment through the noise as they would not expect such a move, and leave him open for another sneak attack. The "Reaper" developed this further, not only disrupting concentration, but utterly shattering the psyche. This technique seems silly yet effective at first, but is actually based on a real sumo technique known as nekodamashi , which operates upon the same principle: temporarily break the enemy's concentration to create an opening.

In the anime, when discussing which of the boys the girls think are most attractive, they all agree that it would easily be Karma, if only he were less evil. Slocum was not educated in a university, and his life has been in by-paths, and out-of- the -way places. I drew back from the rim of Writing-On- the -Stone, that set of whispered phrases echoing in my ears. Besides the districts mentioned, tobacco is grown largely in that of Frankfort-on- the Oder.

New Word List Word List. Save This Word! See synonyms for the on Thesaurus. She didn't have the courage to leave. Give these words new meaning by adding them to your lexical repertoire and proving that untranslatable words translate pretty well to your vocab.

Second Boy: Yeah Screen Shake : The anime simulates this Camera Techniques In The Film: A Trip To The Classroom in several scenes, particularly when Koro-sensei is showing off Camera Techniques In The Film: A Trip To The Classroom power. A Suicidal Assa

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