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It is of great concern that for seven years the prison has been on a path of seemingly inexorable decline. Repeated inspection findings clearly show that this has been the case. For much of that time there was a marked inconsistency in the leadership of the prison, with frequent changes of governor. There was a smell of drugs in all wings, 3 in 5 prisoners admitted developing a drug habit since getting into the prison, there was a rat and cockroach infestation. There were assaults on staff during the 6 months to September Living conditions were bad and overcrowded and there was insufficient purposeful activity for prisoners. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on 7 February Her Majesty's Prison Service.

Archived from the original on 20 March Retrieved 20 March Bedfordshire on Sunday. BBC News. Retrieved 20 January Retrieved 6 November Archived from the original on 11 April Retrieved 17 October Retrieved 15 January Peterborough Telegraph. Prisons in the East of England. Military Corrective Training Centre. Authority control. United States. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Add links. Bedford Prison new block. Bedford , Bedfordshire. HM Prison Services.

Bedford at justice. Prison overcrowding has always been a serious problem, correlated with increased violence , lack of adequate health care , limited programming and educational opportunities , and reduced visitation. But during the current pandemic, overcrowded prisons — and even prisons operating at levels approaching capacity — are more deadly than ever. Public health and medical experts have recommended decarceration since the beginning of the pandemic, arguing that fewer people behind bars would protect those who remain incarcerated and correctional staff, as well as slow the spread of COVID in surrounding communities. But even as many prison populations slowly decrease in response to the pandemic, there is still not enough space inside most prisons to allow for adequate social distancing or medical isolation and quarantine.

Prisons were not designed to address a public health crisis, and even before COVID entered the picture, public health officials knew that correctional and detention settings were breeding grounds for all sorts of communicable diseases. Throughout the country, states and the federal system have failed to carry out major prison reductions, leaving prisons operating at, close to, or even above their stated capacities. This contributes to deadly outcomes, as close quarters and high rates of preexisting health conditions among incarcerated people exacerbate the crisis behind bars. As a result, our crowded state and federal prisons have a COVID case rate four times higher , and a death rate twice as high as in the general population. There are three accepted ways to measure prison system capacity.

Some states chose to report one, two, or all three of these capacity measures to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. According to the definitions used in Prisoners in , the three major capacity measurements can be defined as:. These three stated capacities can vary greatly within a state. For example, the BJS reports that the design capacity of the Alabama prison system set by the architect or planner is 12, people, while the operational capacity based on staffing and service levels is 22, people.

In its report , the BJS calculated what percentage of the capacity each jurisdiction was operating at for each of the three definitions of capacity. When drawing these conclusions about the current crowding in prisons, we used the highest of the various stated capacities for each jurisdiction rated, operational, and design , which, in turn, resulted in the lowest percentage of capacity. In the following table, we provide the percentage of the current populations for both the highest capacity and the lowest capacity metrics, as reported in the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

The article summarizing these findings is a preprint and has not yet been peer-reviewed. This table shows the different capacities reported by prison systems rated, operational, and design and the December 31, prison populations as reported in the Bureau of Justice Statistics, Prisoners in report and the most recent population data available from individual departments of corrections. Other articles Full bio Contact. Quick action could slow the spread of the viral pandemic in prisons and jails and in society as a whole. And our other newsletters: Research Library updates? Prison gerrymandering campaign? Support us Can you make a tax-deductible gift to support our work?

Since you asked: Just how overcrowded were prisons before the pandemic, and at this time of social distancing, how overcrowded are they now? As states mandate reducing the capacity of public spaces to slow the spread of COVID, we collect the data to show just how overcrowded almost every state prison system still is. For this analysis, we collected the most recent population data available from state departments of corrections and the Bureau of Prisons and we calculated how full the 48 state prison systems and the federal Bureau of Prisons currently are, based on the rated, operational, and design capacities that state and federal officials reported to the Bureau of Justice Statistics for the report, Prisoners in We calculated current levels based on each of these three capacity metrics, and reported the highest and lowest results.

Two states, Connecticut and Ohio, did not report capacity data to BJS and are therefore not included. For population counts and reported capacities, see the appendix table below. Footnotes There are three accepted ways to measure prison system capacity.

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